Music: “Burner On My Side” – Miloh Smith ft. ForteBowie

artworks-000049262435-6eo7ba-t500x500Atlanta jetsetter Miloh Smith is back with the second single off of her highly-regarded mixtape, Suite 404. While the tape includes a verse from artist E-Mobley, the single version of “Burner On My Side” features another upcoming Atlanta artist ForteBowie, who some of you may have heard of from his verse on Trinidad Jame$ “Southside”. Check below for the stream and make sure to head over to for more information on where to find her music and upcoming performance dates.

SONG REVIEW: Beyonce’s “Grown Woman”


Beyonce’s grown and she cant do whatever she wants, right?…

The 17 time Grammy winner is back for a mean walk with vengeance this go ’round. A year and a half later after birthing her daughter Blue Ivy, Beyonce returned to the center of attention in the pubic eye with her $50 million endorsement deal with Pepsi, her monster Super Bowl XLVII Half-time performance, her launch of a summer line with clothing store H&M, plus a world tour (The Mrs. Carter World Tour), and so much more that my memory can’t recall all of the recent happenings that the singer has been engaging herself in. So what does all of this mean for new music I ask, as a fan of her music. Well, my question has been answered with the release of the official version of “Grown Woman.”

The world was teased with a 1 minute snippet of the song in her Pepsi “Mirrors” commercial and since its debut fans have been weighing their thoughts on the track. Here’s my take:

The good: The song punches a mean ass beat! Produced by Timbaland, “Grown Woman” shuffles in classic Timbaland, and for that the beat is infectious and contagious from start to finish. It carries a melodious tone that leaves room for imagination for several different possible video concepts. Timbaland hasn’t lost one touch of magic that mounted the career of the late Aaliyah.

The cultivation of sounds is intriguing. The songs flares a bit of hip-hop with the Snoop Dogg  sampled verse from “Ain’t No Fun (If The Homies Can’t Have None), ushers in some  remnants of jazz, and oozes with pop, and makes for one argumentative mention of a tribal culture sound too.

The confidence. After having  their first child, most women feel either insecure of their image, or on the other hand Beyonce feels even more secure , and empowered. In the song with the refrain “I’m a grown woman, and I can do whatever I want” the singer is heard on a studio track confident and sassy reminiscent of the  B’day era.  Judging by the  aggressive “Bow Down” and now “Grown Woman” Beyonce may totally be 100% more comfortable in her skin with her music and what she will say in a song.


The bad: The song is a bit overwhelming and tiresome. Coming in a bit over 5 minutes long, Beyonce boasts about being a “grown woman” and doing “whatever she wants” over and over, and frankly after the first 2 minutes of the song, I’m tired of hearing the refrain.

It seems highly similar in sound to her Rich Harrison produced “Crazy In Love” smashed with “End of Time” and ultimately iced with “Run The World (Girls).”  The song produces a  go-go retro sounds  respectfully, but the lyrics don’t coat the production at all.

First single choice?  The song by no means should be lent as the lead single for a forthcoming album for Beyonce. As a follow up to 4 with genius scopes into lyrical depth and vocal soul, “Grown Woman” offers nothing striking in the lyrical sense, nor in the vocal ability.

Lastly, the urban slang and “hood-country” talk. We’ve all grown to love Beyonce when she’s a bit “ratchet” but the slang this time around should be left out. You’re a mother now, Bey.


Overall, the track offers a variation of sounds that ensures for summer 2013 fun. The mixture of quick runs and vocal backgrounds from Beyonce  attests to her talent to composing of music and reminds one of her Destiny’s Child harmonies . I just wish the song spoke more on  something less feminist, but hey, Beyonce has always been about  catering to the ladies, right?

Listen below, if you haven’t checked out the track yet. Beyonce storms the U.S. this summer with her  The Mrs. Carter World Tour.

-Wil Rivers


Love is for all

Many, many debates arise when it comes to homosexual equality. I myself am ashamed to say that Australia (where I live) has yet to allow same sex marriage and other countries are only just legalizing it.

Whether you agree with homosexuality or not, the fact remains that no one has the right to violate human rights and wellbeing. Yet many gay, bi, transgender and transsexual people are being discriminated against.

Unfortunately human kind seems to judge harshly what is different to what is dominantly perceived as ‘normal’ in this case heterosexuals. However, love knows no bounds and slowly but surely same sex couples are gaining rights.

Many homosexual/transgender people receive a lot of negative attention, they only way to stop this is to stand against this view. Say no to the bullying and accept that love between two people goes beyond gender.


If you or someone you know would like help dealing with bullying email me on

Thank you

Together we are one 🙂

To Thrift or Not To Thrift

To Thrift or Not to Thrift….That is the question

Goodness Efobi


This week I want to address a topic that sparks many different reactions.  When a lot of people thinking of thrift store shopping, they just think old.  I am here to tell you today to change that outlook. 

 Thrifting is like treasure hunting.  When you go thrifting, don’t expect to have amazing things jumping out at you.  You have to search carefully.  When you actually search you will find many amazing things at that store.  Items that you will never expect to find there and items that would be very expensive at most stores, you will find at the thrift store. 

 Trust me; I was once against thrifting until I went for myself.  From the first day I shopped at a thrift store I found pieces that I love till today.



    I will talk about thrift store shopping for clothes and thrifting for accpssories, and I will use personal pictures to show how awesome thrifting can be.

   When you go clothes shopping at the thrift store, you have to open your mind up to the possibilities of what you can find.  I have found pieces from DKNY, Ann Taylor, Ralph Lauren, and many many more.  You can find clothes at the thrift store that you can turn into statement pieces. Here are some examples of outfits created from thrift store pieces


     You can also shop for accessories at the thrift store.  You will find awesome genuine leather bags and belts and you will also find amazing truly vintage jewelry.  I have often found 100% Gold earrings from the thrift store.  These pieces are ones that I have not found in any other store.  I have also bought my fair share of bags and belts, most of which are genuine leather.  Here are some of the accessories I have found at the thrift store


     Hopefully after reading this article, many of you    will open your mind to the art of shopping at the thrift store.  There are many wonderful things in those stores for you if you just open up and search for it.  It is great because you can find all these amazing pieces all for fewer than ten dollars.  There 
are a lot of thrift stores around that you can shop at but some of the best ones are Value Village, The Salvation Army, Park Avenue Thrift Store, and Rag-O-Rama.

Happy Thrifting

A Four Step Guide to Vaginal Hygiene

It’s been called a “Lotus Flower Bomb” by recording artists Wale and Miguel, and a “Kootie-Kat” by the Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta reality star, Joseline Hernandez. However, it’s most formally known to the world as the vagina.

Yes. The vagina. That thing many women try to avoid discussing, or the thing they tend to neglect thinking about when it’s not within the context of sex. For some reason, women get a little shy when it comes to their most sacred body part.

Nonetheless, if you were born female, then you’re stuck with this marvelous organ. So you might as well get to know it. Here are a few tips every woman should know when it comes to the health and hygiene of their vagina.

  1. Your vagina isn’t a flower shop. Don’t use perfumed soaps down there! As a matter of fact, try to avoid putting harsh soaps in your vagina all together. Most soaps are filled with chemicals that can really mess up the PH balance and the odor of your vagina. Besides, the vagina has a natural way of cleaning itself. So, scented soaps really aren’t needed. Instead, try rinsing it really well with a lot of warm water.
  2. Shaving. Pubic hair seems really gross, but it actually acts as a protective cover to the vagina. The skin around the vagina is a lot more sensitive than the rest of the body, so you’re more likely to have cuts, burning, and irritation. For this reason, it is often recommended that you not cut it all off. Instead, trim it.
  3. You are what you eat…really. The types of food you consume effect the smell of your lady parts. Try eating more citrus fruits and yogurt because they provide good bacteria that fight against yeast infections in the vagina, and they make it have a more pleasurable scent.
  4. Let it breath. There is no shame in going commando every now and then because you have to let your vagina get some air. Also, Try to buy cotton underwear the next time you go shopping because it is the most breathable material.

As a woman your vagina is your most intimate body part, and it is so important to learn to proper ways to care for it.

Raven Schley

Staff Writer, Health & Beauty

How to Stretch Your Ears (The Healthy & Safe Way)

photo (18)Recently young men and women alike, have decided to modify their bodies in a very unique way by stretching—or “gauging”—their ears.  There are many reasons why one would want to stretch their ears however many people use methods that could harm them in the long run.  Whenever making modifications to your body you should want to be safe.  Here’s how to stretch your ears safely and correctly.

The first thing you should do is make sure you have the right tools to stretch your ear.  You want to purchase a 14g to 0g stainless steel taper set.  There are sets that also come with stainless steel plugs in each gauge so you have safe plugs to heal in.  Stainless steel is very clean and sterile which is why it is the best material to stretch with.  If you do not choose to wear stainless steel plugs while healing make sure you stay away from porous materials such as silicone and wood.  You are more susceptible to infections when healing with porous materials and some have even reported that their skin healed around the material of their plug.  Yikes!

Secondly, when stretching your ears you must be patient.  Ear stretching can be a very long process depending on what size or gauge you intend to stretch to.  Every time you stretch your ears to a larger size you make tiny micro tears in your piercing that need time to heal.  You don’t want to move up a size too fast or skip sizes; doing so can result in tears, rips and other ugly consequences.

photo (20)photo (19)

Finally, do not wear your tapers as jewelry.  It doesn’t matter how cool it looks it can result in uneven piercings.  The weight of the taper can thin out one side of your piercing and cause trouble for you in the future.  Be sure to clean your stretched ears regularly with soap, water and antiseptic.  You can also use a salt water rinse, which promotes healing.  Also to increase blood flow in your ear lobes to prevent thinning and promote nice thick healthy lobes, you should massage your ears using jojoba oil.

If you would like more information about stretching or “gauging” ear lobes visit  Remember to be patient and enjoy your ear stretching journey!

Brandi Giles

Editor of Health & Beauty


Sneaking Fitness into your Everyday Routine

We all want to have the perfect body and would love to exercise but who has time for that? We all have some daily routine that seems like if something else is thrown into the mix, we are going to explode. We either work or go to school. Some of us, work and go to school simultaneously, not to mention are in organizations/clubs and might even have children, so when there a chance to relax, working out is the last thing on our mind. However, getting the proper amount of exercise a week can be done easily during your everyday, day to day routine! The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services defines exercise as anything that makes your heart beat faster. This means that there are a variety of daily activities that can become exercise! This article is going to give some ideas of how to fit exercise into your tight schedule.

  1. Speed Walk Errands/ Lunch – During your lunch break and/or break between classes, you should go by foot instead of driving. For me this is very convenient because I live in the city, so I can beat the traffic, get a nice lunch, run errands, all while getting a great workout. Walking works out the leg of course but more specifically the calf muscles. If you don’t live in the city and there are no near stores, you can drive to a shopping strip with multiple stores so you can eat and get a walking session in.
  2. Stand and Hold – When you standing in line at the store, or just anywhere, you can get a great workout by flexing you abdominal muscles. You can hold your stomach in for like 10-20 seconds and repeat this between 10-15 times. This is quick easy to start the journey to those perfect abs you’ve always wanted!
  3. Take the Long Way – When you park your car or you are walking somewhere, take the long way. That extra 5 seconds will really add up in the long run. Instead of taking the elevator, take the stairs, instead of getting off at the stop right in front of your job, get off a stop before. You will notice a change with these small chances over time.
  4. Drop and Give Me 50 – This will only take about 5 minutes, so before you get into the shower in the morning or at night which ever you prefer, do 50 crunches and 50 squats. If you do this in the morning, this will set the tone for your day and you will feel refreshed and ready to tackle everything!
  5. Off Days – Off days are usually dedicated to cleaning and running errands. Instead of taking your car to the car wash, wash it by hand. When cleaning up the house, put some music on and have a zumba/cleaning session! When working out doesn’t seem like work, you’ll enjoy it way more.

There are many other things you do while you’re just lounging around but these are some things my mother does because she is the busiest women alive! I hope my mother’s tips can be of help to you. Remember working out doesn’t have to involve the gym! Start your journey for that perfect summer body now!

Best Wishes,

Chasity Edwards