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Why You Should Listen to Lianne La Havas

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Since she was a child, this British music sensation has had an affinity for music — a celestial, folk- indie, doo-wop sound that is giving her a boost in the music world. She is Lianne La Havas, a stylish, vocalists and guitarist. Since 2010 she has been signed with Warner Bros. music label, but waited 2 years to develop her music techniques. Her debut album Is Your Love Big Enough? was released in 2012 and received positive reviews from critics, even garnering her minor award nominations. Touring and releasing more music outside of the U.K. at the age of 26, she is shedding light on a different genre of music with her angelic voice juxtaposed with gallant melodies in the background. In her music she speaks through issues of finding peace within one’s self (Check out her song “Lost and Found”), moving on from relationships that were doomed from the beginning (many people can relate with that one), and reaching higher places to fulfill lifetime happiness.

Recently in July, La Havas has released hr second studio album Blood, which like her first album, received positive reviews in general with Rolling Stones’ Joe Levy giving her a 3.5/5 star rating. He offered that La Havas music direction gave “bass, and plenty of it..” Another critic, Jessica Goodman (Entertainment Weekly) complimented La Havas vocals and was surprised with the risks she is taking musically.

What makes her new album even more enjoyable is that she wrote this album on the basis of digging up the roots of her Jamaican heritage (from her mother) that she sought to connect with in the past year. Hence the title Blood, she has also paid homage to her Greek side within the album, and hopes to delve further into both heritages. I believe those who decide to listen to the album Blood will enjoy the neo-reggae sound it offers and the jazzy, doo-wop the beats fill the atmosphere with. As a treat to the ears, I will provide a link to her music video “Unstoppable” at the bottom. It has peaked at number 29 on the U.S. Billboard R&B chart. Enjoy!

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Don’t Miss Out on the Imagine Music Festival

Imagine Music Festival (IMF) is a multi-day dance music and arts festival.  It will be held on August 29th and 30th in Atlanta, Georgia at Historic Fourth Ward Park and Masquerade Music Park.  The festival includes EDM acts, cirque style acts, and art installations.  Come and experience captivating performances!
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Celebrity Come-Back Kids

This summer must be the season of love because all of the celebrity couples who have once been single have now run into their new loves. The break-ups include: Ciara and Future, Nicki Minaj and Safaree, Nick Cannon and Mariah Carey, Amber Rose and Wiz Khlaifa, and Tyga and Blac Chyna. The more famous spouse out of two seemed to bounce back the fastest, but now the exes are clapping back.

Ciara and FutureCiara and Russell

We see now that Ciara has hooked up with handsome NFL player Russell Wilson. At first, when I saw them together I saw no connection. I saw this as a ploy to stage her comeback and disconnection from rapper Future, but the more see these two together, the more I like them. Now CiCi never really knew how to pick ’em; she’s got a bit of a past with unsuccessful relationships due to choice. There was rapper Bow Wow who was, for one, too short for her; I saw them as a publicity stunt anyways. Then there was rapper 50 Cent and as I’ve repeatedly said, I never suggest people in the industry dating rappers. I guess she never learned from dating those rappers because she ended up with an even more ratchet one; Future. Future already had a litany of Baby Mamas and I don’t know what drove Ciara to this one; maybe it was because they were both from Atlanta, but whatever the case may be, she ended up getting knocked up and he left her just like he left the others. Word on the street is that Future is now hooking back up with exes but if this thing is real with Russel, and he’s a better example for baby Future, and he’s not a stereotypical whore like many athletes, I’m all for it. Ciara wins.

Nicki and SafareeNicki and meekSafaree and ZashiaNick Minaj and Safaree probably had one of the most public break-ups of the year. It’s sad that after 10 years these two were able to hop on every media platform they could to tarnish each others name in some form. Safaree even tried her career saying he wrote many of her lyrics. Either way, it was trash and I’m glad they’re finally moving on. Nicki Minaj, as we all know, got swept up by rapper Meek Mill. As I said, industry people and rappers never mix so i don’t have high expectations for OMeeka but I will say that Meek seems to be completely infatuated with her and they’re going to make a lot of money if they stick it out. We’ll see. But Safaree finally decided to snatch him up a boo; she’s a make up artist by the name of Zashia. She’s no Nicki Minaj but she’s a beauty and we’ll see if he’s just trying to make Nicki jealous or if he’s really into this chick.

Mariah and James

Nick and MariahNick and Jessica

Nick and Mariah’s break up was the least shocking to everyone. We knew as soon as we heard the pair get married and then on top of that seem completely disconnected on their first interview that they would break up sooner or later. Nick has been rumored to be dating many women such as Amber Rose and so on but most rumors narrow down to model Jessica White. She’s a beauty and Nick Cannonhas a history of scandal with models. He hasn’t learned his lesson either but at least he’s getting his feet in the water. Now Mariah has tried her best to shine since her divorce. Even though her vocals weren’t promising, she had a show in Vegas that apparently did well and she’s been trying to work. Now she’s been seen with new billionaire and heir James Packer. We saw it work for Janet, maybe it will work for her. Perhaps the only one who can tame a diva is a man with enough money to give her everything she wants. Hopefully he’s a new match and Mariah can finally settle down.

Amber and WizAmber and MGK

Amber Rose and Wiz Kalifa’s marriage seemed to be going well but rappers will be rappers and Amber Rose will be Amber Rose. When she said she doesn’t even smoke weed I knew this wasn’t going to last. Amber is notorious for dating rappers, like remember Kanye, and now she’s moved on to a white one, Machine Gun Kelly or MGK. Maybe if the chocolate doesn’t taste so good anymore, you try vanilla. He’s probably the most out-of-the-spotlight rapper she can go for and he’s different so maybe he will adore her enough to keep her. But, if he has the same rap mentality as the others, I doubt it. No word on Wiz moving on but it’s surely to come. I just hope they co-parent better with their adorable son Bash. Amber’s got a type. Good luck girl.

Blac Chyna and J-LeonTyga and Kylie

tyga and Blac Chyna

Tyga and Blac Chyna had the saddest break-up of all to me. Tyga left his stripper girlfriend who had his son for a 17-year-old jobless piece of plastic. America has been disgusted by Tyga’s actions and deeming him a predator for illegally frolicking with Kylie Jenner. Kylie only knows what she sees being as though her older sister Kim is married to rapper Kanye West and Khloe was dating rapper French Montana. It makes sense that she would see fit dating one as well. Tyga is 24 and shouldn’t be entertaining girls at Kylie’s age. Even when she turns 18 it will still be a drag because they have been pursuing each other way before then and she honestly doesn’t seem mature enough even though she dresses like it. He’s been dragging her everywhere with him and Kylie has been dressing like a sexy grown woman anytime they go out. I think Kendall may be the only Jenner with some sense. At her age, I don’t think it will last with Kylie and Tyga, and Kylie definitely shouldn’t be responsible for raising Tyga’s baby King since she’s been seen in pictures with him. Blac Chyna obviously is disgusted as well as she’s expressed but luckily, boxer J’Leon Love came in to save the day. I could see this working out since Chyna is a big girl now but I hope he’s ready for a son. I’ll be watching.

Celebrity couple drama is so juicy. It seems as though they all look way better with the new baes though. I’ll be updating from time to time as new things brew, but for now, congrats to the exes who put a line through it and kept on trucking.

2015 BET Awards Review

Last Sunday the biggest black awards show took place and I must say that I was thoroughly impressed with the entire show. The performers and surprises and collaborations were truly well thought out. There were certainly some ups and downs about the performers and I’ll get into those now:


The hosts: Tracee Ellis Ross and Anthony Anderson hosted the show and to be honest…they weren’t funny. I had already predicted that they were going to be corny because even though I like “Black-ish”, their comedy is corny on the show. Tracee has never been funny to me anyways; she’s pretty and a decent actress but she’s just not funny. Anthony Anderson has his funny moments but he’s not the best stand-up comedian. I believe that BET, and all award shows for that matter, should hire stand-up comedians to host shows. Why haven’t they asked Ricky Smiley, Lunell, Bruce Bruce, Eddie Murphy, Martin Lawrence, Katt Wiliams, or Dave Chappelle? Or they could even ask Steve Harvey, Jamie Foxx, Kevin Hart, or Chris Rock to come back! You know, the REAL comedians! Could BET not afford them or did they just not want to ask them? Are the comedians saying no? The whole point of the award show’s hosts is for them to keep us laughing throughout transitions and we have too many black comedians to not make that happen. BET dropped the ball with Tracee and Anthony. Good effort though.


Kendrick Lamar: Kendrick opened up the show with my favorite song off of the the To Pimp A Butterfly album, “Alright”. I was standing up on my couch singing “ALLS MY LIFE I HAD TO FIGHT N***A!” at the top of my lungs when I heard that beat. It’s difficult for rappers to entertain me when they perform because all they do is walk around the stage and scream, but Kendrick pulled it off. I’ve never been a huge Kendrick fan but I must give props where props are due. The set was awesome! He was rapping on top of a spray painted police car and with a shredded American flag waving behind him and dancers everywhere. Very entertaining. Did I wish Kendrick would run a comb through his head? Yes.  Did I want him to open the show? No, but still a memorable performance.


Janelle Monae and Jidenna: I was so excited to see these two because I’ve never seen them perform “Yoga” or “Classic Man” live. I love “Yoga” and Janelle Monae so I had high expectations. I don’t like the “Classic Man” song but I love Jidenna so I wanted him to make me like the song through his performance. Janelle Monae began singing “Yoga” while floating and I was in love with it! But then she got up and started dancing and I wasn’t too impressed with that. I’m not used to her being in that type of clothing either. I felt as though she could have stuck with the yoga theme a bit more but still a great performance. Then, Jidenna slid in in his tailored classic suit and he sang “Classic Man” with a full set behind him from that time period he’s so inspired by. I thought he looked great and did a commendable job but it still didn’t make me wanna buy the song. I will be giving his album a chance though. Overall it was great!


Chris Brown, Tyga, and Omarion: I never thought I’d see the day of Omarion and Chris Brown performing together but it happened. Chris showcased his new song “Liquor” and he brought Omarion out to perform “Post To Be” and it was pretty good. Nobody sang live but it was nice to see them dancing. They used the same dancers but it looked like two completely different dancers when they switched parts. Sadly, Jhene was nowhere to be found. Where was she? My dream is to see Chris Brown, Usher, and Omarion dance together. It may not happen until it’s time to honor Usher but I would love that. I don’t even remember what Tyga did.


Avery Wilson: He was one of the Music Matters artists and I recognized him from vine and The Voice. He did wonderful but of course BET cut him off. I hope he does great things with music just like Elle Varner, Miguel, and J. Cole did.


The Weeknd and Alicia Keys: The Weeknd is slowly trying to grow on me. He won my heart with “Earned It” because I’m absolutely obsessed with that song and he performed “The Hills” as well which is a song I don’t care for, however, one thing I appreciated is that he sounded like his track and I had to give him that. I appreciated the song more. Then the curtains opened and the performance went downhill from there. I don’t know if The Weeknd invited Alicia Keys or if BET set that up but she pulled out her own piano rendition of “Earned It” and it was horrible. Alicia Keys lost her vocals somewhere around that “This Girl Is On Fire” song time and they’ve never come back. The Weeknd should have kept his own performance to himself.


Donnie McClurkin: Of course you know BET had to take us to church one time so Donnie broke out in song to tribute Andrae Crouch. He sang “The Blood Will Never Lose It’s Power” and of course he sounded great as usual. But everyone on Twitter was going off about how he’s a diliverT gay man and didn’t focus on the message. The blood that gives me strength…I received that.


THE BAD BOY REUNION: Diddy, Lil’ Kim, 112, Mase, The Lox, Faith Evans, French Montana, Biggie, Pharrell… they ALL showed up to do it for the one time! “Peaches and Cream”, “Love Like This”…the hits didn’t end! Lil’ Kim emerged from the ground in her infamous squatting position and KILLED IT like we’ve all been waiting on her to do. Perhaps this new baby is going to revive her career and she did the damn thing. Diddy kept trying to dance and he ended up falling in the hole Lil’ Kim came out of which was hilarious! #SitYoAssDownDiddy #StopDiddyFromDancing2015. Chris Brown even had to join the stage and dance 90’s style along side Diddy’s son … the performance gave everyone life and now Diddy announced a Bad Boy Tour.

Andra Day

Andra Day: She was the other Music Matters artist and she had me at her first note. I will be buying her music too.

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You won’t guess who’s in Madonna’s Music Video

So Madonna is dropping a new music video later today called B*tch I’m Madonna and guess who will make an appearance? Well let me give you a little hint, Nicki Minaj, Katy Perry, Beyoncé, Miley Cyrus, and Rita Ora. Yeah I bet you didn’t expect that… well I know I didn’t. I’m not sure what to expect but I am excited to see what these hard working ladies have to show us. Here’s a little video teaser from Madonna, while you wait for the video to drop!

Lil’ Mama or Lil’ Thief?


“EGGS, BACON, GRITS, SAUSAGE! YOU BETTER USE A CONDOM WHEN YOU TAKING THAT SAUSAGE!” After years of living in forgottenville, Lil’ Mama has emerged from the dust with another attempt at a rap career. We had just started to forgive her for hopping on stage with Jay Z and Alicia Keys because of her commendable job playing Lefteye, but is she making another mistake? Her new song “Sausage” has been getting lots of mixed reviews. Some say it’s a come back; some say it’s another slide downhill.

Kids were already making viral videos with the catchy words Lil’ Mama chants throughout the song. I figured if the old generation didn’t receive it, the new generation certainly did. Lyrically, the chorus is a bit obnoxious but the verses are tolerable, however, the part that made the song was the video. She was smart for releasing them at the same time. The video was a 90’s themed video paying omage to artist’s such as Mary J. Blidge and so on. Some say the video was trying those artist’s lives and some say it was creative. Ironically, even Charlamagne Tha God, who chews out Lil’ Mama regularly, came to the conclusion that even he thought the song was “fire”…now whether he was being sarcastic or not, who knows? Either way, there’s a chance Lil’ Mama could ease her way back into the spotlight.


Now that we’ve established that, let’s get into the real tea. Lil’ Mama did the original creator of the viral chant dirty. Lil’ Mama did slide into the DM’s of the creator, whose name is Matthew, and decided to ask for his permission to use his lyrics. The young man agreed as long as he could be involved in the video. Fair request, right? Better than asking for money! Lil’ Mama’s people explained that the video was being shot on a tight budget and they could not afford to bus or fly the boy to New York for the shoot..but they could afford shutting down a street in New York, hiring choreographers, and those outrageous costumes Lil’ Mama wore though? Shaaaaaaaade! They told Matthew to pay for his own transportation and unfortunately he could not afford it.

There’s two ways too look at this. On the positive side, at least Lil’ Mama asked for permission to use the tune; it’s not like he copyrighted the song or anything so she didn’t even have to do that. She also offered Matthew the opportunity to be in the video if he could. On the negative side, she may profit off of his work without him being involved at all. It would have been nice to see the originator in the video so he could see what his fun phrase turned into. It would have been smarter to ask for the boy’s number instead of messaging him through Instagram Direct Messages to be more professional. And you couldn’t tell me somebody couldn’t scrape together a few coins for a bus ticket if the flight was too much.

Flakey situation overall though, but was Lil’ Mama wrong? How are we liking the song? Let me know?