Crazy Sexy Cool: The TLC Story

TLC is one ofTLC-MOVIE-PIC1 the greatest girl groups to ever make it big in the history of music. Their music changed how people viewed (black) women and showed the world that female empowerment can be epic. VH1 has turned the TLC story into a feature film, allowing us to look into the crazy, sexy, cool lives of this 90’s R&B girl group. The movie delves into the three young ladies’ quest for fame and success while exposing T-Boz’s struggle with sickle cell anemia, Chilli’s love affair with Dallas Austin, and Left Eye’s struggle with alcoholism. We see what inspires their controversial lyrics, baggy clothing, and will power to keep moving forward in life.

T-Boz was played by Drew Sidora, Chilli was played by KeKe Palmer, and the late Left Eye was portrayed by Lil Mama. In my opinion, the only actress that really played her part sincerely well was Lil Mama, surprisingly enough. I took Drew Sidora as a joke when she tried to act “hard” and KeKe Palmer was just okay. The true star was Lil Mama and her performance was so chilling that Chilli admitted to taking a double take when looking at Lil Mama because the similarities were so in sync.

TLC continues to inspire all women with the unbreakable sisterhood they shared with one another. If you haven’t seen this movie, you should really check it out on VH1 or online. And if you’ve never listened to TLC’s music (I pray that you have) you really need to check it out as well. The fact that these amazing women are still acquiring fans to this day shows you that if you are willing to put in the work, it will really pay off.

R.I.P Lisa “Left Eye” Lopes

Unwrapping the Body Wrap Trend: Do They Really Work?

slimmingBody wraps are the new trend in weight loss.  Everyone seems to be selling them and raving about their almost instant weight loss effects.   But what are body wraps exactly and how do they work?  Are the effects long lasting?  Do they work at all?  These are questions that need answers.  I’ve done some research and I’m prepared to share what I found about these ‘magic’ body wraps.

What are body wraps? When people say body wraps they are referring to one or two things; the corset like wrap around fabric that goes around your stomach or the spa treatment involving oils and plastic wrap.  Both basically have the same concept.  Material is wrapped tightly around your body or waist and tightens the skin underneath and your waist is slimmer.

More or less, these effects are temporary.  While body wraps can hydrate and tighten your skin, while making you sweat and causing a loss of excess fluid, these effects do not equate to true weight loss.  You cannot remove a body wrap and come out ten pounds lighter.  Wraps can’t and won’ t take the place of health diet and exercise.

Body wraps may work if you’re trying to slim down for a special occasion such as, a wedding or a day at the beach.  Temporary improvement may be good enough for those kinds of occasions.  Should you buy a body wrap or pay for a body wrap spa treatment?  Sure but, not with the expectation of true weight loss.



Brandi Giles Editor, Health & Beauty

How’s Ya Schedule Lookin’?

With mid-terms coming to an end and finals right around the corner, everyone is focused on their current classes and grades. This is the crunch time of the year where we as students seem to realize that our grades count. The libraries are fuller than ever, and office hours finally have more than one student participating. Everyone is slowly, but surely, improving their game.

However, we must keep in mind that an entire new semester is right around the corner, and classes for Spring 2013 will be up for grabs soon. It is very important to schedule classes as soon as they open in order to ensure that you not only are placed into your necessary classes, but also are able to choose the classes that will best fit your schedules. Depending on the person you are, an 8 pm class could be detrimental to your GPA because of the frequent issues that arise with attendance to them. I advise everyone to make time and meet with their advisers to discuss their class schedules as soon as possible. A great schedule is the start to an amazing semester, and a bad schedule could easily be your demise. I wish you all luck in creating your fate.

Jordyn Jones, Staff Writer

The Old-New

There is something I’ve been noticing a lot. A particular style, seen countless of times, but it seems as if it disappears and then low and behold…i see it again. I’ve begun to try this style out and I like it. Some have to be willing to go a little out of their comfort zone and others it may be right up your alley. It doesn’t require much effort or time, but it does require a little thing called confidence. HAHA. Still in suspense? Fine, fine.


Simple right. You’re probably saying to yourself, I have seen that everywhere. But, you’d be surprised how many people aren’t into that particular fashion. There is a whole, “leggings aren’t pants” crusade that has been going on forever. I would say this is true…depending on the leggings of choice. If it’s see-through leggings, I would not advise wearing those…. please? But if they are leggings that are made for the fall weather (not see through, thick-like leggings) then I approve with flying colors!

Although, the hardest part comes to the sweater and the boots, you can always match your leggings in the end. Make sure that the sweater at least reaches past your waist..i’m not saying get a sweater dress, but make the sweater is long enough to wear it doesn’t look awkward. And as for the boots, yes, you may bring out your UGGS, but other boots are just as appropriate! Riding boots, aren’t always the best way to go, if I may say so. You want the look to say comfortable, but still put effort in to look cute.

❤ Allie Mitchell

vintage-boots-boots-vintage-sweater-sweater-black-leggings-leggings_400 brown-zara-boots-charcoal-gray-gap-sweater-black-bershka-leggings_400

gray-h-m-sweater-blue-h-m-leggings-beige-pull-bear-boots-brown-vintage-b_400 bubble-gum-boots-silver-sweater-black-leggings_400

Taking Care of Color Treated Hair

So after months of debating over the perfect hair color you’ve finally decided to dye your hair.  Naturally you’re excited and can’t wait to see your hair in that perfect new shade.  Don’t go rushing to mix that chemical mixture or make any hair appointments just yet.  It’s important to educate yourself on how to properly care for color treated hair.  Failing to do so can result in dry brittle and damaged hair in the long run.

First , start off with healthy strands.  If your hair is already damaged you don’t want to add any chemicals to the equation.  Furthermore, you won’t get an even natural looking result after coloring.  Do a deep conditioning treatment once a week for several weeks leading up to your hair color and make sure you trim any split or damaged ends.

After you dye your hair, wait 24 hours before shampooing and conditioning your hair so your hair had time to fully absorb your new hair color.  When you start to shampoo and condition your hair make sure you are using products that are specifically made for color treated hair.  Avoid shampoos that are meant for clarifying or treating dandruff.  However, any shampoo no matter how gentle will strip your hair of some of its color, so go as long as possible between washing.

Next have glaze added to your color at the salon or use an at-home product for similar results.  Glaze adds instant depth and shine to your hair without using chemicals.  If you use a color glaze you’ll add a hint of color and shine with each use.  A clear gaze doesn’t add color but will add the major shine that color treated hair really needs.

Finally, make sure you aren’t using any sneaky color strippers like products with alcohol as an ingredient.  Be careful when exposing your hair to any chlorine treated hair.  Wear a swimming cap or saturate your hair with non-chlorinated water before jumping in the pool.  Also UV rays can strip your strands of their color.  Wear hats for protection.


Brandi Giles Editor, Health & Beauty

Ladies Beware: D-Smoov might just sing his way into your heart


We caught up with this fresh new singer/rapper at Flykix’s in Atlanta, Ga and got an interview:

EEM: So, you’re a singer/rapper?

D-Smoov: Correct.

EEM: So how would you categorize your genre of music?

D-Smoov: I would say that it’s R&B-ish as well as new age hip hop with a little hip-hop rap. I’m also trying to bring back that 90’s type of feel in my music.

EEM: Well, that’s good because thats when music was the best.

D-Smoov: That’s very true.

EEM: Your mixtape was supposed to come out last Thursday, October 8th, right? What happened?

D-Smoov: Well, basically, we had to postpone it because of a lot of different stuff going on. We’re actually trying to put it on so it should be out no later than 2 weeks.

EEM: Okay, so what should your fans expect from the new mixtape?

D-Smoov: It’s a short 40 minute mixtape, 7 tracks, called Lucid Dreams: The 7th second theory. It basically has theory to it and it has a message of me telling people about myself. This is really just an opening up for who I am and I’m already working on my next project which should be coming out in January.

EEM: Cool, so what’s your real name?

D-Smoov: David Brown.

EEM: And how did you come up with your artist name?

D-Smoov: That came along because I was in a group recently, a couple years ago, and I realized that I  needed something with an expression so I decided to go with Smoov, but I didn’t really like that. I ended up putting  the D in front of it and people liked it and it was different.

EEM: What do you bring to the table as an artist that other artist don’t?

D-Smoov: I feel like what I bring to the table is something unique because I sing and rap and a lot of other artist don’t do that. I mean, Drake does (and Drake was conveniently playing on the overhead speaker as we were talking) but I’ve actually improved my signing and my rapping as two different parts of my artistry. The stuff I talk about is different too, like some artist talk about “I love you girl”  and I tend to talk about everyday stuff. I’m from New York so Northern Rap is what I like to do.

EEM: So, why did you decide to come to Atlanta?

D-Smoov: Well, I used to attend Albany State and that’s where I met my manager Drew. He started to connect me to TIG and said that he was going to relocate to Atlanta. I thought about staying in New York and doing it long distance, but I felt like if I were here in the city, it would work out a lot better.

EEM: How do you like Atlanta so far?

D-Smoov: It’s great. It reminds me of NYC and I live with Drew, so the past two months have been great. I just ran into Yung Joc down the street and it’s just crazy the people you see.

EEM: When did you 1st know you had a talent of singing and rapping?

D-Smoov: I had made a mixtape my freshman year of high school and it was trash, but people were encouraging me to get better. My mentor, George, told me I’m not good enough to be a singer right now and that was in the 7th grade. Once he told me that, I took the time to better my skills.

EEM: That’s good, well continue to get better and we’ll keep looking out for your stuff.

Look out for D-Smoov’s mixtape on his twitter: @TheRealDSmoov and we’ll keep you updated with the current status of this rising star.

Broke Phi Broke

There is no doubt that college students struggle the most financially. While some are fortunate enough to receive immediate financial support from their parents, others may be working to pay their way through school. Since students are in the midst of Homecoming season and there is endless spending to be done, it seems reasonable to provide a few tips to help you to stay on top of your finances.

  1. Create a budget.

The first mistake most college students make before going off to college is not making a budget. Without a budget, one is prone to carelessly spend their money without any reference to keep he/she on track. With a budget one can evaluate their current financial standing. The budget should first list the cost of items the student needs to spend their money on (i.e. textbooks, food, etc.). Then the student should list the cost of things he/she wants to spend their money on (i.e. going out, shopping, etc.). Using these guidelines, one is able to always reference their budget to insure the money he/she spends does not go over the projected costs of the items listed.

  1. Get a job.

Getting a job while in school is not always the easiest, but it is possible. Of course academics come first, but getting a job could be seen as adding another extra-curricular activity to your schedule. Many campuses offer jobs for those with and without work-study. If you are not sure where to go to find jobs, visit your school’s financial planning offices.


  1. Use your resources!

This tip cannot be emphasized enough! Every campus should have free events going on almost every night. If so, go to them! Using free resources is the best way to save money and stay on top of your budget. If an organization on your campus is screening a movie or giving out free t-shirts, grab your friends and head over to the event! Just those two events save you a trip to the movies and the mall. College tuition is too much for students to not take part in free campus activities.

Yes, it is true that college students tend to be broke, but there are ways to avoid that stereotype. Here a few resources to help you stay on top of your finances:

College Money Management:

College Budgeting 101:

Student Budget Calculator:

Cassidy Stratton, Staff Writer