Tale of A Savvy Shopper

We all have heard the term window shopping before…obviously. The term meaning simply look but don’t buy. And if any of you readers are anything like me window shopping is so emotionally heart wrenching, to watch all those potential outfit pieces go to waste in those stores and on those racks. I’m here to improve those emotions, by teaching you how to be a savvy shopper. Window shopping can turn into actual shopping, depending on of course the store, your budget, and of course the article of clothing.

One thing first, if you are honestly just going to window shop, then just do that. Deep in your soul, if you know you have NO money and don’t need to be buying anything, I highly advise against it. You will regret it later, when that one thing you really want goes on sale and you have no money cause you already spent it. Worse feeling in the world. But, it’s a whole different story when you know you have some money but you want to be able to spend it wisely.

You walk into a store and decide you like it. You try it on and notice conclude that it looks good on you and that you could wear it probably more than once with multiple outfits. But, then you make the dreaded look to the price tag and notice that its not that bad, but you may find something else on your way through the store, mall..wherever you are. So what do you do with this article of clothing that you like so much…well…you put it in the store where no one else could find it. I know! I know! That sounds terrible. But calm down, its not a foreign thing to do.

So, you move on to the next store. And you also see something you like, keeping in mind your budget. Once again, you try it on and notice the price tag. It’s about the same as the other thing you tried on. But, then you think to yourself, which one could i wear more often, could i wear them together, do I have something like this at home?…decisions, decisions. So…what do you do? You hide that one as well.

Lastly, you move onto to one last store. Do the same as before, but notice this clothing is way lower in price than the rest. Most people would just buy the cheapest and leave. Thinking you will have more money in your pocket in the end. Which of course is true. But, out of everything going through your head you have to think of one thing. Do you just like this piece of clothing now cause its cheap or because you actually like it. Then your mind begins to drift to those other two pieces still sitting in their hiding places.

Now you start to think about whether or not you can afford both of them.

Then you start to pray that neither one was discovered by another shopper and bought.

You make your final decision to purchase the current item..then you make haste back to the very first store, remembering all the reasons why you liked it in the first place. So you a make your way over to your hiding place, take a sigh of relief when its still there and shove that piece towards the cashier. Reviling in your wonderful purchases.

Happy that you made a great buying choice. Happy that you still have a decent bit of money left. And also happy that you were able to be a savvy shopper and be what I like to call a shopping ninja. The more you do it. The better you will be at it.

Also, don’t forget to eat in between shopping. Hydrate. HAHA.

Allie Mitchell ❤

Stress of Financial Aid!!

financial aid


Whether your an incoming or continuing student, I guarantee some of you are dealing with this. The stress of having to be put on hold by the financial aid department of your school or them simply just not answering your calls or emails makes you want to pull your hair out. The fact that it already cost so much to go to college puts a lot of strain on us. Also, the fact that you have to meet different deadlines contributes to the stress of it all. We say to ourselves this is the last thing we want to be worrying about because we have better things to worry about like getting through a semester first so we can enjoy a stress free summer.

The truth is we can’t enjoy that stress free summer until we know that we will be enrolled for school the next upcoming semester & financial aid is completed.

Although the stress of financial aid may give us a headache sometimes we need to realize that the financial aid department has thousands of other students to attend to as well. Maybe a good idea would be to get your FASFA done way in advance, then when different deadlines come it wont be as stressful. Usually at the end its only one or two things that need to be verified.

J’quan Freeman, Staff Writer

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Summer Fling Fashion

Well here it is..summertime. The time of the year everybody agonizingly waits for.  The beach, the sun, for some summer school, and for many girls out there it is a time to attain a summer fling. Unfortunately, with a summer fling comes trying to figure out your closet. You got your beach body ready for those swimsuits, but now is the time to get your body into something a little more date appropriate; yet summer appropriate. It’s time to bring out the summer dresses and high-waisted shorts.

Certain summer dresses are made for certain body types. I mean if you are going to wear a dress, you might as well look hot while wearing it. Some girls look better in halters, whereas others look best strapless. Or some look good in skinny strap dresses and others look good in off the shoulder. Going on a date to the beach, going to dinner, or just taking a stroll in a park can surely show off your very cute summer look. Of course summer dresses have always been in style, but have you taken a second look at high-waisted shorts. On the other hand, these shorts are not for everyone.

Almost everything in the fashion world depends on your body type. Would you want to buy high-waisted shorts and bend down on a date and there you are “mooning” your date. That makes for a wonderful first impression doesn’t it? Make sure to always check every little nook and cranny before you purchase a pair, just to make sure you don’t have a little mishap. 😉

Just a little idea. A good first date summer look: a tank top (slight design), high-waisted shorts, an open button down denim shirt (thin fabric, i mean its summer), a long chain necklace (give it that pop), and some comfortable sandals (make sure they aren’t to flashy, unless they are your focal point). Your welcome

Allie Mitchell ❤

Summer-Friendly Makeup Tips

111downloadSummer is upon us and depending on where you live you’ve already experienced a few unbearably hot days.  It’s going to be a hot summer and if you like to wear makeup you’re faced with a crucial challenge; how to prevent the dreaded “Melted Makeup Face.”  Here are some tips to help prevent your makeup from melting into your smoothies this summer.

  1. Use primer.  A lot of people don’t use primer before applying foundation and this step is crucial to keeping foundation in its place.  Use an oil-free primer and apply it to moisturized skin before applying foundation.
  2. Switch from foundation to a BB Crème.  I get it, you want full coverage.  However, a full face of foundation on a 90 degree day in July is asking for trouble.  BB crèmes are much lighter and most even double as sunscreen.  Hide trouble areas with a dense, cream concealer.
  3. If you must use foundation, use a damp makeup sponge to apply it.  Apply it very lightly and use short strokes.  The less you put on the less there is to slide off.
  4. Use a makeup setting spray.  After you have applied all of your makeup, use the spray to give your makeup a finishing touch and to keep everything in place.  I recommend Mac Cosmetics Fix+.
  5. Use smudge-proof product when filling in eyebrows.  Melting eyebrows has to be the worst case scenario of the summer.   I recommend using Anastasia Dipbrow Pomade to fill in brows.  Its highly pigmented and a little goes a long way.  Also it doesn’t smudge at all.
  6. Use creamy eye shadows.  If you must wear eye shadow, use cream products instead of powder.  Powder and sweat do not mix well.
  7. Use liquid liner only.  Liquid liner, as opposed to a pencil or cream, won’t budge no matter how much you sweat.
  8. Dust your face with a translucent powder to reduce shine.  Because it doesn’t have a color it won’t pose a problem in the heat.  Use a light hand when applying.
  9. Carry wet wipes or oil blotting sheets with you throughout the day.  This way you can refresh and blot away problem areas with ease.
  10. Less is more.  This has always been a good rule of thumb when applying makeup but during the summer this rule is LAW.  The key to preventing a melting face is not applying too much makeup.


Brandi Giles

Editor, Health & Beauty

The Stress Factor

As a college student, stress is bound to occur. As a human being, STRESS IS BOUND TO OCCUR. We always see articles and blogs on how to prevent stress, but do you know what you are actually preventing? Stress is more than just an emotion that is felt when you are under pressure about a certain situation. Stress alone can cause so many other issues that we fail to acknowledge. These issues can diminish your health and your well-being. It is time to take stress-prevention seriously.

Let’s say that the end of the year is approaching and you have finals coming up. You are under pressure to have excellent grades at the end of the semester. Your family is also dealing with several conflicts that is taking a toll on you. On top of that, your roommate situation is only getting worse. You feel like EVERYTHING is coming at you at once and it is too much to bear. This is a normal scenario for any college student; however, this is a type of situation that can cause a student to have a severely high stress level. Little do most students know, this leads to other health issues. High blood pressure, headaches, heart problems, and depression are just a few. Some abnormal results of stress include: diabetes, arthritis, and even skin problems. Stress can also lead to emotional disorder for a lifetime.

This information is not meant to frighten you, but to make sure that you are informed about the seriousness of stress. A little anxiety and stress is normal when a hectic or emotional circumstance occurs. However, you should not let this feeling be continuous. Long-term stress can lead to other factors that can affect you for a lifetime. As a college student, it is important to maintain good health. An important step to managing your health throughout college, as well as life, is to keep your stress level very low. You will find that using different stress management techniques will not only improve how you feel emotionally, but it will also make a major difference in regards to your health. Your health comes first!

Michaela C., Editor of College Life


Grab Hold of Spider Man’s Web!

If you haven’t checked out the latest box office hit, The Amazing Spider Man 2, than you’re seriously missing out. This two hour and twenty two minute action packed film is sincerely the best Spider Man movie made today. The director, Marc Webb (no pun intended), brings Peter Parker back as a continuation from the original The Amazing Spider Man. Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone, who are actually a real life couple, bring us the romance of Peter and Gwen who’s love is conflicted because of his superhero ability. I won’t say much more about the film because spoilers aren’t fun, but if you haven’t seen this movie, GO SEE IT!

If you don’t like it, I’ll refund you the ten bucks myself 😉

Check out the trailer here