Choosing a Hairstylist

Stylist-ClientSo you’ve moved to a new area, or grew tired of that hairstylist that just wasn’t working out.  Somehow, some way, you’ve found yourself searching for a new regular hairstylist.  Choosing a new hairstylist is a very important decision that shouldn’t be rushed.  You need to be able to trust your hairstylist.  They should be knowledgeable but they should also be open to hear your concerns.  Any hairstylist that doesn’t listen is not a good hairstylist.  Here are a few ways to find a good hairstylist.

Word of mouth is probably the most solid way to go.  There is a reason why so many stylists offer referral discounts; because they know the power of a strong referral.  If you have a friend or coworker whose hair always looks nice, ask them who does it.  If you’re looking for a stylist who specializes in a specific service, ask around.  Asking around for a hairstylist is the best way to get an unbiased opinion.

Social media is also a great way to find a stylist.  Many hair stylists have Instagram pages that are dedicated solely to showcasing their work.  Facebook helps many people connect with businesses and services, and hairstylists aren’t an exception.  If people like their hair they will most likely post a photo of it.  They may even tag the stylist in the photo.

Reviews are also a helpful resource.  Many online sites such as Yelp and Google+ have reviews from people who have used the service.  By looking for salons and reading reviews, you may find a stylist.  Often people will mention who did their hair and what they thought of the services performed.  One thing to keep in mind is that reviews tend to be either extremely good or extremely bad.  People don’t usually write reviews if they had an okay, usual experience.  People take time to write reviews when they feel strongly about something; if they have an excellent experience with the stylist or a horrible experience.  This can be good or bad, depending on how you look at it.

All in all, remember to take your time and talk to people.  Go with your gut and don’t settle.  Settling is the fastest way to end up searching for yet another hairstylist.

Brandi Giles

Editor, Health & Beauty

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No Limits

In today’s society, there are more students emerging into the world of politics. There are a number of students who have the hope to become a governor, a senator, or even the next Barack Obama. With the world of politics becoming so much more diverse, one would notice that there are now politicians that are not only from different backgrounds, but also of ALL ages. We are so familiar with older politicians that we tend to forget how eager our young adults are to make a difference in the world.

The Georgia State University Student Government Association Candidates

So, where do you start? A rising number of college students are becoming more involved in government related organizations. The most well-known government organization is the Student Government Association. This organization, along with a few others, is found at the majority of all colleges and universities. Other students are able to find many internships in the field of politics and government. Students intern at their state’s capitol, in government offices, on campaign teams, etc. There are many opportunities for students to shadow those who are in this profession. You will also find that students work to improve their political skills by joining debate teams, attending public speaking classes, and are involved in other organizations where they choose to run for a position.

With all of these chances for a student to develop in a politician, one should not be surprised at the number of young adult politicians in society. Never underestimate a young student government officer just because of their age and experience level. You may be looking at the future President of the United States of America.


Michaela C., Editor of College Life

Looking for a new favorite artist?

Well, I got a good one for you.

Her name is SZA and I only heard about just a couple of months ago, but she’s been on the scene since 2012. I don’t know if you guys remember that girl sitting in the back during Kendrick Lamar’s team cypher during the most current BET awards, but this is her.

Although she didn’t show us her skills then (for reasons unknown), I’ve found her voice to be very alluring and calming. She is a diverse artist compared to the rest of her crew. Her music isn’t as gritty and hard as her fellow male counterparts, but the beats she uses remind me of who she is affiliated with which makes her a really nice contrast from what I’m usually listening to from R&B female artist. My personal favorite song is titled “Teen Spirit”. Click here to listen.

She has a new song coming out to get us ready for her upcoming album entitled “TDE in the form of Z”. That title alone should give you a brief understanding of how you will not know what to expect from her. To listen to her new song with buddy, Chance the Rapper, click here.

All in all, this girl has beauty, brains, and talent. In the entertainment industry, that’s referred to as a triple threat, so look out!

A Slow Spring

This may seem super early and very oddly placed, considering the weather, but the fact that the first day of spring was a couple of days ago, I am going to write something spring meaningful. Such as a spring swimsuit article. Because usually when its cold is when all thesev-under-45-swim-1-mdn swimsuits come out in all the stores. It is also when models have to model particular swimsuits in the freezing cold, so be lucky you aren’t them. (well they are models so they are a bit lucky.)sev-under-45-swim-10-mdn



First off…everyone should know there are two piece and one piece bathing suits.

-pick a color that suits you. think about the shade, the design of the

-spesev-under-45-swim-4-mdnaking of design, consider your body type when deciding. It makes a difference. Trust me.

-be comfortable. Don’t pick a suit because a boy will like it or your friends pressured you into paying money for something you don’t even like. I mean who enjoys wasting money. Come on, really?

–make sure to grab necessary items to go with your suit (shoes, beach bag, glasses, sun screen, etc)

Allie Mitchell ❤

What Happens Here, Stays Here…Maybe.

“What happens here stays here” was the number one line used by college students this past week due to a week long time period where it is perfectly acceptable for a person to lose their morals, and dignity all in the name of “turning up” entitled Spring Break. Spring Break is meant to be a time where students can take a moderate break from the chaos of life. However, Spring Break has taken a turn for the worst. College students use Spring Break as a time to indulge in binge drinking and illegal substances. Making bad decisions regarding sexual conquests is not frowned upon at all; in fact it is encouraged. Relationships are put on halt all so that both parties can have “fun” during their time apart. What are we as a generation when we tolerate and boost this type of behavior?

Spring Break is literally a week of utter chaos. It is not okay to think that just because you are on vacation none of the rules of life apply to you. The threats and worries that we care about on a day to day basis still exist, no matter what beach or island we are currently on. Alcohol poisoning and underage drinking are huge concerns during this week. Many forget that police enforcements are aware of Spring Break dates and activities, and are taking every possible precaution to continue keeping their cities safe. Spring Break is not an excuse to be careless and forget that one mistake could possibly cost you your future.


Another key issue during Spring Break is sex. From unprotected one night stands to public indecency to extramarital affairs, sex is a major issue during this week. The transmission of sexually transmitted diseases is extremely high during Spring Break because everyone has the “It could never happen to me” complex. Girls expose themselves on the beach to almost anyone who is willing to give them attention, completely unaware that in the day and age of technology the entire world is witnessing their indecency. And relationships that could possibly result in marriage are jeopardized because people want “the full Spring Break experience.” Why is it that we group this type of behavior with fun? What exactly is the definition of turning up?
Keep in mind that everything done in the dark will come to light. Activities that happened during Spring Break have the ability to have lasting effects that will be prevalent after that week is over. Plan your trip for next year’s Spring Break with these thoughts in mind. I’m not saying that you shouldn’t use your break to have fun; but if getting extremely drunk, and making future threatening decisions is your idea of fun, then maybe you need to redefine it. Today marks where you will start tomorrow.

Jordyn Jones, Staff Writer

TCA Peels: What Are They, and Do You Need One?

peel_6If you are on YouTube just as much as I am, you will notice the latest TCA Peel craze.  Photos of people with their skin melted off then a later photo with a brand new smooth complexion are everywhere, in addition to testimonials of the amazing results.  I became intrigued, and decided to do some research.

According to, “TCA is a skin-resurfacing treatment: it removes dead skin cells, uncovering a ‘new’ layer of skin that appears smoother and more vibrant. As a result, it softens fine lines, minimizes superficial ‘age’ spots and other skin discolorations, and generally improves the tone and texture of your skin. TCA peels are also very popular for diminishing the appearance of acne scars.”  This treatment is also good for all skin tones, including darker tones.

The treatment usually takes about fifteen to thirty minutes.  What happens next is where all the shocking “skin-melting” photos are coming from.  A few days after the treatment your skin will tighten, darken and begin to crack and peel for the next four to seven days.  Then a brand new layer of skin emerges.  The new layer of skin will be very vulnerable to sunburn so patients have to diligently protect their skin with good sunscreen for numerous weeks.

While at home TCA peels are sold, they are usually lower in strength.  It is still highly recommended to have this procedure performed by a physician, especially with high strength TCA peels.  While we all have imperfections we’d like to see disappear, this treatment isn’t something you would want to do for one or two acne scars.  This is a highly corrosive chemical treatment that reaches deep into the skin layer, it should be taken seriously.  Talk to a dermatologist and discuss whether a TCA peel is right for you.

Brandi Giles

Editor, Health & Beauty




How Does A Flight Just Disappear?

Well, that’s what happened when Flight MH370 went missing. When it took off from the Malaysian airport, no one thought this might be a possible terrorist attack. I have been watching CNN, and their suspicions have been constantly changing from someone taking over the flight from the cabin or the captains commandeering the flight path themselves. No one will really knows until the flight actually turns up.

According to the pings from the flight to the satellite, the plane made a huge U-turn and didn’t go to its original destination. From there, it continued flight for another 6 hours hours, and that’s the last anyone has heard from it. Families are in distress as the word of the whereabouts of the plane keep constantly changing. Some blame the Malaysian government for withholding information originally, but everyone is always looking for someone to blame in a terrible case like this.

For more information, visit Mirror.Co, where they give you updates by the hour. Stay tuned.