DIY Halloween Treats

Pumpkin Cake Pops



    cake mix (any flavor)

    1 can frosting (any flavor)

    orange candy coating

    1 bag of lollipop sticks

    chocolate chips

     9×13 baking pan


  1. Pour the cake mix into a bowl and pour in the ingredients.
  2. Follow the instructions for baking the cake and then put it in the freezer to cool for about 30 minutes.
  3. Once the cake has cooled crumble it into little pieces and place them in a large bowl.
  4. Add 2/3 of the frosting and mix it all together. It should be evenly moistened.
  5. Use an ice cream scooper to roll the cake into little balls.
  6. Flatten one side a little so they get a pumpkin shape.
  7. Place them on wax paper inside the baking sheet.
  8. Freeze them for about an hour or until firm.
  9. Melt the candy coating in the microwave and remove the cake balls from the freezer.
  10. Place each pumpkin on a lollipop stick and dip into the candy coating. Dip until the stick has coating on it to               make sure the stick is secure.
  11. Place each pumpkin back on the baking sheet with the stick facing up.
  12. Once the coating hardens, melt the chocolate chips and pour it into a bag. Cut off a corner of the bag and                    use it to draw the eyes, nose, and mouth of the pumpkin.
  13. Store them in the refrigerator in an air tight container.

Homemade Candy Corn


                1 1/4 cups powdered sugar

                1/3 cup corn syrup

                7 teaspoons non fat dry milk

                1 cup granulated sugar

                2 tablespoons water

                5 drops of vanilla extract

                                                                       3 drops of orange and yellow food coloring


  1. Mix the powdered sugar and dry milk until it has no lumps.
  2. Combine the granulated sugar, corn syrup, and water into a pot and place on the stove at 230 F for about 4                    minutes.
  3. Remove from the heat and mix with the powdered sugar and dry milk.
  4. Add the vanilla extract and mix.
  5. Pour into the sheet pan and place in the freezer to cool.
  6. When cool, take out of the freezer separate into 3 chunks. Leave one white and put 3 drops of yellow food               coloring into one and 3 drops of orange into the other.
  7. Kneed the dough until evenly spread out.
  8. Roll each color into a rope. Line each rope up into the traditional color.
  9. Use a knife and cut into even triangles. After cut, place onto the wax paper let dry for about 2 hours.    

 White Chocolate Ghosts


    Large package of white chocolate chips 1a52f2845f61134e62e051e62c3a6182

    Pretzel rods

    Mini chocolate chips


  1. Line a baking sheet with aluminum foil.
  2. Cut the prevails in half and place them spaced out on the sheet.
  3. Melt the white chocolate in the microwave until melted. Stir after every 30 seconds.
  4. Drop a blob of chocolate onto the pretzel rod, creating the body of the ghost.
  5. Press the mini chocolate chips into where the eyes.
  6. Set them in the fridge for 30 minutes to set it. Store in an airtight container.


Dear White People: College Perspectives on Race

America has had quite the history from slavery to Jim Crow laws, but we’ve come a long way since these predicaments. People have become more benevolent, respectable and kind right? Not quite in particular. In the film  Dear White People released two weeks ago, it depicts a College University and the racial tension that presides there.

The film depicts African American students at an Ivy League school that have their own organization/ club at Winchester University. The main character Samantha White is half African American half White and manages to cause an uproar at the school for her radio show talking about white people with lines such as “you’ll have to get at least two black friends to avoid yourself from looking racist”. In addition, the movie also gets to the bottom of a controversial party that one of the students throws that mocks other racial groups.

Despite the underlying messages and sensitivity topic, the film is introduced in a satirical way that still addresses the issues but in a way that’s easy to follow, clear and concise, and witty.

Fashion Trend Alert : OVERALLS

One of the hottest fashion trends of late summer and early fall has been the return of overalls. Overalls were originally made for farmers and mechanics. In the early 80’s girls began wearing them as a fashion statement. They’re extremely easy to pair with anything! In the 90’s they began cropping the original overalls to the shorts. This style however didn’t really catch on and the trend faded out.

As many old trends this one came back in the summer. It was an easy look or just about anything. You could dress it up with a pair of heels or dress it down. Many celebrities have followed this trend as seen here in this picture of Rhianna.


This is personally one of my favorite trends just because of how easy and laid back it is. It is very versatile and can also look very grunge with the right pieces. tough-girl-fall-fashion-lehappy



The cropped version of these, although not popular back then, have been seen numerous times by different celebrities. This look was very popular this summer, typically with a crop top underneath.


This has also easily transitioned into fall and can be worn even with a blazer as shown here.

blazer with overall

Typically this style can be worn by anyone. They’re also a great alternative to the normal denim look. Overalls can usually be found almost anywhere. My favorite stores are probably h&m and also forever 21.


The Race Card: Being A Person of Color In America

In light of  Milton Hall, a 49 year old homeless man being shot 46 times to death by the police today, I’m going to share with you all my internship essay. They asked me to describe a setting where I had to come into contact with another background or culture so, since I live in America, I chose to write about white people. Here is my response:

A setting where I had to interact with people whose background differ from mine was when I was enrolled into an all white private, christian school from the seventh to eighth grade. I was coming from a predominately black public school so I was extremely culture shocked. Not only was I the only person of color in the middle school program, but I was also seventh day adventist. Fortunately, the students were really and truly christians because they accepted me as there own, but there was always that underlying factor of racism that “accidentally” slipped into our conversations. I can even remember one time I was in history class and we were on the topic of slavery. My teacher, who was a very old white baptist pastor, asked me if my parents had ever encountered and/or struggled with the civil rights movement. He also asked if my parents were financially handicapped. Being that I was still a child, I immediately told my parents the isolation I had felt once all the attention was on me in class. I couldn’t understand why my teacher had chosen to single me out, but then I realized that for the first time, I was being stereotyped because of my color and at that point, I was no longer looked at as a human being, but as a spectacle. It was at that point that I knew I had to look at my classmates differently and realize that I was not one of them. I was black and everyone knew it. After my sudden realization, I told my parents that I wanted to be integrated back into public school where I would be surrounded by different people of color and that’s exactly what happened. I had black, hispanic, indian and white friends and I thrived in these relationships. Even though we were different, I knew we were friends because we had things in common and that little aspect gave me a lot of hope. I feel like diversity is an important part of society because if everyone was the same, the world would be boring. If diversity didn’t exist, every culture in present day, would be nonexistent. We draw inspiration from things that are different from us and it’s what makes us who we are. It’s very important to embrace the parts of others that make us uncomfortable because it’s the way we expand our life experiences and its the way people become better versions of themselves. Speaking from experience I know that life is a roller coaster and if you don’t hold on, you will fall off. If we don’t open ourselves to new experiences, new cultures, and new life, then we will have nothing to show for our legacy.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m still friends with the people I went to that christian school with, but even to this day when I see them, I get remarks about my hair, my skin and even what college I go to. Now its not directly in my face, but they will say things like, “Oh, Dreu can’t go tanning” or “I’m almost as black as you, Dreu!” They say these as if I am supposed to be proud of there tanned skin and curly hair they refer to as afros. But it also made me realize that they were looking for my approval just as much as I was looking for theirs.

Being A Person of Color in America is one of the hardest things to have to live through everyday. You are constantly being looked at as skin tone first, then stereotyped and when you don’t meet their expectations, you’re either acting white or not accepting your blackness.

I say all of this because I want white people to understand that we are trying to be nothing, but ourselves. Living in this skin is already hard enough so just try and be a little more… sensitive.

Keep the peace


Dreu Davis

My Top Ten Tips for Hair Growth..

Are you tired of stagnant hair that is dull, thin, breaking, and lifeless? Here are a few tips to help revive your hair!

  1. Deep Condition.

Deep condition! Deep condition! Deep condition! I cannot stress this enough! There are so many benefits to deep conditioning. Deep conditioning replenishes the moisture in your hair that has been lost. With that being said, it is VITAL to deep condition or to use a hair mask at least once a week to ensure the health of your hair. Using a deep conditioner does not grow your hair, but it makes your hair more moisturized. This makes your hair less susceptible to breakage which helps you to retain length.

  1. Low Manipulation/No Manipulation.

Another key element of retaining the length that you earn is to use low manipulation and no manipulation hair styles. Low manipulation hairstyles are styles such as braid-outs, twist-outs, and Bantu knots. These are styles that do not require much manipulation and it keeps you from messing with your hair and causing breakage. No manipulation hairstyles, also known as protective styles, are styles that keep your hair tucked away and unexposed to the elements of the seasons or even clothing. These are styles such as wigs, weaves, buns, braids, and twists. Protective styling decreases the amount of breakage that you might receive by avoiding all manipulation.

  1. Limit Heat.

Heat is very bad for our hair when it is used excessively. Heat draws out moisture from the hair shaft making it dry, brittle, and susceptible to breakage. Using the minimum amount of heat as possible can help you to retain length and to see the growth that you are earning. To minimize heat, try roller setting your hair instead of flat ironing. You can also try other protective styles.

  1. Styling Tools.

Use wide tooth combs. Wide tooth combs help to minimize breakage by easily detangling the hair. Try changing up your hair styles. When making a pony-tail be sure not to to use rubber bands to pull your hair back.  Instead of using rubber bands, use silk strips to make sure that your hair isn’t being pulled too tight.

  1. Be gentle.

Treat your hair like a newborn baby. The ends of your hair are the oldest part, therefore they need TLC (not the singing group lol). When you are combing and brushing your hair make sure that you are not tugging or pulling too hard at your hair because this can lead to breakage.

  1. Healthy Living.

In order to have healthy hair, you must have a healthy lifestyle. This is the only step that can actually affect the amount of growth that you receive each month. Getting the right amount of nutrients in your daily diet can help to produce stronger and healthier hair. In addition, both exercise and hydration are important.  Exercise helps to increase blood flow. This helps to stimulate the hair follicles, which could help to increase hair growth. Staying hydrated is also very important because it can help to moisturize your hair from the inside out.

  1. Check Ingredients.

Be an ingredient reader. Do research on ingredients and how they affect your hair. Try to avoid products with petroleum or mineral oil, because these products can clog hair pores and prevent growth. Also, both petroleum and mineral oil sit on top of the hair shaft which blocks moisture, preventing the hair form thriving.

  1. Trim As Needed.

This tip is pretty self-explanatory, if you do not need a trim then don’t get one. You will never be able to see growth if you are constantly cutting it off. However, you must know when to let dry and splitting hair go. Never hang on to splitting hair. Find a stylist or a friend that is knowledgeable about trimming hair to help you with the process. Only take off what is needed.

  1. Create a regimen and stick to it.

Hair loves consistency. Know what you are going to do with your hair on a weekly basis and stick to it! This can help your hair to thrive.

10. Be Patient

Patience is a virtue. You will not see overnight results. However, if you are consistent, learn your hair, do research, and find products that work for you, your hair will reach its full potential. If you seriously are tired of having limp and lifeless hair make a change to your hair lifestyle.

Are you on a hair journey? Let EEM see how your hair is doing. Use the hashtag: #EEMHealthyHair. Happy Hair Journey!

Signs Your Ex Still Loves You

Breaking up is difficult. Moving on is even harder. But what happens when weeks after your breakup your ex texts you again? Do you still feel those butterflies? He’s might tell you he misses you. I know, you want to believe them. Part of you is still holding back and that’s okay.

Sometimes he doesn’t make it this obvious he wants you back though. Boys, although they say they are, aren’t really as straight forward as they should be.

They’ll say a million things but that doesn’t mean you should always believe them. They love playing games and hate looking vulnerable. Here’s a couple ways to tell if he’s still into you:

     1. The Push/Pull: first they tell you they still wanna be friends. You guys talk every day and slowly you start letting them back in. Then all of sudden they push you away and don’t talk to you for weeks. He comes back with an excuse about why he left and pulls you closer to him again.

What it means: This means he’s still confused. He knows deep down that he still loves you but he’s too busy denying it. He comes in and out of your life because he wants you back but is still thinking about the reason you guys broke up in the first place. But remember this saying, “Indecision is a decision”. Don’t stick around and be his second option or back up plan.

     2. He hasn’t given your stuff back: if you left things at his house and he still hasn’t given them back, this is a sign. He most likely has a reason for holding on to it.

         What it means: He misses you. It’s quite simple, he feels like this would be the real end to it. He doesn’t wanna cut off everything with you completely because he still loves you.

     3. He still checks up on you: if he text’s you every once in while just to see how you are, he still cares. If he contacts your friends or family to see how you are, he still cares. Even if he looks through your social media, he still cares.

What it means: he’s still checking up on you because he wants to know, maybe if you’re seeing anyone or if you miss him. The fact that he’s checking up on you means he’s thinking about you. By this point he might have even realized he wants you back but doesn’t know how to go about it.

     4. He gets angry when you’re with other guys: if he’s texting you asking why you were hanging out with a certain person it means they’re jealous. If they bring it up and ask you who that person is, they’re jealous. Ex’s can become stalkers really quickly if they still want you back. He could be checking on your Instagram just to see who you’re hanging out with.

What it means: He’s jealous. He doesn’t want you around other guys because he doesn’t want the chance that you might fall for them. At this point he might feel like he will try to win you back. He realizes how easy it would be for someone to take you from him. This a sure-fire way to tell if he’s still into you.

     5. Drunk Texts: if you’re getting those sloppy, 2 am drunk texts he’s thinking about you. The saying “A drunk mind thinks sober thoughts” really comes into play here. It doesn’t matter if he convinces himself all day long he doesn’t like you, when he’s drunk it’s a whole different story.

         What it means: He can’t get you off his mind. His emotions are a mess because of you can he doesn’t know how to deal with it. He can deny it all day long but after that first drink his mind is focused on you. Drunk texts mean he still loves you.

Top Velvet Underground Songs

The velvet underground was a band that started in the mid 60’s.The band tested the waters of urban life in Manhattan, war, drugs and promiscuity in lyrics to songs such as “Heroin” and “Femme Fatale”, and is considered by most critics to be one of the most influential rock bands of all time. Many artists such as Patti Smith and David Bowie have modeled their music stylistically after them.

Below are a few prolific songs from the band

1.Venus in Furs

2.Sunday Morning

3.I’m Waiting for the Man