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Dear “Middle children”: The struggle was (maybe still is) real

Growing up and learning new lessons is tough I tell you,  like what to wear and what not to wear, who to date, and why you shouldn’t slap your co-workers (the list goes on) is already tough, but come on… We all know who has the toughest time growing up– Middle children.

So you have the big one, little one, and oh yeah sorry, I forgot.. The Middle one! In my case There was the big sibling, 2 middle children (imagine how that went), and then the baby. Has there ever been  a time in your life where you felt that maybe you didn’t receive enough attention or love? Well of course, you’re the what? Middle kid.

Along with not feeling “loved enough” by our parents, some other struggles of being a middle child are:

  1. Whenever there is a lead position whether it be at work, school, or friendship circles you probably didn’t feel validated enough to take on the lead because growing up you were just “floating around” in limbo while “the noble” older sibling took the lead and you followed along because it was your duty as the younger sibling, as much as it was the birth right of the older kid to take charge. At work when it was my first day being shift manager I stuttered the whole time trying to tell people what to do, no one told me it would be that hard! And by a lucky guess my boss said “You must be a middle kid.” Haha. Not.
  2. Sometimes you feel forgotten because the two end children are always taking the spotlight with their achievements, incessant whining over who knows what (usually the end kid does this), or just because they stole every bit of talent from your parents DNA and show them off. My oldest sister was always at the top in academics and parents were oh so proud, and me.. well the proudest my parents could have been of me at that time was waking up early for school.But I did take up playing violin.. why did I mention that?It doesn’t matter.
  3. Even being around your group of friends you feel “forgotten”. Especially if most of your friends are end children, which in my case, they were (or either only children). Their loud, obnoxious.. I mean outgoing personalities over-shadowed your abilities to be the life of the party or crack the joke everyone would still be laughing about the next day. Somehow you manage to float, but still seem like a background character. Once when my friends and I went out to subway, my friends who is an oldest sibling was buying lunch for everyone. He comes back to the table baring sandwiches and gives them to everyone, everyone’s enjoying their food (who coincidentally were end children) … Except for me! He forgot to buy me a freakin’ sandwich. I said, “Really Phillipe, because I wasn’t in the passenger’s side of your car when we drove here.” “Oh sorry,” he said. “I forgot.” I wanted to kick him in the balls.
  4. Again, as I mentioned in #3.. End children usually have HUGE personalities that make everyone want to sit with them! Usually these big things get in the way of the little personalities left to us middle children. Well FYI I know many middle children with abundant personalities.. It’s just that the big mouthed end pieces talk too much. Funny enough, that’s how my little sister (an end piece) got to be known as “The thing that won’t shut up, jr.” (my mom is #1.) Let us shine for once. Geez.
  5. Your parents love the end ones more than you. Maybe. Most likely. They say they don’t, but parents lie too. I remember a coworker telling me how one time he didn’t study for a test and asked his mom if he could miss school that day. She told him that the show must go on, and that maybe he’ll learn to study next time. He toughed it out and ended up with a C (not bad, eh?), but a week later his big brother who didn’t study for a test asked to miss school. Guess what? His mom let him miss school… You can only imagine how betrayed my coworker felt by his own mother dear. Don’t worry my friend, us middles know how that feels on occasion. Ouch.
  6. This isn’t another struggle. I just want the Malcolm in the middle, Alex Dunphy’s and others alike of the world to know that you matter and that of course your parents love you. Plus, I read a study that said middle children are more successful because being the “under-dog” they have more drive to achieve greatly at things. All Hail Middle children.
  7. Here’s a link of successful middle children (deserved or not) right here —->

What A Week To Be Alive!

There have been tons of premieres and debuts this week! First, this past Sunday, the highly-anticipated drake-future-mixtape-1mixtape “What A Time To Be Alive” (a collab with Drake and Future) dropped and fans went crazy! After their hit song “Where Ya At” released, there were talks of a collaboration coming soon and we finally got it. I must say, it lived up to the hype. Word on the street is, Kendrick Lamar and J. Cole have a project coming out soon also. We may even see something from Jay-Z and T.I. so stay on the lookout.

pWOAv3xGS7M.market_maxresThe music world wasn’t the only thing popping this week. Black Twitter’s favorite shows came back on air this week! The new season of Empire premiered this past Wednesday and it was definitely HOT. From Cookie being friendly with a lesbian to Lucious “handling” his business; it was an episode that had you holding on to your seat.

#TGIT is back! Gladiators got a chance to enjoy a spicy episode of Scandal this past Thursday and my, wasn’t it a scandal?! Fitz and Liv are back on while Mellie is being kicked to the curb. Some old favorites from last season that we thought were gone are also back in the picture!

It’s been a great time for Viola Davis since she became the first African American woman to receive an Emmy for the Best Actress in Drama. After Scandal, she has also returned to #TGIT with her hit show How T

how-to-get-away-with-murder-first-season.32058o Get Away With Murder. Tensions are rising among her students and the truth is slowly coming to thelight. We will have to wait to see how this all pans out!

Did you catch this week’s biggest moments? Let us know what you thought about them!

Michaela C., Associate Editor

Don’t Miss Out on the Imagine Music Festival

Imagine Music Festival (IMF) is a multi-day dance music and arts festival.  It will be held on August 29th and 30th in Atlanta, Georgia at Historic Fourth Ward Park and Masquerade Music Park.  The festival includes EDM acts, cirque style acts, and art installations.  Come and experience captivating performances!
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Your Favorite Music Fest is Back!

It’s almost that time again; ONE Musicfest is back with a bangin’ lineup! The event will take place on Saturday, September 12th at Aaron’s Amphitheater at Lakewood. Expect to be wow’d by artists such as SZA, Wale, Big Krit, Janelle Monae, Raury, and many, many more! The biggest surprise of all is that the Queen, Ms. Lauryn Hill, and The Roots will be there to take us back to the good ol’ days! You do not want to miss out on this star-studded event!

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Michaela C., Associate Editor

Celebrity Come-Back Kids

This summer must be the season of love because all of the celebrity couples who have once been single have now run into their new loves. The break-ups include: Ciara and Future, Nicki Minaj and Safaree, Nick Cannon and Mariah Carey, Amber Rose and Wiz Khlaifa, and Tyga and Blac Chyna. The more famous spouse out of two seemed to bounce back the fastest, but now the exes are clapping back.

Ciara and FutureCiara and Russell

We see now that Ciara has hooked up with handsome NFL player Russell Wilson. At first, when I saw them together I saw no connection. I saw this as a ploy to stage her comeback and disconnection from rapper Future, but the more see these two together, the more I like them. Now CiCi never really knew how to pick ’em; she’s got a bit of a past with unsuccessful relationships due to choice. There was rapper Bow Wow who was, for one, too short for her; I saw them as a publicity stunt anyways. Then there was rapper 50 Cent and as I’ve repeatedly said, I never suggest people in the industry dating rappers. I guess she never learned from dating those rappers because she ended up with an even more ratchet one; Future. Future already had a litany of Baby Mamas and I don’t know what drove Ciara to this one; maybe it was because they were both from Atlanta, but whatever the case may be, she ended up getting knocked up and he left her just like he left the others. Word on the street is that Future is now hooking back up with exes but if this thing is real with Russel, and he’s a better example for baby Future, and he’s not a stereotypical whore like many athletes, I’m all for it. Ciara wins.

Nicki and SafareeNicki and meekSafaree and ZashiaNick Minaj and Safaree probably had one of the most public break-ups of the year. It’s sad that after 10 years these two were able to hop on every media platform they could to tarnish each others name in some form. Safaree even tried her career saying he wrote many of her lyrics. Either way, it was trash and I’m glad they’re finally moving on. Nicki Minaj, as we all know, got swept up by rapper Meek Mill. As I said, industry people and rappers never mix so i don’t have high expectations for OMeeka but I will say that Meek seems to be completely infatuated with her and they’re going to make a lot of money if they stick it out. We’ll see. But Safaree finally decided to snatch him up a boo; she’s a make up artist by the name of Zashia. She’s no Nicki Minaj but she’s a beauty and we’ll see if he’s just trying to make Nicki jealous or if he’s really into this chick.

Mariah and James

Nick and MariahNick and Jessica

Nick and Mariah’s break up was the least shocking to everyone. We knew as soon as we heard the pair get married and then on top of that seem completely disconnected on their first interview that they would break up sooner or later. Nick has been rumored to be dating many women such as Amber Rose and so on but most rumors narrow down to model Jessica White. She’s a beauty and Nick Cannonhas a history of scandal with models. He hasn’t learned his lesson either but at least he’s getting his feet in the water. Now Mariah has tried her best to shine since her divorce. Even though her vocals weren’t promising, she had a show in Vegas that apparently did well and she’s been trying to work. Now she’s been seen with new billionaire and heir James Packer. We saw it work for Janet, maybe it will work for her. Perhaps the only one who can tame a diva is a man with enough money to give her everything she wants. Hopefully he’s a new match and Mariah can finally settle down.

Amber and WizAmber and MGK

Amber Rose and Wiz Kalifa’s marriage seemed to be going well but rappers will be rappers and Amber Rose will be Amber Rose. When she said she doesn’t even smoke weed I knew this wasn’t going to last. Amber is notorious for dating rappers, like remember Kanye, and now she’s moved on to a white one, Machine Gun Kelly or MGK. Maybe if the chocolate doesn’t taste so good anymore, you try vanilla. He’s probably the most out-of-the-spotlight rapper she can go for and he’s different so maybe he will adore her enough to keep her. But, if he has the same rap mentality as the others, I doubt it. No word on Wiz moving on but it’s surely to come. I just hope they co-parent better with their adorable son Bash. Amber’s got a type. Good luck girl.

Blac Chyna and J-LeonTyga and Kylie

tyga and Blac Chyna

Tyga and Blac Chyna had the saddest break-up of all to me. Tyga left his stripper girlfriend who had his son for a 17-year-old jobless piece of plastic. America has been disgusted by Tyga’s actions and deeming him a predator for illegally frolicking with Kylie Jenner. Kylie only knows what she sees being as though her older sister Kim is married to rapper Kanye West and Khloe was dating rapper French Montana. It makes sense that she would see fit dating one as well. Tyga is 24 and shouldn’t be entertaining girls at Kylie’s age. Even when she turns 18 it will still be a drag because they have been pursuing each other way before then and she honestly doesn’t seem mature enough even though she dresses like it. He’s been dragging her everywhere with him and Kylie has been dressing like a sexy grown woman anytime they go out. I think Kendall may be the only Jenner with some sense. At her age, I don’t think it will last with Kylie and Tyga, and Kylie definitely shouldn’t be responsible for raising Tyga’s baby King since she’s been seen in pictures with him. Blac Chyna obviously is disgusted as well as she’s expressed but luckily, boxer J’Leon Love came in to save the day. I could see this working out since Chyna is a big girl now but I hope he’s ready for a son. I’ll be watching.

Celebrity couple drama is so juicy. It seems as though they all look way better with the new baes though. I’ll be updating from time to time as new things brew, but for now, congrats to the exes who put a line through it and kept on trucking.