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Climbing: A Rising Sport in Georgia

Need an adrenaline rushing hobby that works both mind and body?  Climbing may be the sport for you.  With over hundreds of rock climbing gyms in the United States, the sport of climbing has taken off.  I myself first began climbing on Currahee Mountain, a northeast Georgia mountain located in Toccoa.  It was such a thrill topping my first climb and looking down to see how far I had come.

For lovers of climbing, indoor gyms were like a dream come true. Now we can climb every season of the year without freezing our butts off or scorching our hands.  I look around now and have seen so many indoor gyms pop up around Georgia. Everyone that I’ve introduced climbing to have loved it and continue to do it.  It’s a such mental and physical workout.  You’re having to plan each move strategically, while working muscles you never even knew you had.

I was so thrilled to hear that my college was building a climbing gym in our new student center.  With so many student-athletes at my college it will give them all a fun new way of working out.  For those of you who have never climbed before, get out there and give it a try!  I promise you won’t regret it.  And as long as you have an experienced climber with you who knows how to belay, trust me, you won’t fall!  Those of you who are natives to the climbing gyms, give a couple mountains a try!  It’s a totally different feel, but in a totally good way!

Being a Student-Athlete: What To Expect

“BURRR! BURRR! BURRR! BURRR!”  It’s 5:00 A.M. and you reach for your phone to turn the most annoying alarm clock tone you could find off.  After literally rolling out of bed you pull your sweats and t-shirt on, brush your teeth, grab a granola bar and run out of your dorm to your 6 A.M. practice, which you have to be 30 minutes early to because “If you’re early you’re on time.  If you’re on time you’re late.”

For those of you that don’t recognize this absurdity, this is what the average college athlete’s preseason looks like.  For two weeks you wake up to that alarm, eat that granola bar, and run your tail off trying to get in shape for the season.  This is all before attending a few classes, then an afternoon practice, then more classes, then night practice.  That’s right… practice three times a week, for two weeks, every August, for four years.

This is usually the make-or-break moment for students; when they find out if it’s just too much for them or not.  For the ones that do make it through those first two weeks, there is some good news: it gets better!  Those morning practices will lessen until eventually you will just have one practice every day, along with two or three games a week.

Being an athlete and a student really can be a difficult experience.  You REALLY have to know how to manage your time and make sure to get all your homework done in between all of the running around.  However, from experience I know that it can also be one of the most rewarding experiences.

You will get stressed, you will feel overwhelmed, and you will want to quit.  You may find yourself wondering why you didn’t take the easier route, but after that first month you realize why it’s all worth it.

Below are a list of things that I learned and gained from my experience as a student-athlete:

  1. You learn how to be passionate.  There’s something to be said about someone who chooses to commit to a sport in college, especially when you aren’t getting a scholarship to play.  This dedication will flow into your life later on and then no matter what your dreams are you will go after them.  Someone who is passionate about something can go a long way.
  2. Time-management.  I learned that this is one of the most important things to implement while being a student-athlete.  You’ll want to hang out with friends, make new friends, go on adventures, and maintain a 3.0 GPA or higher, all while still wanting to kick ass in your sport.  It can be tough, but if you’re able to manage your time efficiently and prioritize then you’ll do just fine.  By my second year I really understood what it meant to manage my time and now I’m almost a pro. ALMOST.
  3. Patience.  You’ll never be alone.  Every single day you will be with the same group of people.  Sometimes you will get tired of them, sometimes you will fight in the locker room, either way you have to find a way to get along with one another.  If not for each other, for the team.  I witnessed so many of my teammates go at each others throats (figuratively) over silly arguments or gossip, but then after a couple of days get over it and become best friends again.  When you’re stuck with people you pretty much learn how to live with each other.  For better or for worse.
  4. Your body needs you.  I never realized how important exercise and 10622731_10154620221665790_7717786854986258412_nwhat I eat and drink were until playing soccer in college.  If you don’t stretch enough you’ll tear something, if you stretch too much you’ll tear something, if you eat too little you’ll wear your body out, and if you drink a little too much you’ll feel like a slug the next day at practice.  (No, I’m not talking about drinking water..)  It’s all about balancing what you eat and how much you exercise.
  5. You will have a home away from home.  Being a part of a college team allowed me to make friends that I will have for life.  We all endured the same early practices, injuries, and “tough love” from our coach.  We became a family.  If you saw one of us in the cafeteria, you saw all of us.

I could literally write a book about what it’s like to be a student-athlete, but for now I hope this gave you enough insight.  Just remember: it’s a strange, stressful, crazy, but amazing experience that you will grow so much from.  (Not to mention, getting up for work in the “real world” will seem like a piece of cake!)

Deflate gate Controversy all in a nutshell

If you’ve been living under a rock and haven’t been watch any type of sports channels or networks , Deflate gate is the biggest scandal since the bounty gate with the New Orleans saints back in 2012. Now you may all know how this happen or you might not but it all started with a whistle blower known as the Indianapolis colts calling the Patriots out deflating the balls in the second quarter of AFC Divisional game , if you watched the game the refs changed the balls out in the second half of the game because they had the kicking ball out instead of the game ball . Now if your any type of football enthusiast you know that  it’s impossible for the quarterback to go back to the locker room to deflate the ball and then come back out and play the game for the second half of the game, especially not under the helm of Bill Belichick that just not going to fly an another thing  not in the history of football that I’ve been watching in 2007 have I ever seen a ref put out a kicking ball instead of a game ball that was kind of odd to me that they had the kicking ball instead of the game ball. Roger Goodell  the commissioner of the National Football League say’s that the Patriots messed up the integrity of the game by deflating the balls to have the advantage over the colts , first of all how can you have an advantage over a team that has to do the same thing you do on offense and defense just calling different plays you still have to catch the ball or drop the ball you still have to tackle or sack the quarterback so how is that anyway an advantage were both using the same balls as the other teams.The teams are allowed to bring their own balls to the games like all the rest of the 32 teams when its game times they have to pick out twelve game balls both the visiting team and the home team , to my knowledge Tom Brady said that he picked out twelve game balls and those balls are perfect and he doesn’t want anybody touching them or messing with them when they are picked out to him those twelve balls are perfect. So you mean to tell me that Brady after all those years of being with the Patriots and going through the same routine over and over for years that this game out of all the AFC Championship games that he’s played that he would deflate balls for the colts, let me give you some information about the Colts and the Patriots we’ve played them four years straight and have blew them out the water in record breaking scores and you think that the poster boy of the NFL would deflate the balls for this AFC Championship game against the colts, who we played last time in the playoff to get an advantage to go to the Super Bowl!?!? really commissioner come with something better than that and let’s not get me started on how you single handily ruined the integrity of NFL by lying to NFL fans that you never seen the tape of Ray Rice Cold Cocking his wife in the elevator and dragging her out of the elevator like a rag doll.


NBA Finals Flashing!

After Game 4 last night the NBA Finals series is officially tied up with the Golden State Warriors and the Cleveland Cavaliers both snatching 2 wins. So much was going on during this game I don’t even know where to begin; Riley Curry was adorable as usual, LeBron James got gashed in the head, the Warriors snagged a 21 point win against the Cavs, and more! But the main event is LeBron giving us a peek of his package during the game…but I’ll save that for last!

First of all Riley graced us with her appearance at the game in Cleveland to support her daddy and as always, Steph Curry swept in for his good luck kiss. Riley seems to truly adore her father and those kisses appear to make her feel sooo special! Take a look at the precious moment here:

Next, Lebron seemed to lose his balance briefly after missing a shot and fell right into the audience. Now this isn’t abnormal; players fall into the audience all the time in basketball because they’re so close to the fans but LeBron fell right into a camera lens and he began to bleed from his head. Ouch! They had to stop the game and assess him. He still sucked it up and finished the game, so, kudos to him and he seems to be doing fine as well. Watch the accident here:

At the end of the game the Warriors ended up with the win; a win that was the highest point gap in the finals so far. I like to call the Warriors the comeback kids because no matter if they’re winning or losing, they’re so good at inching up close to the opposing teams score and keeping the fans on the edge of their seats. I don’t know if their adrenaline doesn’t kick in until the fourth quarter but, boy, do they wake up! They beat Cleveland in their own home. Congrats to the Warriors! Ya made Riley proud!

And lastly, LeBron decided to flash his unmentionables during the game. OK, I don’t think he did it on purpose but what an accident! LeBron seemed to be adjusting his shorts and spandex and the camera was hot. He briefly, and I’m saying very briefly, showed us his no-no and many fans caught it. Here’s the censored footage if you missed it live:

All-in-all, the NBA finals are definitely worth watching. Riley comes through, the games get down to the nitty gritty, and LeBrown has balance and wardrobe malfunctions. If you want to get in on all the action, Game 5 will be this Sunday at 8pm on ABC!

Steph Curry’s Daughter: Cute or Cutting Up?


Riley Curry has became an overnight sensation after her first performance during Daddy Steph Curry’s press conference on May 19th. And now she’s at it again! Yesterday she let the world know who’s running the Curry household!

The first time we were introduced to little Riley we immediately learned that she was not camera shy nor does she have stage fright. She yawned loudly, told her dad which side of his lap she wanted to sit on, told her dad to be quiet, and then waved to the cameras. She was reportedly crawling underneath the table as well. Many of the attendees were frustrated with Riley saying she was a distraction and a nuisance. My initial thought was, “Hey, it was probably her first time in front of people like this and she got excited.” I thought she was adorable. If you haven’t see her, here’s a clip:

Now the second time even her father said into the mic, “She’s too comfortable”, and indeed she was. This time she took it up a notch by walking while the curtains were over her head, yawning louder and proceeding to lay down,  giving her gum to what appears to be an employee, and grabbing the mic while singing Big Sean and Drake’s hit “Blessed” …twice. Drake even posted a clip of her singing it on his Instagram page. Steph Curry tried to release her but she found her way back to the center stage. Again, the people there complained and now I’m kind of seeing where they’re coming from. Here’s the video of that one:

Now the question is, is Riley a bad child or is she just being a kid? I looked at it from both sides. First of all, the girl is only 2 years old…what 2-year-old is going to hold still for that long? 2-year-old’s don’t have great attention spans and they’re very difficult to control. No one can predict what they may do. She’s probably a princess and is given everything her heart desires. Obviously her dad is completely smitten with her and has accepted her ways.

On the flip side, I have a younger sister and when she was that age my dad NEVER allowed her to conduct herself in that manner. Many parents on social media were concerned if the child is being disciplined at all. Steph didn’t really try to take control of the child once she started acting up. She’s cute, but is she too cute for a spanking? Maybe she’s a bit spoiled. The first time may have been a fail but something should have changed the second time around.

Perhaps the best solution is to stop bringing the toddler to press conferences. That way the Curry family can raise their child as they please and nobody would be worried about her. (Not that Steph is worried because he doesn’t seem to care.) She’s clearly not shy at all, so they could channel her energy into doing some commercials or something. Use that gift for something positive and give her something to do. She doesn’t seem interested in being there anyways. Plus, during the press conference I didn’t pay attention to anything Steph Curry was saying because I was gawking over Riley. Steph Curry, if you care anything about your press conferences I would say leave your precious angel at home and spoil her all day if you please.

Lebron James Exercises Early Termination Option, Becomes Free Agent

lebron-james-basketball-headshot-photoIt appears that Lebron James can’t take the heat!

According to his agent, Richie Paul, James is opting out of his contract with the Miami Heat and will become a free agent. James was supposed to make $20 million with the Heat next season, and he had two years left on his contract. The deadline to opt out of his contract is June 30th.

The Heat lost this year’s NBA Championship to the San Antonio Spurs. In 2012 and 2013, James led the Heat to victory and earned two Championship rings.


BREAKING: Donald Sterling Banned For Life

NBA Commissioner Adam Silver
NBA Commissioner Adam Silver

Earlier today, NBA Commissioner Adam Silver announced that Donald Sterling is banned for life.

Sterling, owner of the Los Angeles Clippers, was allegedly heard on recordings released by TMZ and Deadspin making racist comments while arguing with his girlfriend, Vanessa Stiviano. As promised, the NBA conducted a thorough investigation and it was determined that the male voice heard on the recordings belongs to Sterling.

Sterling is not allowed at any NBA games, practices or activities, he is banned from all LA Clippers facilities and he is not allowed to partake in any of the team’s operations. He is also barred from attending NBA Board of Governors meetings, and he may be forced to sell the team.

Sterling was fined $2.5 million which, Silver says, will be donated to organizations that advocate against discrimination.

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