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Going Back to College : The Struggle of Slow Schools

Yes it’s almost that time of the month going back to college and your probably struggling trying to find out where your going to get your keys and how your going to move in. Trust me I’m in the same boat as you it’s Wednesday and I leave Monday to go back to school and I still don’t know the moving in processes once again and I’m a Junior, and you think that schools by now would have a game plan and that it wouldn’t take them so long to give it to the returning students. But no not HBCU school which I don’t understand because they know all this a month or two earlier so why does it take them so long for them to get to the student. Plane tickets been purchased month in advanced and we’ve already communicated with you when the student is coming in and you still don’t have are information this doesn’t make no sense at all. Their no way to avoid the struggle of slow HBCU Schools this how the game goes with them when you go to these’s type of schools you get the best experiences going to an HBCU School but the hassle and the struggle of getting any type of information about anything will take forever. So my key to this situation is to be patient and call them to make sure that  you get your information for what you need even look on the website if you have to, but the best thing to do is call them so you can talk to a live person about any questions you might have. Have a good Back to School all you returning College Students



Happy Birthday President Obama he turned the big 54 on Tuesday August 4th 2015. He is the 44th president of the United States and aging gracefully on his second term in the White House, he’s the most prolific president of this era that we’ve had since Bill Clinton. Hes done so much for the young people of the generation including the Gay and Latinos he’s help this country grow in ways I never thought it could grow because of the horrible struggling eight years that we had with President Bush. Never would I have thought that Gay Marriage would be legal in 50 states that LOVE IS LOVE  and it Conquers all no more does it have to be keeping quiet that your Gay you can be open about your sexuality you won’t be discriminated for your sexual preference no more don’t ask don’t tell in the army or anywhere in the work place, that all because of President Obama and his Administration doing what needs to be necessary not because it would be a right political move but because it’s what America needs. Also letting Latino’s have citizenship in the United States and not having to be deported because of how they came over here but giving them the American Dream Act that stats if you have a child that was born in the United States that the parents are now Legal Citizens because of their child and that all happen because of President Barack Obama we have a lot to thank this man for what he has done for this country so it’s only right that we wish him even thought it is late a HAPPPPPPYYYYYYY BIRTHDAAAAYYYYY!!!!!! and many more.


The link above is Drake officially bodied Meek Mill in the rap beef that he started with Drake, by saying that Drake doesn’t write own raps. If you remember a couple of weeks ago Meek Mills came for Drake and others like Nicki’s ex but specifically he came for drake saying that he doesn’t write his own raps and that hes finally exposing the truth about guys in hip hop that don’t write their raps and have ghost writers that write their own raps. Well Drake clapped backed and came back at Meek a with a song called Charged up I’ll post that link so you guys can listen to it and give your opinion about the supposed diss to Meek , the song wasn’t a diss to me really it was just Drake being Drake and bodied  him by just singing  and showing meek his rang in the world music world and that he’s just not a rap artist that he can also be an R&B artist as well. Then today Drake dropped another Diss Record called Back to Back you have to listen to it for yourself to see how Drake came for him in some of his rhymes he says ” Trigger finger turn into Twitter Fingers” , “Is it your world tour or is it your girl tour ”  last but many more he throws shots at Nicki as well “Shout out to my Boss B*tches  wifing n*ggas ” now if that wasn’t a shot I don’t know what is but check out the Diss track in the link Drake-Meek-Mill

Deflate gate Controversy all in a nutshell

If you’ve been living under a rock and haven’t been watch any type of sports channels or networks , Deflate gate is the biggest scandal since the bounty gate with the New Orleans saints back in 2012. Now you may all know how this happen or you might not but it all started with a whistle blower known as the Indianapolis colts calling the Patriots out deflating the balls in the second quarter of AFC Divisional game , if you watched the game the refs changed the balls out in the second half of the game because they had the kicking ball out instead of the game ball . Now if your any type of football enthusiast you know that  it’s impossible for the quarterback to go back to the locker room to deflate the ball and then come back out and play the game for the second half of the game, especially not under the helm of Bill Belichick that just not going to fly an another thing  not in the history of football that I’ve been watching in 2007 have I ever seen a ref put out a kicking ball instead of a game ball that was kind of odd to me that they had the kicking ball instead of the game ball. Roger Goodell  the commissioner of the National Football League say’s that the Patriots messed up the integrity of the game by deflating the balls to have the advantage over the colts , first of all how can you have an advantage over a team that has to do the same thing you do on offense and defense just calling different plays you still have to catch the ball or drop the ball you still have to tackle or sack the quarterback so how is that anyway an advantage were both using the same balls as the other teams.The teams are allowed to bring their own balls to the games like all the rest of the 32 teams when its game times they have to pick out twelve game balls both the visiting team and the home team , to my knowledge Tom Brady said that he picked out twelve game balls and those balls are perfect and he doesn’t want anybody touching them or messing with them when they are picked out to him those twelve balls are perfect. So you mean to tell me that Brady after all those years of being with the Patriots and going through the same routine over and over for years that this game out of all the AFC Championship games that he’s played that he would deflate balls for the colts, let me give you some information about the Colts and the Patriots we’ve played them four years straight and have blew them out the water in record breaking scores and you think that the poster boy of the NFL would deflate the balls for this AFC Championship game against the colts, who we played last time in the playoff to get an advantage to go to the Super Bowl!?!? really commissioner come with something better than that and let’s not get me started on how you single handily ruined the integrity of NFL by lying to NFL fans that you never seen the tape of Ray Rice Cold Cocking his wife in the elevator and dragging her out of the elevator like a rag doll.


Celibacy in Hollywood : Russell and Ciara

Yes you read that title correct CELIBACY  in Hollywood who would have thought that. Well Ciara and Russell are taking a vow of celibacy until they get married, this is the most beautiful thing that could have ever happen to Ciara from getting out of a cheating relationship with Future and having a baby by him. It was time for something new for Ciara to date someone new that just wasn’t dating her because of her popularity and fame like future was doing. Someone like Russell Wilson to come along and save Ciara from giving her body to men that just want to have sexual relations with her because of her status and not wanting to get to know the real Ciara not the singer and the performer. Russell Wilson came out sometime ago about him and Ciara taking a Celibacy vow while he was being interviewed by a pastor of his church , Russell asked Ciara what if we took everything off the table and do it Gods way and Ciara was totally down for it. Later on in the interview Russell said ” God spoke to me and said that she was the one for me”, cue the Awwwww . For Ciara to find a man that want to get to know her mentally, physically and emotionally means that their are some good guys that are left out their for us women but are shadowed by the not so good guys like Future that was just honestly into her because of her status and that she’s actually the prettiest women that he’s ever seen in his life have you seen the mother’s of his children? I would have dated Ciara quickly myself but he went about it all wrong he was just looking at her status of and R&B singer that has million of hit records not the Ciara the person. Russell wants to  know the Ciara the person not the Singer and it shows in the way he talks about her and shows her off on Instagram or Twitter, he’s serious about their vow of celibacy they’ve taken together them taking this vow make us younger people view relationships more differently then before, and that its okay to be celibate with your significant other you don’t have to have sexual relations right away you can wait until your married or you can wait a couple months but its nothing wrong with it if you ask me their making taking a vow of celibacy cool and unique.