DIY: Fire Ombre

photo (35)Are you looking to add a little spice to your virgin hair extensions?  Bored with your “natural brown”?  Do you want to dye your extensions but don’t want to pay someone to do it?  Well I’ve got something just for you: a Fire Ombre Tutorial!  Blonde and red were made for each other, and with the right dye and patience you can achieve this daring sexy look all by yourself.  Start out by thoroughly brushing out your extensions and getting all the tangles out.

What You Need

1 packet of BW 2 Clairol Professional Bleach Powder

40 Developer

Mixing bowl

Applicator brush

Plastic bags

Red hair dye

Color safe shampoo and moisturizing conditioner for color treated hair


  1. Put all the bleach powder in the mixing bowl and mix in the developer using the applicator brush.  Continue to add in developer until you get a creamy, but not watery, consistency.
  2. Lay your hair out flat on top of the plastic bags.
  3. Apply bleach to the hair in horizontal sections with the applicator brush.  START FROM THE BOTTOM and work your way up to where you want the ombre to begin.  Make sure you bleach every strand and turn the hair over and bleach the back of the strands as well.
  4. Wait until the hair lightens to a blonde color and then rinse all the bleach off.
  5. Shampoo the hair with color safe shampoo then condition it with a moisturizing conditioner that is for color treated hair.
  6. Then but your red hair dye in the mixing bowl and begin to apply it to the hair starting from above the beginning of the ombre effect and working your way down towards the ends.  Stop before you reach the tips of the hair.   It is not necessary to blow dry the hair before completing this step.
  7. Let the hair dye sit for the recommended time for the shade you desire.
  8. Rinse out the hair dye and then apply the moisturizing conditioner only.
  9. Let the hair dry and then add a moisturizer and a light oil such as Argon oil.
  10. And then you’re finished!  Style as desired.


photo (36)Your fire ombre can be subtle or bold and noticeable.  It all depends on how long you allow the bleach and dye to process.  The ombre can only cover your ends or it can start at the crown.  The possibilities are endless.  Make sure you give yourself enough time to complete this process.  Rushing can lead to a bad mistake.  Also, YouTube is your friend if you require a visual aid.  I recommend MrsGlass2007’s tutorial video.  You will find the link below.  Remember, don’t rush and GOOD LUCK!


Brandi Giles Editor, Health & Beauty


Thanksgiving Do’s & Don’ts

Thanksgiving is well on its way!  If you are a health conscious person or have been consistently watching your weight the entire year, you know the temptation is always real this time of year.  You shouldn’t be afraid to enjoy the holidays!  Eat and be merry, and keep these tips in mind as we enter the holiday season.  It’s very possible to enjoy holiday feasts while practicing moderation!


Exercise more.  During the holidays you will consume many extra calories than normal.  Therefore you will need to exercise more to burn those extra calories.  In the days leading up to a huge meal, exercise a little longer than normal.  On the day of your dinner, make time to take a walk before dinner time and once again after instead of succumbing to ‘the itis.’  Bring a friend or family member so it doesn’t seem like work.

Eat breakfast.  Do not skip breakfast the day of a holiday meal.  Eat a small breakfast that will satisfy you with protein and fiber included.  Eating breakfast will help to curb your appetite when it comes time to make your plate.  You will be more selective when choosing your food and beverages.

Watch your ingredients when cooking.  Make your holiday dishes healthier with less fat, sugar and calories.  Use fat free chicken broth, sugar substitutes and reduce oil and butter whenever possible.

Watch your portions.  It’s very important to resist overeating.  Don’t waste calories on foods that you eat regularly all day long.  Instead, choose foods that you only get to enjoy on the holidays.  Resist the urge to get seconds, instead just make a plate and save it for the next day.  Try to stick to white turkey meat, mashed potatoes, pumpkin pie and vegetables.

During the holidays make sure to also watch your alcohol intake, as the calories in alcohol can add up quickly.  Make it a goal to maintain your weight rather than lose weight.  And finally shift the focus from your meal to just enjoying the social time with family and friends.



Brandi Giles Editor, Health & Beauty

The REAL Cuffing Season

Well it is officially that time of year. The time of year where you’re tested the most academically.  You need a jacket, scarf, and boots to go outside to make that treacherous walk to class. The weather is one of the first things you think of when you wake up for the day. You pull out your phone and automatically click the weather app: cloudy, slight drizzle, high of 50 degrees. The thought of it is enough to keep you in bed snuggled under your covers for the entire day. And if it isn’t, you remembering that Timmy made it official with Dominique, Patrick and Rebecca finally got together, and Bill and Natasha are still going three years strong but you’re still single as a dollar is. Yes, it’s officially “cuffing season” and no matter how you attempt to dispel the thought of a time period when people are required to couple off because of the temperature dropping as being illogical and utterly insane, you can’t help but notice the changes in the environment.

As your alarm goes off at 9:45 am for your 11:00 am class these are the first thoughts to come to your head as you try to rationalize your decision to yourself for not going to class, “He puts the PowerPoint online anyway,” “I’ll just read the chapter for this section,” or “I did well on the last test.” Well you all, I am here to act as the voice of reason. This is not the time to slack off in classes. Finals are in about two weeks and your teachers are going over information that is too important to miss because of miniscule issues such as the weather and being lonely. Just understand that you are not alone in how you feel, majority of your peers go through the same thoughts, worries, and concerns. Be strong enough to fight past the negativity and continue to live your life and set out to accomplish the goals you assign to yourself without allowing any interference from non-essential factors.

Just remember, the semester is almost over and you will be home by mid-December. During the break you can feel free to hibernate in your bed until January, until then GET OUT OF BED!

Jordyn Jones, Staff Writing

Cover Your Head

I know this seems very simple and probably one of the least thought out articles ever. Although, its one of those things that is over looked and just passed over. The ever changing weather makes it a little difficult to pick out outfits and most times, you’ll end up changing because weather permits itself. But, there is one thing, one accessory, that every girl should have. Something that is good for windy days, bad hair days, or when you just need a cute accessory to top off your almost completed outfit. I’m talking about hats. And yes there are “girl” hats and “guy” hats. Some hats are made for the spring, others for the winter, really depends on you! Hats are normally used an scapegoat for bad hair days (and we have all had them), they make you look like you tried without really trying. And sometimes the wind, just isn’t our friend and the hair must be tamed. And other times, is when the outfit just needs one last touch and no amount of jewelry will do.

Hats Options:

  • Beanies
  • Berets
  • Winter Hats
  • Slouchy Beanie/ Hats

And that just names a few..nowadays in this generation certain hats aren’t worn as often as they were back in their hay-day. But, they do always say,what was once old, will become new again. (except for shoulder pads..those should stay buried.)


Women’s-straight-up-tall-beanies-2013-2014-13 Women’s-straight-up-tall-beanies-2013-2014-3

featured-crochet-beanie-cap-winter-620x400 8b15b4c6c1a953d1d3652e06ffd219b6

❤ Allie Mitchell









“Make New Friends, But Keep The Old…”

friendsRemember that saying, “Make new friends, but keep the old. One is silver and the other is gold?” Always keep that quote in mind while away at school. A lot of college students get wrapped up in making friends with their new peers on campus (which is important), but forget about their friends from back home. Here are a few tips on how to stay in contact with old friends while trying to develop your connections at school.

1.     Set up FaceTime/Skype dates

Technology is going to be your best tool when trying to stay in contact with friends. Setting up a time to video chat at least once a month makes for a great “face-to-face” interaction and time to converse.

2.     Stay up-to-date with social media

Be sure to connect with all of your friends from home on social media. Staying up to date with status changes, posts, etc. will keep you in the loop with what is going on with your friends, which will make for good conversation topics.

3.     Create a group message between your closest friends

The easiest way to stay in contact with friends is by using something you always have with you – your phone. Applications like GroupMe allow for multiple friends to participate in a common group message. The app also lets friends exchange multimedia within the privacy of their friend group.

4.     Plan gatherings during school breaks

If your schedule is “too busy” to work the above ideas in to your schedule, plan an event for all of your friends to attend once everyone returns home for school breaks. This is a way for everyone to catch up in a central location, and have a great time before returning back to school.

Cassidy Stratton, Staff Writer

All Virgin Hair Boutique Malaysian Curly: Initial Review

It’s that time of year again! Time for a new hair review!

photo (33) Straight and wavy hair is nice sometimes but I was really starting to get tired of blending my leave out with hair that looked nothing like mines.  This is why I decided to make the switch to curly hair.  I decided to make my purchase from All Virgin Hair Boutique—the same place I purchased my Malaysian straight hair last spring. (This hair is still going strong by the way.)  Now, let’s talk about the hair.


20,18,16 inches

Malaysian Curly

Customer Service:  I purchased my hair from the store in Smyrna.  Service was quick and friendly.  The staff was knowledgeable.

Shedding: Considering this hair is curly and requires a lot of combing every night, this hair doesn’t shed a lot at all.  It only sheds a few strands while I comb or brush through it at night!  I did not seal the wefts.

Tangling: This is curly hair so it will tangle a little from time to time.  It’s winter time so my wool scarfs don’t really help the situation.  I comb through the hair every morning and night, so the tangling is minimal.

Luster: This is what I love the most about this hair.  The luster is medium-low.  The hair looks like healthy human hair, and it isn’t shiny.  It looks so natural—like real hair growing out of my scalp.

Grey Hairs or Other Strange Things: Nothing out of the ordinary so far.

Blending: This hair blends well with any type of hair.  It doesn’t matter if you’re natural or

photo (35)relaxed.  To blend your hair with the curls just use some gel and conditioner and leave your hair in twists overnight.

Ends: Healthy & moisturized.  I also bleached and dyed the ends red.  So the hair takes color well.

Maintenance: Do not buy this hair if you do not have the patience to maintain it.  As I said earlier I have to spray it down with water and conditioner every morning and night.  I also co wash frequently and I braid it up at night.  It’s low maintenance in the sense that you don’t have to style it in the morning but it’s high maintenance in the sense that you have to add a few steps in your daily routine. 

Products: I’m still waiting to find a better product selection for this hair.  All Virgin Hair Boutique recommends the Organix and Mixed Chicks product lines but, I’m a college student on a budget.  Therefore, I’m looking for a more affordable alternative.

Overall Thoughts: I love this hair.  I’m a little worried about how long the curl pattern will last, but hopefully when I find the right products the curls will look better.  I’m pretty sure curly hair will be my new texture to wear and hopefully I’ll be able to get a lace closure soon so my hair will be fully protected.  All Virgin Hair Boutique has satisfied me once again.

Brandi Giles Editor, Health & Beauty


While in college, sometimes it is hard to stay motivated. The year has started and you are beginning to feel the rising tensions as midterms are around the corner. Classes that you once found interesting may now seem boring.
It is quite normal for college students to experience frequent stress. Sometimes you are under so much pressure to succeed that you feel like throwing in the towel. Whenever you feel like this you should remember to stay self motivated. You must constantly remind yourself why you are attending college and your ultimate goal in the end.
motivation mbNever put more on yourself than you can bare. It is okay to set goals, but make sure the goals that you are setting are obtainable. Anything is possible, but you must be aware of your limits. You should also remember to surround yourself with positive and self motivated people. In order to remain motivated you must have self confidence and know that you can accomplish anything that you put your mind to, no matter the circumstances. No one can truly motivate you, but yourself.
Moe Denise, Staff Writer