How to Get Rid of a Hickey

tumblr_mwzrv9TY971t0ketjo1_250A hickey, or “love bite,” is essentially a bruise caused by broken blood vessels under soft skin. The blood vessels are broken due to heavy sucking or biting in a particular area. Hickeys are commonly left on the neck, shoulder and chest.

Needless to say, hickeys are left during passionate make-out sessions, or more, and can last anywhere from two days to two weeks. But what if you have a job interview or you’re visiting family within the next 24 hours? Unless you want to explain what you and your mate were doing, here are five ways that you can get rid of a hickey–fast.

1.) Ice it.

If the hickey is still fresh, wrap ice cubes in a small towel and apply the towel to the affected area.

2.) Warm it.

If you decided to let the hickey heal on it’s own, but it’s not healing fast enough, run a towel under warm or hot (not boiling) water, then apply the wet towel to the affected area.

3.) Toothpaste.

Apply toothpaste on the affected area and leave it there for 20 minutes. Then, lightly, scrub the toothpaste off of your skin and immediately try Step 4.

4.) Massage it.

As stated before, hickeys are bruises. This means that the reddish-purple mark on your skin is blood clotting as your blood vessels repair themselves. Massaging the area will encourage blood flow and as the blood starts moving, the affected area will become lighter. You can use your fingers, a lipstick cap or the bottom end of a tooth brush. Be firm, but not rough; you could make the hickey look worse.

5.) Cover it up.

This might be the easiest method, really. If the hickey is on your shoulder or chest, all you have to do is put on a shirt. If you have one on your neck, buy some foundation and apply it over the affected area. If you’re not a fan of make up, use a scarf or wear a turtle neck. You could always put a bandaid over it. If you have long hair, wear it down or pull it into a low, side pony tail to cover up the affected area.

Prevention Tips:

If you’re not too fond of hickeys, be sure to let your partner know BEFORE you start kissing them.

Be mindful of how hard your partner is kissing you; if it’s getting too rough, stop them.

Even if there is no sucking, pressing your lips down really hard on soft skin (i.e. the neck) over an extended period of time can still cause a hickey to form.

If you bruise easily, take special caution. It might not take much action for you to get a mark on your skin.

If at any point you feel a “pinch” in the area you’re being kissed in, your blood vessels just broke. Stop kissing immediately, and tend to the area. You may be able to stop a hickey from appearing if you catch it fast enough.


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