Meditation through yoga

meditation-6If you are similar to the majority of people in this new age technology filled world, you’re probably tweeting, thinking of your next post on Facebook or scrolling through your Instagram timeline all while reading this article.

That is perfectly normal, According to Amit Sood in an article for the Huffington Post written by Lauren McMullen. In fact, he calls it the default setting of the human mind- to be present and not present at the same time.

Though this is normal, it is not really that healthful. Living life in that default setting actually leads to things like depression, higher anxiety levels, and lower attention spans.

So, the opposite of default would be to focus, and there’s no better way to do that than through meditation in yoga.

Yoga is a great way to center your mind because it gives you the space to focus on yourself. It allows you to listen to how you feel about situations in your life and to understand your body, which ultimately leads to better self awareness and increased happiness mentally.

Yoga is not easy. It requires intense determination and focus, but it is one of the most rewarding and calming exercises out there. At the end of it you will feel spiritually and emotionally lighter and physically relaxed.

Being in tune with yourself is important and meditation through yoga is a great way to do that. So, try it out sometime!

Keep Your Teeth Stain Free

photoDental health isn’t something we frequently cover in Everything Exclusive Magazine but I’d say it’s time we talked about our pearly whites!  Teeth stains can easily get in the way of a great smile.  While there are some foods and drinks that stain your teeth there are other foods that brighten your smile.

A good rule of thumb is that any foods or beverages that can leave a mark on your hands and clothes can also stain your teeth.  Many popular food choices stain teeth.  This includes coffee, tea, tomato sauce, grape or cranberry juice, red and white wine, soda and blueberries.  A good habit to build is to thoroughly rinse your mouth after enjoying these foods.

Foods that brighten your teeth do so by gently scrubbing your teeth as you chew them.  They also produce saliva which neutralizes acid and cleans your mouth.  Celery, apples, carrots, cauliflower and hard cheeses all fall into this category.  Other ways to keep your teeth bright are drinking with straws, brushing your teeth twice a day, getting your teeth professionally cleaned twice a year and not smoking.

If you’re still having problems with your stained teeth you can try bleaching/whitening your teeth.  But, you must keep in mind that whitening wears down the enamel on your teeth.  It definitely won’t hurt to talk with your dentist about your frustration with your stained teeth either!


Brandi Giles, Editor of Health & Beauty

The College Experience

Throughout our entire academic careers grades have been the main focal point of excellence. Grades promoted you to the next grade, earned your scholarships, and allowed you to be a prime candidate for major achievement awards. As we made it to college we were constantly pounded with the idea to, “Keep HOPE Alive!” We are advised to keep our GPAs high and stay in our books. However, though the goal of maintaining an amazing grade point average is essential it is definitely not the only factor in having a successful college experience; while taking courses on an actual college campus, academics only make up half of the college experience.

The other fifty percent of the college experience is composed of involvement with organizations/teams of your interest and meaningful relationships. College should be used as an aid to find out the career you would like to pursue, the overall type of person you are, and the type of people you are attracted to. The only way you can obtain the full worth of college is to become involved with activities, especially ones found on your campus. No matter your interest there are definitely clubs that suit your personality and career goals. These clubs will allow you to make the overall networking connections needed in advancing you both professionally and socially to new levels. Another key point in the college experience is creating lasting and meaningful relationships. The friends you make in college are supposed to be life-long. The people you begin to study, party, and just chill with will ultimately become the godparents to your children, bridesmaids/groomsmen at your wedding, and maybe even your husband or wife.

With that being said, it is up to you to recognize the opportunities displayed in front of you and step out of your dorm to pursue them. Because it is a start of a new semester many clubs are accepting applications for new members. Look up the next club fair at your school and take the time to browse around for a club that interests you. If you plan on studying at night for one of your classes and happen to see a fellow classmate, invite them to study with you. Small gestures like these are the first steps into becoming a well-rounded college student and ultimately achieving full college experience.

Jordyn Jones, College Life Staff

First/Second Day Fashion

The first and second day back at school is always a struggle, with finding your classes, making new friends, getting adjusted to school that you do not need the hassle of trying to figure out what you are wearing too. First day outfits are a whole other level of mind frame. You have to worry about the weather, which is the biggest inconvenience of them all.  Scratch that…the biggest inconvenience is when you wake up and decide that you don’t want to wear the outfit you had decided the night before. But, of course there are exceptions to people who do not care what they wear on any day. Congrats to you guys! You have it easy. :p

Most of us have observed that the weather outside has been oddly hot and dry outside, with a slight breeze (depending on your location), which means shorts and dresses are a go. But, of course if you want to be a fashion princess you have to make sure you make a statement on the first day. You only get one first day a semester, make it count!

First and second day outfit ideas that make a statement for both girls and boys, but still can be done to your own personal style:

7253_white_lThe sleeveless shirts are very in, in various colors and go great with a pair of shorts. Wearing a plain, button down tank with patterned or designed shorts would be a perfect combo for the first day of school. Paired with maybe, a long neck or a necklace with maybe a small charm (not to overwhelm your simple look) would add to the style. Shoes wise, sandals or maybe some oxfords would work. You could of course amp up this look by adding a vest of a light cardigan (it may be cold in your classroom). If you add vest or something you could wear some Chucks/ Converses with them, to give yourself a sporty look, while still giving off a cute vibe.




A graphic t-shirt for guys are always a safe bet. Since boys are a little less up for dressing up on the first or second day( besides those guys who do, don’t worry you guys are not overlooked! ) But, for those guys playing it safe, graphic t-shirts give others a look into your personality, depending on whether the shirt has a t.v. show, a saying, or just a funny cartoon. A pairing them with jeans or maybe a pair of khakis are the next best. Sneakers of any sort, or if your wear vans/converse then you are just as safe. When it comes to accessories, for guys its literally all up to you. Wear it, don’t wear. The fact that you made an effort to look good is the only thing that matters to most girls. 😉



*Remember first impressions are everything!

Allie Mitchell ❤



NEW MUSIC: R&B Soundwaves

In today’s time where music’s hooks must be pop and or explosively catchy to shoot to Billboard’s Hot 100 Chart there is still a genre by the name of R&B that thrives in its essential ballads  and that hardcore R&B is still around, but are the people still buying? EverythingExclusive brings you these hot new tracks from these R&B singers all released this week.

Check it out below…

Tamar-Braxton-All-The-Way-HomeBaby sister of the Braxton clan, Tamar Braxton shares with the world her 3rd single, “All The Way Home” off her forthcoming 2nd album Love and War due in stores September 3rd.

toni-braxton-babyface-hurt-you-thatgrapejuice-e1376772749386Ironically, elder Braxton sister, Toni Braxton eyes a come-back in the music world with this brand spankin’ new duet with hit-maker Babyface. The track “Hurt You” is the lead single from the pair’s duet album Love Marriage Divorce due in stores December 3rd.

JanelleMonae_PrimetimeJanelle Monae offers her brand new duet with R&B crooner Miguel. Billed as the 2nd single from her forthcoming The Electric Lady album due out September 10th the track “Primetime” offers much heat and is sure to deliver steam in the bedroom.

john-legend-credit-matthew-williams-650-430John Legend is ready for the release of his 4th studio album Love in the Future with the release of 3rd single “All of Me.” Love in the Future hits stores September 3rd.

Marsha-Ambrosious-Without-You-Single-Cover1/2 of former group Floetry, Marsha Ambrosious returns with the official lead single from her forthcoming 2nd studio album titled Friends and Lovers.
The track “Without You” features Ne-Yo.

How to Fill In Your Eyebrows—the Right Way

Your eyebrows are arguably the most important features on your face.  They’re so expressive and they provide a frame for your eyes.  They give your face dimension.  Recently, many young women have taken advantage of the benefits of filling in their brows.  However, when you don’t fill in your brows correctly it can prove to be disastrous.  Here’s how to fill in your eyebrows so that they look more like yours.

First things first—your eyebrows need to be clean.  When I say clean I mean they need to be well groomed.  Get them waxed, threaded (or whatever suits you) every now and then.  It’s ten times harder to fill in unruly eyebrows.

Use an eyebrow pencil to fill in your brows.  You want to choose a shade that is close to your hair color but not too harsh.  My hair is dark brown and I tend to fill in my brows with a dark brown shade.  (MAC Eyebrow Pencil; Color- Spiked)  DO NOT use eyeliner; your brows will be too harsh.  DO NOT use the color black on your brows; black is much too harsh and makes your eyebrows stand out too much.

The first step is to trace the outline of your eyebrows.  Follow the natural arch of your eyebrows and do not go outside of it.  Use light, feathery strokes.

Next fill in spaces inside your outline that need it.  Once again use light, feathery strokes.  If you want you can go over your brows with a dark shaded eye shadow. (Again, NOT black)  Personally I tend to skip the eye shadow step.  Next trace the outside of your eyebrows with concealer using an angled brush.  Then blend.

Finally use a spool brush and brush over your eyebrows to blend everything together better and voila!  You’re finished!

When you’re in between eyebrow appointments and stray hairs start to grow in you can use concealer to hide them.  When it starts to get harder to conceal, it’s time for a wax.

If you need a visual, there are plenty tutorials on YouTube.  The tutorial closest to the directions I give in this article can be found through this link. –>

Brandi Giles, Editor of Health & Beauty

Upperclassmen, You’ve Got Mail

Dear Upperclassmen,


Yes, school is back in session! It is an exciting time to be reunited with your closest friends, favorite professors, and the schedule you are acquainted with. It is time to do your thing and be successful in everything you plan to do. But this year should be different. While you are busy being excited about another school year, there is one important part of school that you are forgetting – the first year students.

Often times us upperclassmen forget about the incoming freshmen. The students who are frightened by our existence and need guidance to build the healthy relationships that we have with our peers on campus. The students who need a helping hand when it comes to a difficult professor or class. And the students who get lost on their way to the library or dining hall and just need a simple leading of the way. We forget about them. Most importantly, we forget that we were once in their shoes.

So this year, I challenge you all to step up and make an impact on the new students on campus. Take your time to talk with the freshmen class and get to know at least one student well. That way you can become a mentor and positively influence them and their college career. Invite them to hangout with you and your friends. And also encourage them to make smart decisions while in college.

This year step out of your comfort zone and break a few barriers that remain between new students and upperclassmen. Help them be just as successful as you!

Remember, we were all once freshmen, and can remember how hard the first few months of school were. Now it is our opportunity to assist those who are experiencing college for the first time and help make our campuses more inclusive no matter what the grade classification.


A Fellow Upperclassman

Cassidy Stratton, Staff Writer