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Back To School Looks

I need of some unique looks for your back-to-school look?  I’ve found some ADORABLE things online recently that I just had to share!

  1. This Elephant Backpack – – Only $29.00!


2. This Black Fringe Coldshoulder Tee – Find it at – Only $19.95!

If you’re looking for something different and trendy, try fringe!  I love this piece because you can never go wrong with a coldshoulder shirt.  Plus, it’s super lightweight so it won’t be too hot for this muggy August weather!


3. Look ultra slimming in high-waisted pants, shorts, and skirts!


4. They’re lowering the heels for us, ladies!  All over the runways they had these loafer-type heels.  They’re lower, more comfortable, and have a bigger heel so we aren’t QUITE as wobbly.


I’ll keep my eye out for more trendy looks to make you stand out, while being up-to-date on everything chic!


Now don’t think I was going to go too long without clocking the BET Awards Red Carpet fashion. I have sat and debated and I have finally brewed a top 5 list for the best and worst fashion statements for this past weekend. they’re in order from worst to best.

Fashion Misses:

5. Brandy Norwood


This entire outfit confuses me. I don’t know if it’s the colors, I don’t know if it’s the shape, or maybe it’s the fact that you don’t wear big hair with a dress that flares out like your hair. Typically Brandy does well with fashion but this one wasn’t hitting it for me at all.

4. LaLa Anthony


I’m so disappointed in LaLa because she’s one of my favorite personalities and an inspiration to me, but either she needs to hire a new stylist or stop picking her own dresses because these patterns aren’t cohesive at all. I know everyone wants to do the bright summer colors…but we have to pick one girl.

3. Zendaya


Now Zendaya is one of my girl crushes but even though she looks queen in everything she wears, I have to be honest; this dress was a no. It looks like she took a button up from her ex boyfriend and spray painted it with glitter paint from Home Depot. The shoes and hair are beast and if she would have done another design of glitter dress and I could have appreciated the look. Still love you Z!

2. Lil’ Mama

Lil Mama

Lil’ Mama could have truly pulled this look off had she left out this mirror sequin you-tried-it in the front. She should have tried a simpler accessory to this suit. Maybe next time Lil’ Mama. I have to say this is better than usual though.

1. Debra Lee

debra lee

Debra Lee always looks a mess to me. I don’t think I’ve ever actually liked an outfit she’s worn. This is perhaps my favorite. She’s notorious for being boring and badly dressed and she didn’t let us down this year. It looks like an extra long man’s t-shirt. Debra, you’ve got to do better at some point.

Dishonorable mentions to Karrueche for whatever she had on and Natalie LeRose’s performance outfit.

Fashion Hits

5. Naturi Naughton


“Power”‘s Naturi was so bold in her orange and the young lady who broke the internet designed it. It compliments her body and it’s gorgeous. I love everything about it.

4. Ciara


Now there’s been some controversy over this dress but I have to say I like it. Ciara has the perfect physique to pull this look off and she looked beautiful. Thanks again for that Janet tribute. Go Ciara!

3. Janelle Monae


Even though everyone said she stole Lupita’s look, she definitely pulled it off. Janelle Monae looked ABOSLUTELY gorgeous! The hair, the dress, the shoes, the face…everything…gorgeous!

2. Janet Jackson

janet jackson

Janet FREAKING Jackson; we haven’t seen her in so long we forgot how much she slays. Her body was snatched, she looked like an angel, and whoever did her make up deserves an A plus. She strutted on that stage like an angel and she was outstandingly beautiful.

1. Jidenna


It’s about time we start recognizing men in fashion, especially our black men. I love everything about Jidenna’s fashion. He sings about being a “Classic Man” and he definitely looked like one. Thank you Jidenna! Show these black men how to dress!

Honorable mentions to Tracee Ellis Ross, Yazz, and Diggy for looking snazzy too!

Who else had the outfits of fleek at the BET Awards?

Billboard Awards Fashion Rights and Wrongs

There were some fashion “yassssses” and “no-nos” at the Billboard Awards Red Carpet this year and I’ll tell you all about it. I’m picking out the 5 best and 5 worst red carpet outfits and I’m giving it to you real straight.

Let’s start with the no-nos in order from the bad to the worst:

5. Kylie Jenner


Not surprises to see Kardashian/Jenner breed make the list. Maybe she didn’t get booed for being her, perhaps it was because of her outfit.

4. Iggy Azalea


Where do I even begin with this chick? I thought the hair was cute until she tried to mix it with a light blue two-piece. I could have appreciated it more if she’d wore something to bring out the red or pink of her hair but this outfit was serving all kinds of tacky.

3. Hailee Steinfield


To me, you can never go wrong with a Givenvchy outfit but this young lady chose the wrong look. It’s not cohesive with her body and the dress is just plain unflattering. Maybe next year Hailee.

2. Britney Spears


Britney put in all this work to get her body back so she could slay in Vegas just to cover it all up? Yuck! This outfit was a no. It didn’t compliment her in any way.

1. Header Dencia


Everything about this outfit is a mistake. Who designed this? Skittles? This whole get-up was a complete no ma’am. I guess all publicity is good publicity in her eyes.

Now for the best dressed from good to great:

5. Zendaya


I have the hugest girl crush on Zendaya because she does edgy right. Whoever dresses her…I want a piece. She is the only one who could pull off this outfit and I loved her in it.

4. Taylor Swift


She kept it simple but she still didn’t look like anyone else. White is trendy in so many seasons and the jumper with the bob was absolutely beautiful. She got it right.

3. Chrissy Teigen


Well, she’s a model so what do expect? Everything she wore Sunday night was beautiful. She’s got a great stylist. The black and white outfit was probably my fav.

2. Chris Brown

Chris Royalty

This red suit was everything; it was sharp, it was snazzy, it was spiffy. He should have worn it on the red carpet but we’ll give him a pass since Royalty was enough of a fashion statement.

1. J-Lo

Jennifer Lopez

Jenny from the block said “Yea, I’m 40. And what? You wish!” She never ceases to show skin in all the right places. That “big big booty” was plump, the boobs were siting high, and she was turning every head on the carpet.

Well, every red carpet has the good, the bad, and the ugly and hopefully this gave you a taste of it if you missed it. Do you agree? Comment below.

Fashion Trend Alert : OVERALLS

One of the hottest fashion trends of late summer and early fall has been the return of overalls. Overalls were originally made for farmers and mechanics. In the early 80’s girls began wearing them as a fashion statement. They’re extremely easy to pair with anything! In the 90’s they began cropping the original overalls to the shorts. This style however didn’t really catch on and the trend faded out.

As many old trends this one came back in the summer. It was an easy look or just about anything. You could dress it up with a pair of heels or dress it down. Many celebrities have followed this trend as seen here in this picture of Rhianna.


This is personally one of my favorite trends just because of how easy and laid back it is. It is very versatile and can also look very grunge with the right pieces. tough-girl-fall-fashion-lehappy



The cropped version of these, although not popular back then, have been seen numerous times by different celebrities. This look was very popular this summer, typically with a crop top underneath.


This has also easily transitioned into fall and can be worn even with a blazer as shown here.

blazer with overall

Typically this style can be worn by anyone. They’re also a great alternative to the normal denim look. Overalls can usually be found almost anywhere. My favorite stores are probably h&m and also forever 21.


Do It Yourself Halloween Customes

It’s almost that time again! Halloween is literally right around the corner. Some of you are probably wondering what your costume will be for this year and more importantly, how much it will cost?! Don’t worry! We have some great “D.I.Y.” Halloween costume ideas that you can pull off for the cost of little to nothing. Take a look!Miley-Cyrus

1. The Queen of Twerk. Yes, we are referring to Miss Miley herself. If you want to dress up like a celebrity this year, Miley Cyrus is one of the easiest to imitate. It does not take much clothing to achieve her look! Pull your hair up into two buns, wear a nude outfit, add a stuffed animal, and don’t forget to stick out your tongue!

2. The Classic School Girl. Dressing up as a “school girl” (whether naughty or nice) is another easy “do it yourself-er.” All you need is a white button down, a pleated skirt, and some oxfords or sneakers. Add some high socks and even a tie/bow tie for extra flair. Two ponytails will add even more of a “school girl” feel to your outfit.


3. The Guy From the 80’s. Who doesn’t love 80’s fashion? Guys, rock your best 80’s look with either an old jogging suit or skinny jeans with a vintage jacket. Anything from the Adidas brand will be your best friend with this look. To top it all off, add a gold chain and a bucket hat.

4. The Gangsta Girl. This “Chola” inspired look is very easy to obtain. All you need is a plaid shirt, a bandeau, some extra baggy jeans, a pair of boxers, a bandana, and your best “mean-mug.” This look requires that you leave your inner “girly-girl” at home!

5. The Roman Emperor. Guys, let’s make this easy for you. Grab a bead sheet or some type of large fabric that is a neutral color. Tie it up in a fancy way that covers you from the waist down. Now you have a homemade toga! All you need is some sandals and if you’re feeling fancy, grab a twig or two from outside to make a “crown.” toga-costume-drape

Now that you have some cheap and easy-to-make costume ideas that you can put together yourself, you have no excuse not to dress up for Halloween. You’ll have the best costume for a lower price than others. Get creative and stand out this Halloween!

Michaela C., Associate Editor

Mental Fashion Woes

Every girl cares about her first day outfit, whether its two weeks before or the day before, the anxiety is strong in this one. Your brain ceases to piece together outfits, your eyes don’t quite see the colors right, and for some reason it seems like your closet is completely empty.

But, no fear. All of this is totally normal. You just have to know what kind of mental state you’re in, to decide how to handle yourself. All of these states of mind doesn’t mean you won’t be able to reach the finish line to a totally ballin outfit at the end of the day. It just means you care enough to have a mental breakdown, which in my opinion should make others appreciate your outfit even more. You almost lost your marbles over it.

1. Panic: I have to think about classes? Packing? AND CLOTHES? When is the first day? Do I have enough clothes to bring to my dorm? What is the weather gonna be like? Should I bring a jacket on the first day? I don’t have a jacket to go with my outfit? None of my clothes are good enough!!!!!!!…





2. Closet rummaging (destroying): These are all the clothes I own? But this doesn’t go with this…or this…or this. Ugh, fine this button down and these shorts I guess will do. Maybe my shoes will give me better results









3. Phone a friend: What are you wearing? Do you know the weather? I was thinking shorts, but do you think it will be cold in the classroom? Is a dress calling to much attention to myself? Do you still have that bracelet I have borrow?







4. Group shop: I like this, but this would look better on you. But seriously, I’ll borrow it if I ever really wanna wear it.






5. Piecing it Together: Are heels a thing in college? Do people wear them to class or is that just a tv thing? How many accessories does this call for…I don’t want to sound like a coin purse. Will a hat throw off the whole thing. Does this print scream, tacky?









6. Organization 101: Outfits all decided. Am I missing anything? I guess I cleaned out my closet while I was choosing. Wow, it looks empty. I can get some sleep, everything is all laid out and I am at peace.







7. Doubt (Major Doubt): OMG! Why am I still awake? Must be anxious nerves. Is that outfit I chose a good idea? What if that girl I don’t like wears the same thing….WHAT IF SHE DOES?!







8. Euphoria (or Realization): Isn’t everyone freaking out about school tomorrow? Why do I think it’s just me. Geez. What I picked out is fine, better than fine….it is the best outfit in the whole wide world. Maybe it could use a no headband. Or maybe, another bracelet. NO! no bracelet. I got this.





❤ Allie Mitchell