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Why “Straight Outta Compton” is a Must-See

This past weekend, I finally had the opportunity to view the new hit movie “Straight Outta Compton” which is all about the highs and lows of the infamous rap group, N.W.A. Saying that this is a good movie would be an under-statemstraight-outta-compton-MOVIEent. If you are looking for a movie that will make you laugh, cry, and grab hold of your seat, this movie is for you!

First off, the talent in the movie was impeccable. Every actor embodied the characters that they were portraying to a T. It was almost as if we were watching the actual characters themselves. The three main characters Ice Cube (O’Shea Jackson, Jr.), Dr. Dre (Corey Hawkins), and Eazy-E (Jason Mitchelstraight-outta1l) were definitely done justice in this movie. The three talented actors behind these roles performed beyond expectation in every scene. From their voices, body movements, and the cool in their walk, they did not just act, but BECAME these characters.

The movie not only showed issues that occurred within the group, but also in their community. It highlighted the issues of police brutality, drugs, financial struggles, and other everyday challenges within Compton. It is quite obvious that this film was created not only to entertain, but to also educate.

I personal give “Straight Outta Compton” not five, but five hundred stars! The cast, the story-line, the passion, the history…all simply phenomenal. It has been rumored that a sequel may be on the way. Let’s just say, I will be one of the first in line to purchase my ticket! LwoaE

Michaela C., Associate Editor

Climbing: A Rising Sport in Georgia

Need an adrenaline rushing hobby that works both mind and body?  Climbing may be the sport for you.  With over hundreds of rock climbing gyms in the United States, the sport of climbing has taken off.  I myself first began climbing on Currahee Mountain, a northeast Georgia mountain located in Toccoa.  It was such a thrill topping my first climb and looking down to see how far I had come.

For lovers of climbing, indoor gyms were like a dream come true. Now we can climb every season of the year without freezing our butts off or scorching our hands.  I look around now and have seen so many indoor gyms pop up around Georgia. Everyone that I’ve introduced climbing to have loved it and continue to do it.  It’s a such mental and physical workout.  You’re having to plan each move strategically, while working muscles you never even knew you had.

I was so thrilled to hear that my college was building a climbing gym in our new student center.  With so many student-athletes at my college it will give them all a fun new way of working out.  For those of you who have never climbed before, get out there and give it a try!  I promise you won’t regret it.  And as long as you have an experienced climber with you who knows how to belay, trust me, you won’t fall!  Those of you who are natives to the climbing gyms, give a couple mountains a try!  It’s a totally different feel, but in a totally good way!

Things To Do: The First Five Days of August In Atlanta

August 1st – World Tiger Day

Head on over to Zoo Atlanta to celebrate all things tiger!  Learn all about the rarest tiger species in the world, the Sumatran tiger.

When: 11:30 am – 3:30 pm

Enjoy a tiger training demonstration at 2:00 pm!

August 2nd – 2015 Coca-Cola Summer Film Festival

Where: Fox Theatre

When: 1:00 pm

“Come celebrate 40 years of Fabulous Films!”

August 3rd – Kids Eat Free at the Georgia Aquarium

Valid through August 13th, kids eat free with a purchase of a $29.95 ticket and adult meal!

August 4th – National Night Out

When: 6:30 – 8:00 pm

Enjoy a block party filled with food trucks and music in Downtown Atlanta.  The block party is hosted by the Neighborhood Planning Unit (NPU).

Visit their website for more information:

August 5th – Clean Power for Georgia Celebration


When: 12:00 – 1:30 pm

Where: Georgia State Capitol – Liberty Plaza, Corner of Capitol Ave & M.L.K. Jr. Drive

Show your support for a cleaner Atlanta!  The Environmental Protection Agency’s Clean Power Plan will create cleaner air, cleaner water, and more jobs for Georgian’s!

Your Guide to Urban Exploration

Need something new and different to do on the weekends but don’t want to spend too much money?  May I suggest a little urban exploration.  There’s something about venturing into the unknown and finding abandoned buildings with a group of friends.

Some go to get a thrill, some go to find cool things, and others are interested in finding the beauty of what is no longer what it used to be.  I’ve bee10999330_1578834969000245_7254843446423434545_on on many excursions to old abandoned buildings – some at night, some during the day.  Usually the ones at night were intended for us to get a little adrenaline pumping instead of sitting bored in our dorms all day.  We would walk through, holding hands, heart pumping, always hoping that we’ll get spooked, but not TOO spooked.  No one wants to ACTUALLY pee themselves.

Day time adventures are my personal favorite because I can take pictures and actually see the building in natural lighting.  Although the buildings are losing their old looks, they’re gaining new characteristics such as vines and erosion that give them a unique, beautiful look.  There’s a rich history to be accounted for once you really take a look at them.  Each place has a story to tell.

So whether you’re looking for a little midnight scare or a spot to set your camera up, get out of your dorm get in your car, and drive.  Here are a few tips to help you on your next adventure.

  1. Do your research.  The worst feeling is to hear that there is some awesome building at a specific location, which you drive all the way to, only to find that your information was out-of-date and now that building has been replaced by a Wendy’s.  So before loading up your car hop on your computer to make sure 1782510_1578834979000244_5883589651323414437_oyou’re not about to load up on carbs by consuming fries and burgers rather than feasting your eyes on some awesome urban decay.
  2. Don’t get locked up.  Be careful.  No building is worth getting locked up for.
  3. This tip is for those seeking a midnight scare.  Make sure to bring a solid group of friends.  Have a couple of guys (not just ones that act tough, but would scream like a girl at the sound of a creaking door) to put the more easily scared of the group at ease.
  4. My last piece of advice is to bring some type of weapon just in case something DOES happen.  Perhaps a bat or pepper spray to ward off potential monsters.  If there is a ghost, ask if its name is Casper.  If it says no, I have no advice.  Ghost Busters?

Best of luck!


Now don’t think I was going to go too long without clocking the BET Awards Red Carpet fashion. I have sat and debated and I have finally brewed a top 5 list for the best and worst fashion statements for this past weekend. they’re in order from worst to best.

Fashion Misses:

5. Brandy Norwood


This entire outfit confuses me. I don’t know if it’s the colors, I don’t know if it’s the shape, or maybe it’s the fact that you don’t wear big hair with a dress that flares out like your hair. Typically Brandy does well with fashion but this one wasn’t hitting it for me at all.

4. LaLa Anthony


I’m so disappointed in LaLa because she’s one of my favorite personalities and an inspiration to me, but either she needs to hire a new stylist or stop picking her own dresses because these patterns aren’t cohesive at all. I know everyone wants to do the bright summer colors…but we have to pick one girl.

3. Zendaya


Now Zendaya is one of my girl crushes but even though she looks queen in everything she wears, I have to be honest; this dress was a no. It looks like she took a button up from her ex boyfriend and spray painted it with glitter paint from Home Depot. The shoes and hair are beast and if she would have done another design of glitter dress and I could have appreciated the look. Still love you Z!

2. Lil’ Mama

Lil Mama

Lil’ Mama could have truly pulled this look off had she left out this mirror sequin you-tried-it in the front. She should have tried a simpler accessory to this suit. Maybe next time Lil’ Mama. I have to say this is better than usual though.

1. Debra Lee

debra lee

Debra Lee always looks a mess to me. I don’t think I’ve ever actually liked an outfit she’s worn. This is perhaps my favorite. She’s notorious for being boring and badly dressed and she didn’t let us down this year. It looks like an extra long man’s t-shirt. Debra, you’ve got to do better at some point.

Dishonorable mentions to Karrueche for whatever she had on and Natalie LeRose’s performance outfit.

Fashion Hits

5. Naturi Naughton


“Power”‘s Naturi was so bold in her orange and the young lady who broke the internet designed it. It compliments her body and it’s gorgeous. I love everything about it.

4. Ciara


Now there’s been some controversy over this dress but I have to say I like it. Ciara has the perfect physique to pull this look off and she looked beautiful. Thanks again for that Janet tribute. Go Ciara!

3. Janelle Monae


Even though everyone said she stole Lupita’s look, she definitely pulled it off. Janelle Monae looked ABOSLUTELY gorgeous! The hair, the dress, the shoes, the face…everything…gorgeous!

2. Janet Jackson

janet jackson

Janet FREAKING Jackson; we haven’t seen her in so long we forgot how much she slays. Her body was snatched, she looked like an angel, and whoever did her make up deserves an A plus. She strutted on that stage like an angel and she was outstandingly beautiful.

1. Jidenna


It’s about time we start recognizing men in fashion, especially our black men. I love everything about Jidenna’s fashion. He sings about being a “Classic Man” and he definitely looked like one. Thank you Jidenna! Show these black men how to dress!

Honorable mentions to Tracee Ellis Ross, Yazz, and Diggy for looking snazzy too!

Who else had the outfits of fleek at the BET Awards?

Orange Is The New Black Review


Season 3 of OITNB came a day early and I, along with everyone else, spent my entire weekend watching all 13 episodes in their entirety. I can’t get enough of Piper and the inmates and this season was obviously a season to dwell on the past. Many of the fans were curious pf some of the inmates stories on how they ended up in prison to begin with and this season answered all of those questions. We met more of their family members and loved ones and we found out why some of them act the way they do. The season started out kind of slow but picked up quickly and the drama at the end will have you glued to your screen.

Here’s a subtle summary of what happens that hopefully doesn’t spoil it too much but entices more people to watch it. I’ll just briefly go through the characters. Piper ended up completely involving herself in the prison lifestyle; she is reunited with her ex, has her eye on someone new at the same time, enters some illegal business within those walls, and she starts getting revenge on those who tried her. She ended the season being a total badass that you’ll either love or hate. Alex gets caught up in some mess and returns to prison to rekindle the fire with Piper and jump on an emotional roller coaster with her over and over again during her attempts to support her even through her bad decisions. Suzane “Crazy Eyes” grows from being a loner to finally being accepted by the other inmates for her hidden talent. Nicky makes a huge mistake she’ll regret for the rest of her life.We are invited into Tiffany’s past and it comes back to haunt her. Red is faced with the hard truth from her family but she also gets the opportunity to get back to her old grind. Taystee taps into her motherly instincts. We find out “P” has a horrible addiction that strays her away for while. Daya gives birth to her baby and after some arguing decides on who is going to care for the baby after its birth. Morello struggles to find love with a man behind bars. Gloria is faced with the bad decisions her children have made since she’s been gone. Sophia struggles with raising her son and gets into some disagreements. Tsotso finally finds somewhere to fit in. The beautiful model Ruby Rose is introduced as a new character and seduces an unexpected inmate. Caputo struggles with power. And there are more characters where that came from.

If you haven’t seen it already, snag your boyfriends Netflix password and take a chance on it. Each episode is about 45 minutes with the finale being a little over an hour and you can watch it on your own time. It’s not a chick show so you can watch it with your significant other or a mature family member but I wouldn’t recommend it with a mom or children because there is definitely some profanity, sex, and nudity. This season was just as satisfying as the others leaving us with a cliff hanger that guarantees that next season is going to be awesome.

Game of Thrones Comes to a Close


I think I ran out of tissue from crying after the end of Game of Thrones season 5 because I didn’t want it to end. The dragons, the white walkers, and the wolves; what’s more to ask? I don’t want to spoil the season so I’ll just review it in the most discreet way that I possibly can.

If you’re living under a rock and aren’t watching, here’s the basis of the show: it’s a fantasy and adventure show set in the 15th century most likely.There are 7 different kingdoms and every kingdom wants power. Some have definite leaders while other fight over who is to be in charge. There has been many wars among the kingdoms and things get pretty gruesome with enemies. If you are skittish about blood, guts, death, beastly sex, and nudity then this is probably not the show for you, but even though that’s all the media talks about, understand that there is a story line and lessons to be learned within each episode. In fact, there’s several different story lines. You’ve got the Dothraki with Khaleesi or Daenerys Targaryen who was wed of to a king and ended up being quite the ruler herself. Then there’s the Night Guard who gets confronted with some spooky and unexpected company. There’s Kings Landing featuring a VERY dysfunctional royal family. The Stark siblings are forced out into the world at too early of an age and are dealing with excruciating circumstances every day. The Iron Islands are fighting every day for what is there’s no matter what they have to do. The Wildlings are living on the wild side and they’re tough as nails and nobody wants to face them. And all of those are understatements and there’s plenty more houses where that came from. You will learn about good vs. evil, karma, love, and envy and each season keeps getting better and better. Here’s a trailer to get your attention:

If you’ve got HBO, watching this show isn’t a waste of time. This is also clearly a show that you’re probably going to want to watch from the beginning because things can be pretty confusing if you try to jump in right in the middle of a season but it’s still going to be very entertaining. And please don’t watch this one with your kids. Even if the show’s genre isn’t really your thing, you’ll become a fan of it simply because of the acting, plot, setting, and special effects. Every episode of the show is like a movie and you will complete it feeling full. Sadly, season 5 has come to a close, but, no worries, there will be a season 6. The only bad part is we have to wait a year for the return. Patience Game of Thrones Fans….in the words of Jon Snow, “next season is comin’.”