Heat Tools: How are They Effecting Your Hair?

It has been said that heating/styling tools tend to cause a lot of damage to the hair shaft, but how? And if so, can this damage be prevented? What really happens to your hair when you straighten it?

Following is some general information about what heat does to your hair, and some possible preventative measures for ensuring the health of your hair while using heating tools.

Let’s Begin!

When you straighten your hair or use heat tools on your hair, it temporarily disrupts the curl pattern(s) that are created by the hydrogen bonds in your hair. So, the only way that the curl pattern will come back or revert, is when it is penetrated by water. With that being said, when heat is applied to the hair shaft at too high of a temperature (450+) it can cause permanent and irreversible damage. This then causes the hair to become dry, limp, and lifeless. This is known as heat damage.

Now that you know how heating tools can negatively affect your hair, and what heat damage is the question is: what preventative measures can we take to make sure that we don’t acquire heat damage? And the answer is quite simple.

  1. Try to Avoid Heat as Often As You Can.

Don’t use heat ALL the time. If you straighten your hair once a week try stretching it out to every two weeks. I promise, you will notice a tremendous difference in your hair. There are also many low manipulation styles and protective styles that you can try to give your hair a break.

  1. Use a Lower Temperature.

You don’t always have to straighten your hair at a crazy high temperature. As stated before, straightening your hair at too high of a temperature can cause permanent, and irreversible damage. With that being said, straightening your hair at too low of a temperature can cause damage as well, due to the fact that you will have to pass the flat iron over your hair multiple times to achieve the desired look. So your best bet is to find a happy medium temperature that agrees with your hair type. if you have thinner hair, your hair will probably require a lower temperature. This can be anywhere between 250-350 degrees. If you have thicker hair try straightening your hair with temperatures between 300-410 degrees. And always remember to NEVER, EVER, exceed 450 degrees with any heating tools.

  1. Roller set.

If you want straight and “volume-ized” hair, opt. for a roller set instead. It can give you that straight and bouncy look without using direct heat if done correctly. When roller setting make sure that your hair is thoroughly de-tangled. There are many different methods of roller setting so check out You-Tube to find out which one works best for you.

  1. Heat Protectant.

Using a heat protectant is very important this can help to block some of the damage caused by using heat. Adding a heat protectant (especially during the summer) can be beneficial to your regimen.

  1. Straight Hair Starts in the Shower.

Start by washing and condition your hair with products that smooth the hair shaft and that will help to straighten the hair.     Also, be sure to have a thorough de-tangling session to ensure that there is no breakage during the straightening process.

As you all know anything can be done with moderation. It is okay to use heat, but make sure that you are not causing damage to your hair.

Start Happy Healthy Straightening Today!


Everybody believes that a soul mate is who you’re supposed to spend the rest of your life with. In some cases that’s not true. Soul mates are painful, they show you parts of yourself that you hadn’t even noticed. The peel off another layer of you, so to speak. This is good, this is what they’re meant for, to show us who we are. But truthfully they’re too painful to live with.

People have many soul mates throughout their life and not just romantically. A soul mate is someone who understands you better than you understand yourself. They know everything about you and still love you to bits. This could be your best friend, your sister/brother, your mom, anyone.

Sometimes soul mates only stay for a little while. They bring out the best parts of you and then it’s time for them to go. They fulfilled their purpose in your life. They were a lesson. They taught you something about yourself and the world around you. Always look for this if someone leaves, know that they left a lesson in your heart.

It’s sort of like leaving a mark on your heart. Maybe next time you won’t be as trusting, or forgiving, etc. But you’ll also be wiser and you’ll know what you don’t want.

You could probably list a million things you look for in a significant other. What about the things you don’t want? Well this person who just exited your life taught you these. There is a reason they had to go. They just couldn’t help you anymore. They didn’t help you in your goals or maybe there’s just something better waiting for you. “When one door closes, another one opens” this quote couldn’t be any more truthful if it tried. Some people aren’t meant to stay forever, and that’s okay. You pick yourself back up and keep on going.

Become an Instant Chef for Turkey Day

Are you the person who comes to Thanksgiving dinner, but does not actually contribute to Thanksgiving dinner? You are not the only one! This year, try something different and actually bring a dish to dinner instead of just taking dishes to-go. You may not be the best cook, but that can be solved easily. All you need is a simple dish and an easy-to-read recipe. Here are a few ideas that you can use to add to this year’s Thanksgiving menu.

Try a lighter side for the weight-watchers in the family; salad. Now, salad may not be a common Thanksgiving dish, but it is simple to make and healthy. Show your family that you can be a “clean-eater” even on Turkey Day!

Recipe: Mix lettuce and any toppings that you desire; easy as pie! Don’t forget to bring a variety of salad dressings.

green-bean-salad_300  If the tossed salad is not fancy enough for your taste, create a green bean salad. This salad is a great alternative for the typical green bean dish. This side only requires you to mix simple ingredients together.

Recipe: Toss together cooked green beans, walnuts, fennel, and goat cheese. Serve warm. 

Add a spin to sweet potatoes by making spiced sweet potato wedges. Spiced sweet potato wedges are a fun and modern dish to add to your Thanksgiving meal.roast-sweet-potatoes_300

Recipe: Cut and season the sweet potatoes with your preferred season up to 2 hours before cooking. Serve warm.

If all else fails, you can never go wrong with cranberry sauce. This recipe calls for a quick trip to the nearest grocery store so you can pick up a few cans of everyone’s favorite side. Sounds easy, right?

As you see, it is okay not being the chef of the family. Quick and easy additions to a meal are just as important as the main course. Bring one of these dishes and surprise your family for a change!

Michaela C., Associate Editor

Pros & Cons to Being Single

Being single is in no way a bad thing. In this generation, people mark this as time when you’re sad & lonely & looking for a romantic relationship. Sometimes this isn’t always true, maybe you’re happy without this. There are tons of positive things to being single.

If you’re recently single don’t worry about finding a relationship. Instead, focus on making friendships. Just be happy and op to trying new things and experiences. You don’t need an “other half” to be happy. Focus on you and everything will fall into place.

Of course, like everything there and a couple cons to being single.

         Pro: “Doing Me”

Being single is significantly less stressful. You don’t need to worry about what someone else is thinking or doing. You can focus on you. You can do things and go to places you want without worrying about another person’s opinion. You don’t have to worry about anyone’s problems but you’re own.

         Con: Loneliness

We all enjoy having someone to cuddle with and go on cute dates. Nobody likes being by themselves all the time. You miss having that special connection with someone. But don’t get depressed this won’t last forever.

          Pro: Friendships

It’s time to catch up with those old friends that you stopped hanging out with. You can devote more time to going out with them and having fun.

          Con: Love songs

Just when you think being single is amazing you’re surrounded by thousands of love songs. These songs obviously make you miss having that special someone. Some of these songs even remind you of certain people. Just turn off the song and keep going.

          Pro: Be a Flirt

You’re free, you’re not tied down to anyone. You can flirt with whoever you please. You don’t have to worry about a jealous boyfriend or upsetting anyone. You can talk to as many people as you want to without offending anyone.

Kim “Breaks the Internet”…Again

KKface(rgb)-censored-72dpi-thumb-700x950-128590I know we’ve all seen the infamous Kim Kardashian pictures where she bares it ALL! She recently did a photo shoot for Paper Magazine, an art and fashion publication, that displays her in a way that we are all too familiar with…nude. Now if you’re a big fan of “Keeping Up With the Kardashians” like I am, you might recall an episode from an earlier season where an embarrassed Kim sobbed about her sex tape with singer Ray-J being leaked. She stated that she did not want people to think that she was only good for being naked. Am I the only one that sees a contradiction in that last sentence? Kim K. has taken numerous racy photos since that episode aired. In fact, no one is really surprised that she did the shoot for Paper Magazine.kim-kardashian-paper-cover

Here’s what surprises people. North West. You would think that Kim becoming a mother would put a stop to how she presents herself to the world. Obviously not. In this photo shoot, she displayed EVERYTHING, including her front-side. In my opinion, no mother should take such photos being that now you have a little one that looks up to you. I don’t know about North, but I would be embarrassed to see nude photos of my mom when I became older. Bottom line is, no matter how large the check is (some even FullSizeRenderspeculate that there was no check…), you should never degrade yourself like this especially when you have a child who will see everything when they grow up. Come on Kim; it’s time to grow up. Be a mom, not a sex symbol.

Michaela C., Associate Editor

No More ‘Options’

Well, ladies. Prepare the Kleenex and pull out the mint chocolate chip from the freezer. R&B singer Luke James is officially off the market.

Earlier last week, it was made public that Luke is dating fellow R&B artist Jessie J. As in ‘Bang Bang’ Jessie J. As in not me. Jessie broke the announcement via Instagram (because how else would you break millions of hearts if not through social social media?), declaring that Luke was her Man Crush Monday.

what a coincidence, sis. he’s my #MCM, too

As sad as I am about Luke James no longer being a viable option for my boo, the two make a gorgeous couple. Let’s hope they last long enough for a romantic duet or a least a few good breakup anthems. In the meantime, check out his self-titled album “Luke James” and just imagine that it’s you he’s singing about.

Best of luck to the two!


BURST Into Your Brand!

So often, college students tend to think that it is impossible to develop their brand while in school.

Yes, you are young. Yes, you have school to focus on. However, building your brand can be done no matter what stage of life you are in. Starting early will give you a head start on others who chose to wait until after college or much later.

You may be wondering what it exactly means to “build your brand.” Your brand is what sets you apart from the rest. It is what future employers, business partners, and colleagues will remember you for. Building your brand is simply creating something that will allow you to show the world what you stand for and what is important to you.

Having trouble developing your brand? What is it that you love to do or have a passion for? Whatever your answer is, make that your brand. Turn what you like into something that people will recognize you for. For example, if you love to blog, create your own blog site. If you love graphic design, make a business out of it by making logos, flyers, etc.

If you love cosmetics, then do what this student did while she was just an undergraduate in college. We sat down with the co-founder of Burst Cosmetics, Brea Green, to talk more about her brand. Just like many other college students, she had a vision and went for it while pursuing an education.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERABrea is a first year graduate student at Georgia State University studying Nutrition. During her collegiate career, she has been involved in various organizations which include NSCS, Nutrition Student Network, Alpha Lambda Delta National Honors Society, and Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Incorporated. With all of this on her plate, she still managed to start something big! Alongside her sisters, she founded her dream in 2013 and launched the cosmetic line in May 2014; the company has taken off since then. Let’s see what this ambitious college student had to say about her company and what it took to accomplish her goals as a co-founder.

Everything Exclusive: So, tell me a little about your company and the inspiration behind it.

Brea Green: I have always wanted to start a cosmetic line, but like with every dream, it’s hard to find the courage to put dreams into reality. I have always been into makeup and as a self-taught makeup artist I knew in the future I would have to do something with my dreams and talents. However, the inspiration started one day when my sister was look for a particular purple lipstick, spending countless hours in different cosmetics stores and being on a budget she was disappointed with the outcome. Being fed up, she came to me and said, “Hey lets start our own cosmetic line.” As skeptical as I was, I told her no, because cosmetic industry is huge, so makeup is everywhere. I wasn’t sure if we would be able to make it against MAC, Bobby Brown, all of the big cosmetics lines. But after fully thinking it through I said, “why not” we only can only sink and learn from our mistakes or swim and be successful and be proud of the decision made. So after that Burst Cosmetics was born. Our goal was to create lipstick that not only look good on light complexions but could BURST on women of color!

burst3 burst2 burst

EE: What were some hardships that you faced while developing your company?

BG: Product, number one; time, and then money. With product, you have to make a bunch of product. We first started making lipsticks out of our own kitchen. Now I know what your thinking, “we in the kitchen making lip crack”. We would be up late nights for several hours. However, there was a purpose behind the playing scientist in the kitchen. Now, staying up late took a toll on me because as an undergraduate student, in my senior year, trying to finish homework and projects were my first priorities. It was fun in a way, but at the same time at the end of that day it was like, is this realistic? Are we going to be able to make a plethora of lipsticks? No! So, we used other resources and decided to take a trip to L.A. for IMATS, which is a makeup trade show. At IMATS we found what we were looking for…a manufacturer who could formulate the lipsticks however we want (colors, smell, consistency etc.) Not only was the main product an issue in producing, but also trying to get the other important factors in the business started up (website, business cards, tubes, logo, branding, photo-shoot etc.) Let’s not forget, I was in my senior so graduation and stress was at the top of my list. With money, we’re new and as college students, we didn’t have as much money. So, we had to go to “Daddy Green” (laughter) and try to get him to fund us as much as possible. At the end of the day, we will be paying him back!

EE: How did your collegiate life effect the start-up of this business (in regards to time management, grades, involvement, etc.)?

BG: Well, as far as my Nutrition degree going along with this cosmetic line, it doesn’t. So, I feel like with college, prioritizing your time and being able to sacrifice things that as college student you wouldn’t want to give up such as partying, going out EVERY weekend and spending money recklessly on clothes that you do not need because all that money and time needs to be put into your business. Although managing your time and budget seems impossible when you’re a college student, imagine trying to balance a business on top of that. While this might sound scary it can easily be done with dedication.

EE: During this process, what were some things that you learned about the importance of branding yourself?

BG: For me, although I do work with two of my other sisters, I’ve always categorized myself as the social media type of person. Not really a OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA“promoter” type, but if I really did have to promote, I will go out and get new customers and promote our business. With my sisters, having other personal brands as well with the company helps because somebody may have a stronger asset you. For instance, my sister can go out and talk to people; she is not scared. With me, I’ll stay behind the scenes because some days I just don’t feel like dealing with people. Although, customer service is a big thing that Burst Cosmetics tries to strive for, I have two other sisters that can do that very well. Me, I’m still working on it, but as far as sending emails and being behind the scenes, that’s my forte.

EE: How has your brand helped you while pursuing other endeavors?

BG: As far as being very personable and being able to talk to people in a friendly manner, it’s gotten a lot of opportunities for Burst Cosmetics. I’ve collaborated with Kenneth Wright from Klean Collars Inc. for For Sisters Only. Kenneth [FSO’s Collaboration Partner] met me on a panel and he thought that bringing Burst Cosmetics along to collab with his male apparel line would bring in not only sales, but also exposure for the company. I will say he was exactly right! Which leads me to my next point, networking as well has gotten me a long way too. Other endeavors that we’ve had include a speaking on a panel for Infinite Appeal at Georgia State, having makeup artist review our products on social media and in magazines. Also, being able to have an article about our company in this magazine. So, having the drive and physically and mentally pushing yourself, although some things you just do not want to do is the key to getting different beneficial opportunities for your company. Although, my sisters and I might be exhausted with doing things for Burst Cosmetics, at the end of the day we know what our goal is and that to be successful and make this cosmetics line go worldwide.

EE: What advice would you give to a college student who is struggling with building their brand?

BG: Find something that you enjoy doing because that is the only way you are going to be able to build your brand and build on top of your brand. Say for instance, you love being on Instagram. You could be the social media chair of any organization or of your particular company. If you are headstrong and you like to get work done, you could be the head or chair for your company as well. You just have to know what you like to do and pursue it. You don’t always have to be the boss of your company; sometimes you going to have to take that step back and try to work with others. At the end of day, if you’re doing something that you love to do, your brand will build on top of itself.

As you see, building your brand while maintaining your college career is not always easy. Just like Brea and her sisters, you will have to dedicate a lot of time and effort to succeed. Nevertheless, do NOT let this discourage you from getting an early start. The earlier you begin, the more time you have to perfect your brand.

It can be done! You could own your company, start your own magazine or do whatever it is that you’re passionate about as a college student. All it takes is the motivation to START. Brea, among many other college students, are making their dreams happen NOW. So, what’s stopping you?

-Be Bold. Be Beautiful. Be  logoURST! Visit www.burstcosmetics.com for some amazing deals and lipsticks that BURST in color!

Interview conducted by: Michaela C., Associate Editor