All Hail the King of Twerk! Interview with National Recording Artist Kstylis

KSTYLIS PIC 9Rapper Kstylis has become a huge internet sensation. The self-proclaimed “King of Twerk” has been praised for getting people to let loose and have fun while giving those glutes a work out. His singles “Hands Up, Get Low” and “Booty Me Down” became instant hits. Now, girls everywhere are uploading “twerk” videos using Kstylis’s songs for background music to show off their skills.

Earlier this week, we had a chance to sit down with Kstylis for an exclusive interview about his life, career and what what we can expect from him. Check it out!

The Basics:

Everything Exclusive: Where are you from?

Kstylis: Kansas City, Missouri.

EE: How long have you been in Kansas City?

K: All my life, born and raised.

EE: Are you still living there?

K: Yep. I’m back and forth between Kansas City and [Atlanta].

EE: What was it like growing up?

K: Fun, reckless…

EE: Reckless? What did you do?

I was doing everything. I was flipping off of houses…  Skateboarding, roller skating at the skate park…  Jet skiing–all that.


EE: What inspired you to pursue a career in hip hop?

K: My sister… I walked in on her. She was free-styling to a beat and I was just sitting there looking at her like “What are you doing?” And she [said], “Rapping to the beat.” I sat down on the bed, just listening, nodding my head… She got serious about it, and that’s when I [got serious]. Then, she stopped for some odd reason. I don’t know why?

EE: So, in a way, you’re continuing what she started?

K: Yeah. Well, I guess… I don’t know. (laughs) She rapped about totally different stuff. I don’t rap about what she rapped about. She rapped about the streets. I don’t even do that stuff. I mean, I will rap about it. I’ll rap about what’s reality. I’m not gon’ be out here lying, talkin’ ’bout pushing bricks.

KSTYLIS PIC 1EE: That brings me to my next question. Of all the things you can rap about, why twerk music?

K: ‘Cause I enjoy women dancing. I love it. Especially when she’s in her prime time, she’s feeling herself and she’s like, “Aw, this my song, girl. Turn up!” (laughs) She goes to the middle of the dance floor and she starts doing all types of moves…  I got into [twerk music], really, because of the girls dancing.

EE: So you just want to make music for girls to dance to.

K: Yes. I promise you, that’s the only reason I’m in twerk music. It’s because of females. Now, if females never twerked, I probably wouldn’t be doing this. I probably would’ve been doing whatever y’all like [to listen to].

EE: Are you interested in rapping about anything else?

K: Yeah. I rap about other stuff. I got pop records, a lot of pop records right now. I can’t release them to the public because it’ll be strange ’cause everybody knows me for twerk music, so crossing over right now, too soon, is kind of like a foul. 

And we’re sure you ladies are just dying to know:

EE: Are you single?

Mm, hmm. I’m looking for a beautiful, nice, understanding–[someone] that understands that I gotta be busy, lady. If I can find a girl that can understand that I’m busy all the time… Thank you, God. (laughs)

EE: So it’s basically your career over relationships right now.

Yeah, I mean, I wouldn’t mind having a relationship. It would just have to be with somebody that’s understanding, [someone who] understands that I gotta do what I gotta do. 


EE: Who exactly is Kstylis? If you had to explain yourself to everybody in Atlanta, what would you say?

K: Kstylis is a person that’s all about fun music, comedy music, different styles, switching it up at any given time. That’s what I would base Kstylis off of. Kstylis is a person of different styles and can do literally anything. Except sing. (laughs)

EE: Do you have any words of advice for aspiring rappers and hip hop artists?

K: If they’re up and coming with the music, I tell them [that] the best way to come up is, for one, utilize the internet because it is the number one communication social tool. Second, promote yourself by not promoting yourself, which means build relationships, because if [the person you’re building a relationship with is] interested in you, they will do their homework, go to your page and check you out and they’ll listen to your music. [Do that] instead of spamming, because people hate spam. I hate spam. If you spam my page, you’re getting deleted–fast. Only I can spam my page. Only me. (laughs)

Kstylis is signed to Epic/Sony Records through the Clark Music Group and is expected to release his debut album in Fall 2014. In the meantime, make sure you listen to his newest single “Pretty Girl Twerk” feat. Nelly and Tiffany Foxx. Check out the official video for “Booty Me Down” below.

Interview conducted by Raena, Editor-in-Chief 


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