everythingexclusive2.jpgOn August 12, 2012, Everything Exclusive Magazine made its grand debut into the world of Journalism. One year, over three hundred articles and thousands of views later, our magazine has become one of the best online news outlets.

I’m so proud of our staff, past and present. I’m glad that this magazine is truly helping everyone build their careers. I’m happy that our hard work is paying off. I’m excited that the vision for this magazine is coming to life!

This magazine has grown tremendously, and it’s still growing. We have a solid Marketing/PR team to help us kick-start year number two, we are opening up new columns, we have more writers and we are opening up an entirely new department! (Be sure to check our listings for opportunities.)

I know I write this all of the time, but we all really appreciate all of the support. I still can’t believe the amount of support we receive and it feels awesome to know that so many people believe in us and rely on us to give them timely news in music, college life, fashion, health and beauty, love and relationships and a host of other subjects. Our first year was great; it will definitely go down in history.

That said, you haven’t seen the best of us yet, so stay tuned! Year number two is about to be GOOD.

Don’t believe us, just watch!

Raena, Editor-in-Chief

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