Body Lotions: Tailored to Your Skin Type

photoNormal, sensitive, combination, Dry, oily, there are so many different skin types so how do you know which lotions are beneficial to you? Here are some lotions that are good for you depending upon your skin type.

Normal: Normal skin is not to dry but not to oily. This skin usually has no or few imperfections and has no visible pores. Any type of lotion can be used really with this type of skin. I would recommend Eucerin Daily Replenishing Lotion. This will leave you skin filling moisturized with a fresh light scent.

Sensitive: A tale tell sign of sensitive skin is if a product is applied and it causes burning, itchy, or red skin.  People with sensitive skin can only use certain products while cleansing and moisturizing. I personally use the Vaseline Total Radiant Lotion. This will leave your skin feeling so smooth and many have never broken out from using this product.

Combination: Combination skin is skin that is a mixture of two or more of these skin types. Combination skin can produce blackheads, shiny skin, or overly huge pores. This one is hard to say which lotion to use but look at your skin combination and pick a lotion according to your combination.

Dry: Dry skin is skin that has a very dull rough looking complexion. The cause of dry skin can vary from weather to genetic factors.  I personally have dry skin.  For this type of skin, Cetaphil is the best choice. This lotion is specifically for dry skin.  Eucerin Intensive Care is my favorite.  The thick consistency does wonders for my dry skin.  Stay away from scented lotion; they don’t moisturize dry skin as well as they should.

Oily: Oily skin is skin that has enlarged pores. Usually the skin is shiny and pimples or blackheads are visible. Oily skin can be caused by the weather, puberty, or stress. For this type of skin, you should use any Aveeno Lotion. This lotion has a lot of natural ingredients that are great for the skin and won’t linger in your pores.

I myself, have been on the lotion journey with my skin for years and I’ve finally found a lotion that leaves my skin smooth and looking radiant. I hope this was helpful and your skin journey can come to an end.


Brandi Giles, Editor of Health & Beauty

Forever Fighting


Eating disorders (aka, E.D) are mental illnesses, defined by abnormal eating habits. There are many different types of eating disorders. An eating disorder is a serious mental illness, not a choice, a diet gone wrong or a fad. Usually, eating disorders can be linked to low self-esteem and underlying psychological issues.

Unfortunately, there are stigmas around eating disorders. People tend to believe that it is a way of attention seeking, this could not be further from the truth. Eating disorders are extremely serious and can sometimes be fatal.

Anorexia Nervosa is when a person is limiting their food intake to extreme measures, causing excessive weight loss. Sufferers usually have an unrealistic view of their body shape or feel as though they don’t ‘deserve’ to eat, even if they want to this may seem like an impossibility, for the person suffering anorexia. Some may also use laxatives, over exercise or induce vomiting after eating.

Bulimia Nervosa is when a person will eat, sometimes to excess, then compulsively purge via induced vomiting, excessive use of laxatives, use of enema and over exercising. If a sufferer feel they have ‘binged out’ they may fast to make up for what they see as a lack of control.

Compulsive overeating is fairly self-explanatory, it is when a person compulsively over eats and as a result can gain excessive amounts of weight. Unfortunately, this disorder is not biased, it can affect most ages, making it very common.

Pica is when a person has compulsive cravings to eat, chew or lick non food items such as chalk, paper, glue, rust, ashes and other various items. Sufferers of pica may not even know why they like to do these things, but they often feel extreme shame and receive a lot of stigma and lack of support.

Unfortunately, sufferers of E.D’s tend to feel as though they have no support, as though people think it is their fault and even that they are a “burden” to everyone around them. These thoughts only cause more stress intensifying the disorder. Some people may realize what they do isn’t normal, but the disorder can be to strong, making them feel as though they do not deserve to eat or that they are worthless, fat or ugly.

This is extremely unfortunate, as well as unrealistic making the struggle to beat eating disorders extremely difficult.

I feel food is a toxin, and every scrap of food is doing me harm. Food is not to enjoy!” Quote from anonymous sufferer of anorexia.

It can be extremely difficult to help sufferers of E.D’s, the best possible thing to do is just let them know you are there for them trying to force them to eat will only make them rebel. Try not to be judgmental eating disorders can be very difficult to understand but trying to be supportive, even through the harder times, can be the best thing you could ever do.

Making jokes about body weight or food intake is a bad idea, even if meant in a humorous or encouraging way, most sufferers of eating disorders will take these to heart, intensifying the disorder further.

Eating disorders are the most complex disorders out there with a high mortality rate and unless there is more education surrounding it, the mortality rate will become higher. All we need is compassion and support rather than people focusing on it as ‘a lifestyle choice’ because that is not the case as we can not help the way we think and perceive life.” Quote from anonymous anorexia sufferer

Eating disorders NEED professional treatment. If someone you know is suffering from an Eating disorder it is important to remember treatment needs to be based on individual circumstance, not everyone will recover at the same rate. Compassion and understanding are essential for successful recovery. However, it is important to remember that majority of the time, even though the sufferer want to be better, their illness prevents them from being able to help themselves without major support, if they can get away with things like not eating or exercise whenever possible, to lose weight they feel they have gained, then they will. These actions are usually followed by self loathing and depressive moods.

If you would like more information or advice please email me at

I would like to thank my ‘anonymous sufferer’ for providing great insight and quotes. 


Diet Food Myths

photo[1]Everyone loves to say that they are eating healthy but most foods that say “diet” on it are not really good for you.  For that product to have become “diet”, there are many things that had to done to get this item to be diet. Here are some foods that are thought to be healthy but really aren’t.

  1. Yogurt: Plain yogurt contains about 16 grams of sugar a cup and if you like flavored yogurt, you eating about 15 or more additional grams of sugar. Sugars eventually turn into fat if you don’t control your intake. An alternative to plain and flavored yogurt is Greek Yogurt. Greek yogurt is lower in sugar and has double the protein which allows you to be fulfilled longer.
  1. Sugar Free Cookies/Snacks: When companies remove the sweet stuff, they often add fat and if you don’t work out and/or eat healthy the fat can be stored and it will be even harder to lose the fat. An alternative would be just to have a regular cookie, just don’t over-indulged!
  1. Trail Mix: Store-bought versions of trail mix are super unhealthy. A handful of banana chips contains 10 grams of fat and yogurt-covered raisins are coated with saturated and trans fats. An alternative to this is to make your own trail mix so you can measure and count your intake.
  1. Ground Turkey: A 3-ounce serving of ground turkey might contain 13 grams of fat almost triple the amount in lean ground beef. An alternative would be to buy ground turkey with only 1 gram of fat and no saturated fat per serving and if you cannot find it you should just buy ground beef that is 92 percent lean or higher.

Truthful, everything we eat isn’t good for us because of the processing and everything that has to be done for it to be edible; however, if you eat things in moderation and proportions you are living a healthy life! Hope this was helpful!

Best Wishes,

Chasity Edwards

Video | “You Gon Hemi” – WILL

New Atlanta rapper WILL is back with the premiere of his latest single, “You Gon Hemi.” Featured on his 2012 mixtape, I.L.L., the song serves as one of the standout tracks throughout the tape. Make sure to get familiar with WILL in his previous Spotlight post and download his mixtape here. 

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Get Over Your Break Up

Do you find yourself replaying your recent break up in your mind often?

  • Does it seem like you’re bearing the pain and hurt of it all?
  • Would hearing your ex say that they’re sorry make you feel better?
  • Do you bash your ex with your friends every chance you get?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, it’s time for a break up cleanse!

Unfortunately, we have all been hurt in relationships at some point. It’s a part of life. So is moving on.

You might have been cheated on, lied to, deceived, or made a fool of. And (if you’re honest with yourself) it’d probably make you feel better if your ex-lover’s infidelities were broadcasted on national television for all of America to see. Of course you want to protect the emotions of future prospects, right?

Well, here’s a reality check: Whether 1 person or 10 million people know how badly you were mistreated in your last relationship, it won’t change that you were mistreated! And your ex still may find “the one” and treat them better. Harsh, but true.

It’s easy to allow your emotions to take control when you’ve been hurt. But because you’re hurt doesn’t mean that the world stops.

Understand what’s just happened in your life: a break up.

Determine its severity, meaning evaluate how deeply you’re hurt and how involved you were in the relationship (perhaps you two lived together).

Allow your emotions to set in temporarily. You may call out from work for 3 days, skip a few movie nights with your friends, and pass on eating for a 2 weeks. This is all OK considering.

But never allow your emotions to get so out of control that you’re still harboring on the details of your break up several months later. This is unhealthy and can lead to depression, anxiety, sleep and/or eating disorders. Besides, the only one that’s being stopped by this is YOU!

After a break up, allow time for grieving. Like someone died.

Let it all out. Do what you have to do to get through the process, of course avoiding anything deadly, lethal, fatal or permanent. Talk with a trusted friend or family member. Get this thing out of your system before it stops your system altogether. Read positive passages on how to overcome obstacles. Delve deeply into that hobby you’ve been putting off for the past 2 years. Most importantly, know when it’s time to end your grieving (or cleansing) process and end it for good.

Continuously giving a bad break up mental space will drive you insane! It’s like you’ve grown accustomed to being hurt and even enjoy it. They hurt you once, but you keep replaying it. At some point, you must find closure, let it go and move on with your life. The pieces of your life will fall back in place and before you know it, you’ll be back to blue skies again!

Be Happy!

By Ariel Williams

“Bow Down” Blasphemy | Has Bey Gone Too Far?

o-BEYONCE-BOW-DOWN-570Spring is officially here and while the kiddies are out playing, bees all over the world are buzzing over their beloved Queen’s latest release, “Bow Down.” Surprisingly enough, Beyonce’s latest track has raised mixed reviews from listeners, including some of her Beyhive stans. While the song does stand as Bey’s personal ode to the city of Houston that raised her, many fans are questioning not only the lyrics of the song, but also her new attitude on life. As a Beyonce-tolerater (not a fan, but I’ll tolerate her music), it seemed only right that I compose a post bashing the song. Of course, not only am I aware of her militant fan base filled with stans that are prepared to attack WHENEVER and HOWEVER they please, but I felt as though it wouldn’t be fair to our readers to keep a Beyonce post limited to my opinion. Here’s where the help of a good friend and Beyonce fan comes in, Mr. J. B. Archibald. While our opinions might be the complete opposite, we’re just a minor part of the grand scale of opinions about “Bow Down.” What’s yours?

Giselle’s Opinion:

No ma’am. As a fan or not, one can not help but feel the slightest bit disrespected from both the literal and figurative meanings of Beyonce’s latest release. After years of humility, the development of the Carter-Knowles family, and the success of both her and her rapper hubby, Beyonce seems to have forgotten the people that made her who she is and has embraced her royal nickname of King Bey. While the release makes for an adequate intro/outro combo for her upcoming releases, one thing that can be respected about the song is the Houston sound displayed throughout it. With a chopped-n-screwed touch added to the Hit-Boy produced track,  the city of Houston will never be able to claim that Bey has forgotten her Texan roots. Fan or not, I can’t deny that this track has the potential to do great club ratings. Despite the sound, the overly-confident singer has lost some value in my eyes through her cocky comments on “Bow Down.” 

Archibald’s Opinion:

Personally, coming from a guy with a range of musical tastes, I am actually here for “Bow Down.” This track, whenever it becomes mastered to its entirety, will dominate. I do admit, though this is somewhat odd for Beyonce to do, I like it. It’s somewhat a risqué stunt for her to pull, especially when the great success of her Super Bowl halftime performance and the upcoming “The Mrs. Carter Show” world tour is fueling the fire of Bey’s confidence level to another notch. I would not be surprised if this particular track is featured on her upcoming album, which is rumored to be released after her tour has ended (that will soon change). “Bow Down” is the type of track that will be known as a “Real N*gga/Real B*tch” anthem; I can sense it. It will be played in the club & hip-hop stations constantly. That’s probably why I love this track the most. Everyone (well mostly everyone) will twerk until they can’t move on the way to the car outside the club. Local and up & coming artists will try and find a way to make a remix to get exposure. I don’t blame them actually. If they’re “bout that life,” then let them prove it. Speaking of which, “I Been On” is very decent. I really don’t think that this is album material. Yes, it’s cute to chop ‘n screw the track, but I think it’s for fun. What I really like about this track in particular is that she going back to the H-Town route and kept it trill the whole time, paying homage to the greats like Bun B & UGK, Pimp C and Willie D.