How to Make Cheap Weave Look ‘Not So Cheap’

There are many reasons why someone may choose to purchase lower priced weave.  Lower priced, synthetic or human hair/synthetic hair blend may be used for crochet weaves, micro braids, or short term weaves.  While bargain priced tracks serve their purpose, there are tale tell signs that let everyone know the price of your extensions.  I am going to go over each of these and offer tips and tricks to mask them.

Tangling:  With more affordable hair, tangling is unfortunately an issue you will have to deal with.  There are ways to avoid this.  First of all, your extensions shouldn’t be longer than bra strap length.  The longer the length the more tangling you will experience, you are dealing with lower quality hair so you do not want to add length to the equation.

Shine:  Lower priced hair tends to be unnaturally shiny.  One trick to make the hair look more natural is to sprinkle baby powder on the hair and then comb it out.  This decreases the luster of the hair.  Do not try to purposely treat the hair badly; you will only cause yourself to be stuck with unmanageable hair.  I learned this the hard way.

Product Build-up: Put down that oil sheen.  Only thing that should pass through your hair is a wide tooth comb.  Low quality hair does not agree with products.  If you want to kill your weave, products are the way to do it.

Half Sew-ins:  Again keep in mind the quality of the hair you have purchased.  Chances are your hair texture does not match the hair texture that you purchased.  So do you really want a partial sew-in?  You don’t, a full sew in is the way to go.

If you’re in between hair styles and just want a weave for 2-4 weeks, don’t spend an arm or a leg purchasing hair.  If you don’t have too much money to spend on your weave it’s okay, keep these tips in mind and your hair will still look good.  Just always be aware that your hair has a shorter time limit.  After a month it’s probably time for that hair to go in the trash.


Brandi Giles, Editor of Healthy & Beauty


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