No Friend Left Behind…

In life, especially in college, you will notice that your circle of friends begins to experience changes. Friends that you may have had before college may not be in the picture anymore. You may have kept some of the same friends and just added new ones. Either way, as people begin to change so does the company they keep.

While you are in college, you may start to feel that you are maturing faster than others. Sometimes these others include the people that you are close to. Think about this. It is freshman year. You and your friends are at every party and are in a rebellious stage in your life where anything goes. You have made some mistakes freshman year, so sophomore year you want to improve the way you live your life. You may now be focused on your studies, getting involved on campus, and working on networking with others that have chosen the same path as you. While you are moving forward, you may have that one friend (or maybe a couple) who is stuck in the same spot that you all were in before. You think to yourself, “If I have learned from my mistakes and have made changes in order to have a better college experience, why hasn’t my friend(s) taken this same step?”

It is simple. Everyone lives life at a different pace than others. Everyone learns from their mistakes at a different pace than others. Then, you have people who just simply do not care as much as you do. You may think that just because a person is your “friend,” you both are supposed to go through life on similar paths. However, that is not always the case.
Here is the challenge. Do you remain friends with this person or do you and your friend(s) go your separate ways? It is a lot to think about especially when you have grown so close to a person. The fact is, sometimes you just OUTGROW a person. If you are traveling on a path of progression, then having someone around that is not on that same path will only hinder you in the long run. Either their ways can rub off on you or you will find yourself stressing because you want your friend to have the same opportunities as you. Another thing to think about is how you being associated with this person affects YOU. If this person continues to live a certain way, they will eventually gain a reputation on campus. You have to ask yourself, “Do I want to be known as a party animal or an irresponsible college student just because those are the characteristics of my friend(s)?” If the answer is no, then maybe distancing yourself is best in order to save your reputation. The saying, “Birds of a feather flock together” is very relevant in college.

At the end of the day, who we are friends with is left up to us. If you have a friend that is in a bad spot in their life, maybe you have been put in their life to help them. However, others are just not meant to be in our lives. It is up to you to decipher between the two. Once you have done this, you can then make a decision on who is worth keeping in your life and who is meant to be left behind.

Michaela C., Editor of College Life

Vieno James: Upcoming Rap Prodigy


Over the break, I sat down with a new Atlanta artist who goes by the name of Vieno James. Although he is just a senior in high school, his potential and skills are already stirring up conversations about his work.

EEM: How did you choose your artist name?

James: My actual name is Alvieno James Stinson. I think Vieno James sounds poetic, and cut throat at the same time. Plus, I get to use my actual name. I like staying true to myself. Vieno is me, but more aggressive. He’s the one under the golden mask. Al-vieno is more of a passive person that enjoys martial arts, history, art, poetry, and paints.

EEM: What is the genre of your music?

James: Hmmm, I’d say that it sounds like Free Gold Status. I think focusing on myself, and not worrying about comparisons or fitting into a category of sound lets me be more fluid, and artistic with my work. I just do what sounds appealing to me; I make music that I enjoy.

EEM:  What are you hoping to accomplish as an artist?

James: I want to be part of the new paradigm shift of visual art and music. I want to empower people through my music. Hearing fans in the stands would be beautiful. I want people to take what I say, and apply it to their lives. I believe that everyone has ability to work to the best of their abilities. The natural understanding to understand knowledge should be embedded into all of our minds. I want people to get up off their asses and focus on creating new ways to advance the human race. I want to have a stable source of income. And I want to have fun being me.

EEM: Do you have a mixtape out?

James: Yes I do! My album is called Fractal Images. Check it out on SoundCloud or Datpiff. It’s not really a concept album, but everything flows together like one. It’s a bunch of visions into my life, my thoughts, and my plans for the future. I suggest that anyone that listens to it should go back, and try to interpret the lyrics, and songs as a whole. It’s a bit poetic and artistic, but at the same time I’m coming with a sick flow, and kill the tracks. It’s me as a whole.

At the beginning of the album I say “Vi Veri Veniversum Vivus Vici” which means “By The Power OF Truth, I While Living Have Conquered the Universe”. That truth would be the understanding of oneself others around you, and the divine. As humans we’ve been gifted with the ability to understand, and interpret knowledge. I think since we have that ability we should use it to progress. So go out and understand yourself, understand how to love, understand how to work harder, understand your skills, understand your emotions, understand your connection with your God(The Great Understanding Being), Know your purpose and go out and get it.
EEM: What is your inspiration?
James:  I stay on my grind for my grandfather, and my father.  They both were incredibly smart, charismatic, and both had their chance at making it in the world of entertainment, but they made some bad decisions, and didn’t get their original goals completed. I’m third in line, and I’m not going to lose to the world.
To check out Vieno James Twitter <—click there.
His mixtape is currently on Datpiff<—-click there.
& you can listen via   SoundCloud<—-click there.
Interview Conducted by Dreu Davis, Editor of Pop Culture

Lace Closures 101

More and more women are deciding to invest in lace closures instead of using the traditional method of leaving hair out in the front.  Lace closures are hair pieces with hair tied to a piece of lace.  When installed, they allow women to wear full sew-ins while still being able to wear a part.  Lace closures, however are tricky business.  A lot of people want to try lace closures but are worried how they would look.  If you can’t afford to get a professional to install it, you could do it yourself after doing your own research.  Here’s how I install my lace closures.

photo 1

First, I lay the closure over my braids and line it up with my hairline.  This way I know how much of the extra lace I need to cut off.  Then I use hair clips to pin the lace closure in place before I sew it down.

Next, I cut off the extra lace, careful not to cut too close to the hair line.  Then I tease some of my own baby hairs and push them just in front of the lace closure.  Then I proceed to sew my closure to the braids.

Make sure you sew the closure down tight and flat.  If it’s loose it won’t look right.  Always check and make sure the closure isn’t twisting out of place while you are sewing it down.

Finally I make finishing touches that help the closure blend better.  First I color the front lace near the hairline with black eyeliner.  Then I apply foundation or concealer to the lace in the parting.  I then bring it down past the lace and blend right at my hairline.  Then I use edge control to ‘part’ my baby hairs.  This extends the part from the closure to your own hairline.

If the closure is brand new I wet set the closure and pin the hair down divided by the parting tightly so it will lay flat. photo 2

It took a lot of research and a lot of YouTube videos before I felt comfortable installing my own lace closure for the first time.  I recommend watching many YouTube tutorials before installing a closure by yourself.  Good luck!

Brandi Giles

Editor, Health & Beauty

Is it worth it?

I recently got a heart breaking email from a girl who says she is in an abusive relationship. I would like to remind all the ladies out there that you are worth more. Here is the email, remember names are changed to protect writers identity.


I have been with my boyfriend now for 2 years and he has recently started beating me. he come home drunk and just isn’t himself. I have had to lie to police about bruises. he is always sorry afterward and when he is not drunk he is fine. it is tearing me apart. do i hold on and fight or do i leave?


First of all sara i would attempt to talk to him when he is sober. if he truly is sorry about his actions he may listen. I Would highly recommend that your boyfriend stops drinking. If he is unable to do so the problem may continue. Perhaps you could consider couples counseling?  if he is unwilling to try these options ( or any that you think you may prefer) then it is not worth continuing to get hurt. whether he is drunk or not, what your boyfriend is doing is not okay.

I really hope you both can get some help. feel free to send further emails if you would like further support. xo

If anyone else would like advice on any matter email me at

stay strong.

Everything Exclusive Magazine: 2013 in Review!

Again, Happy New Year, Readers! Check out our stats for 2013. Thank you all so much for your undying support! 🙂

Here’s an excerpt:

The concert hall at the Sydney Opera House holds 2,700 people. This blog was viewed about 40,000 times in 2013. If it were a concert at Sydney Opera House, it would take about 15 sold-out performances for that many people to see it.

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