This summer, Seth MacFarlane decided to take his talents somewhere other than television.  MacFarlane wrote, directed and stars in the blockbuster film Ted. The movie also stars Mark Wahlburg and Mila Kunis, who is no stranger to MacFarlane’s projects. According to grossmoviepool.com, Ted has grossed over $240 million.

Ted tells the story of a young boy named John Bennett (Wahlburg), who received a teddy bear for Christmas. Since the boy has no real friends, he wished that his bear could come to life so they could really be best friends. To John and his family’s surprise, his bear, Ted (MacFarlane), really comes to life the next morning. John’s mother even compared Ted to baby Jesus. Ted instantly becomes famous because of his unique story however all good things must come to an end because like  most reality TV stars, Ted only had fifteen minutes of fame. 

As John grew up, Ted became less innocent. Ted and John spend most of their time smoking weed and watching old TV shows. The only person other than Ted that John hangs out with is his girlfriend Lori (Kunis). Lori and John’s relationship is not going the way Lori wants it to because John spends too much time with Ted and he is not acting like a man in his mid thirties. John tells Ted to get his own apartment and his own job. Ted gets a job by telling the owner of a grocery store that he had the owner’s wife’s box in his mouth. Even though Ted has his own place, Ted still spends lots of time with John. John’s relationship is still at risk and Ted’s life becomes at risk when he meets a creepy man that has been stalking him.

Ted is one of the most hilarious movies to come out in years. Seth MacFarlane does not disappoint with any of his projects and Ted is no different. Every joke made the entire theatre burst out in laughter. Each actor chosen was perfect for their role. Even Wahlburg’s Boston accent was perfect.  Although this movie is a comedy, there is a scene that may be a tear jerker for crybabies like me.

This movie is not for all audiences. Children should definitely not go see Ted. Even though Ted looks like a cuddly bear and is appealing to them Ted is extremely vulgar. This was expected considering Macfarlane is the creator of Family Guy and American Dad which are two cartoons that contain a lot of dirty jokes. I also recommend people who are not comfortable with profanity or sexual references avoid this movie. However, Ted can bring out the silliness in some of the most uptight people. Even my mother laughed at Ted’s dirty jokes. . Hopefully there will be a sequel that will make audiences laugh just as much as the original.

If you have not seen Ted I recommend you go to the nearest theatre because you are missing out. Ted is absolutely a must see. By the end of the movie you will want more. You will want to see it again and again. The jokes will still be just as funny. This movie was the best comedy of the year and in my mind the best movie of the year.

Author: Bianca W.

Originally published August 12, 2012

Hair Breakage 101

Stopping and Preventing Hair Breakage

         Every woman wants beautiful, lustrous and most importantly healthy hair.   Whether you close to wear your hair long or short, dry, damaged and unhealthy hair is never appealing.  When we fail to pay attention to our hair, breakage is usually the result.  Hair breakage is the devil, especially when you are trying to grow your hair.  Breakage can transform shoulder length hair into ear length hair. When you notice your hair breaking off, you must find the source of the problem.  You can deep condition and oil your scalp all you want; while these are good steps to take the problem will continue if you do not know the correct solution.  Hair breakage can result from two things: a lack of protein or a lack of moisture.

                Now we already know the obvious things to avoid breakage:  moisturize, detangle from the ends to the root, etc.  However, if you want to stop your hair from breaking you will have to pay attention and efficiently identify what it needs.  Hair that breaks from lack of protein is totally different from hair that breaks from lack of moisture and therefore, requires two very different approaches.  Essentially you want to create a regimen that will give your hair the perfect balance of protein and moisture.  Hair that either has too much protein or too much moisture will break.  How do you know where your hair stands in all of this? The answer is a wet assessment.  While your hair is wet comb your hair normally and touch it. Pay special attention towhat your hair does as you comb through it.  

                If, during the wet assessment, your hair stretches a little more than normal and breaks, stretches more than normal and doesn’t spring back, or feels week, gummy or mushy you need more protein.  This means your hair is over moisturized; yes, it is possible to over moisturize.  Hair that has too much moisture and not enough protein will be extremely elastic and stretch more because it lacks a protein structure.   It will always stretch before it breaks.  If your hair has too much moisture, add some protein product into your regimen.

                If, during the wet assessment, your hair barely stretches or doesn’t stretch at all then breaks, feels brittle, rough, hard and tough or if you’re just unsure you need more moisture.  Lack of moisture is the most common cause for hair breakage.  Some people neglect moisturizing and others don’t moisturize correctly.  I know what you’re thinking, “What do you mean by moisturizing incorrectly?  All you need is oil right?”  Many women use oil as a moisturizer when oil is actually a sealant.  This means it is supposed to seal moisture.  The molecules that make up oil are too large to penetrate the hair shaft so it sits on the outside and gives the hair shine so it appears to be moisturized.  The correct way to moisturize is to apply a moisturizing product and then apply oil to seal in the moisture.  If you apply oil before you moisturize or use oil as a moisturizer you are actually keeping moisture from penetrating the hair shaft.

                If, during the wet assessment, your hair stretches slightly then returns to its original length with no breaking you hair has the perfect combination of protein and moisture.  Focus on maintaining this balance.  Listen to your hair so you will know what to do when.  There is no set schedule that will help you achieve and maintain balance.  When your hair wants protein, give it some protein.  If it wants moisture, give it some moisture.  Maintaining this balance will become easier with experience.  Keep working at it, finding a regimen that works for you will take time.  Different hair types will require different product brands.  Chemically treated hair will most likely need more protein than normal while most natural tresses need moisture.  Frequently wet asses your hair and give it what it needs.  Once you achieve balance your hair will begin to look healthy, beautiful and you will be able to obtain any length you desire.

Author:  Brandi Giles

Originally posted August 12, 2012

A Historic Win for Texas Western and a Historic Win for Equality


       Before there were a Michigan’s Fab Five (considered to revolutionize the game of basketball), there was one team that stood against all odd and obstacles to partake in what can be considered the greatest upset in college basketball history. Not any of Carolinas, Duke, or UCLA teams. However, it was the 1966 Texas Western (now known as University of Texas at El Paso)  team who broke down barriers in order for young African Americans to participate in athletic collegiate program. So, you’re might wondering what their accomplishments…….Not only did they defeat the legendary Adolph Rupp‘s all mighty and all-white Kentucky team (which Hall of Fame Pat Riley played on) to win the 1966 NCAA championship.However, in the 1966 NCAA Finals, Texas Western presented the first all-black starting line-up from their roster. This monumental moment was later transformed into the 2006 American sports film “Glory Road”. It shows a depiction all the events leading to the 1966 NCAA Basketball Championship game. While Blacks couldn’t play at the majority of the Southern and Southwestern schools in the mid 60’s, Haskins recruited them from the states of Indiana, Michigan, and New York. This inspired the Southeastern Conference the following year to integrate basketball teams.

       What may inspire Coach Don Haskins to start all 5 African-Americans for the 1966 NCAA Finals? According to the starting Center for the Miners, David Lattin, it was inform to the team from their coach that Rupp had said in a press conference that five black players could not defeat five white players. Even from thoughts of white superiority believe that black were inferior and even too dumb to excel in the game of basketball. Through the process, Texas Western player endure and was the target of racial hatred in sports. Considering this was during a time where the Civil Rights Movement led by leaders such as Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., Rosa Parks, and Jesse Jackson, the Miners were able to bring attention to the injustice and inequality in the sports world. The courage of Don Haskins to looked at the athletic skills of a player rather than the skin tone of a player help change society in as looking at abilities of a person and not the appearance. There have been many great accomplishments since the 1966 NCAA Championship game.

       Williams Robinson became the first African American head coach of a major college basketball program at Illinois State in 1970. In 1984, John Thompson, Jr. became the first African-American head coach to win the NCAA Men’s Division I Basketball Championship when the Georgetown Hoyas defeated the University of Houston 84-75. In 2007, his son, John Thompson III, led the Hoyas to the Final Four becoming the first father-son coaching duo, regardless of race, to lead their respective teams to a Final Four appearance. Tubby Smith was the first African-American coach at University of Kentucky at Lexington where he won a NCAA Division I Championship in 1998. In top 25 list of all-time scorers in NCAA-Division I history, more than half of the players are African-American.

Author: Raven Williams

Originally published August 12, 2012

The Next Generation

       It is strange to think that the music of today well be what the next generation will call old school music.

       Imagine, receiving a phone call home sometime in the future stating that when your kindergartener was asked to sing their favorite old school song, their song of choice was “Pop that Pussy” by Little Wayne. True, it may have its comical aspects, but that is not the legacy of music that the next generation should be idolizing, especially at such a young age.

       The music of our current generation is good quality music and there are dozens of talented artist scattered throughout the various genres of music. Yet many songs and many artist that perform now a day are not the real pioneers and are not what the next generation should view as the original. Many of the rhythms, beats and styles that we have today, generated from past accomplishments. An example would be the song Tutti Frutti originally performed by Little Richard in 1955; but has recently been transformed into the song, Da Wop by Lil Chuckee. The 2012 remake of Little Richard song utilizes the bridge of the song which reads, “A wop bop-a-lu a whop bam boo” while the rest of the song displays modern rap. Lil Chuckee’s version of the song, though wildly popular today, should not replace Little Richard’s original performance of the song in the eyes of the next generation. Replacing the original song would be the equivalence of kidnapping someone else’s child. You are taking something that someone else dedicated so much time and energy into, and then you manipulating it into something that profits you.  It is not the intentions of the one remaking the song to take credit away from the true artist, though that is exactly what occurs because younger individuals do not know who the real artist is.  Can you imagine people giving credit to Chris Brown for Michael Jackson’s famous dance moves? 

       Another powerful example would be The Beatles, an English four man rock and roll group from the 1960’s. They made history and their musically talents carried them to numerous heights. According to the Rolling Stone Encyclopedia of Rock and Roll “The impact of the Beatles – not only on rock & roll but on Western culture – is simply incalculable. As musicians, they proved that rock & roll could embrace a limitless variety of harmonies, structures and sounds; virtually every rock experiment has some precedent on Beatle records.”“Although many of their sales and attendance records have since been surpassed, no group has so radically transformed the sound and meaning of rock & roll.”

       Artist from past generations were the way makers for our current generation and we have an obligation to keep the real old school music alive and to make sure the way makers are not forgotten and continue to be known for their grand accomplishments.

       So when the opportunity presents itself to ask a child of the next generation whom their favorite old school singer is, more than likely many people would not want the answer to be Lil Wayne or Gucci Mane. Be there for the next generation so that their answers will be more along the lines of Marvin Gaye, Whitney Houston, Smokey Robinson, Frankie Beverly and Maze, Tina Turner, or Ray Charles. Save future generations, be a leader and just be cautious of what your children define as original. Teach the children of tomorrow so that they may prosper.

Article and Photography by Tabia Wade

Originally published August 12, 2012

A Change is Coming: Revolution of Track and Field

       Sonya Richards-Ross, Nick Symmonds, Leo Manzano, Lolo Jones. If you have been keeping up with the 2012 Olympics in London, these athletes’ names look fairly familiar. They have all medaled or are expected to medal in their respected events. But there is also a darker side to this story, the fact that many Olympians, no matter how great their accomplishments are living on food stamps, living below the poverty line, or just struggling to make ends meet. And why is this? Simply because the National Governing Bodies fail to acknowledge the structure for a sport once deemed “amateur” has drastically shifted unto a more “professional” spectrum. 

       Now, let’s go over some facts. Fourteen United States Olympic Committee employees earned from $238,910 to $742,367 in salaries and bonuses including the Marketing Managing Director, Mitchell Poll, and CEO Scott Blackmun. (Hersh) As an Olympic athlete I would be infuriated. Though not forced to become Olympic athletes, many have turned Track and Field into a career, not a past-time, but their equivalent to a 9 to 5 full-time job. Just ask Sonya Richards-Ross who tweeted: 

“The bottom line is it cost lots money to be one of the best in the world. If we could get free food, medical, coaching etc. ….It would be ideal but others aren’t held to same standards that athletes are. We lack patriotism bc we want to earn living? …Where do we draw the line? The Olympics is the greatest platform for most athletes (track, swimming) etc and regulations make it… Impossible to capitalize on! Other countries fund their Olympians so that they can stay in the sport! US Olympians deserve the same!!!”

 ” With $6 billion exchanging hands during the Olympics why do the athletes compete for free?!? #QuestionsThatNeedAnswers#WeDemandChange”

       Nick Symmonds, an 800m runner representing the U.S. in London, has been on a campaign this summer, trying to bring awareness to sponsorship discrepancies at the Olympic games.

We’d run for free, if every1 offered their services 4 free,all in the spirit of patriotism,but since they aren’t we shouldn’t-@NickSymmonds”  (Ryan)

       The International Association of Athletics Federations and the International Olympic Committee want to protect their event sponsors, like Coca-Cola, Proctor & Gamble, Visa, and General Electric. They have a policy where athletes are not allowed to represent their individual sponsors in any way because it could lessen an investment with event sponsors.

       With this current uproar in America’s most prominent athletes, it seems as if the tides are turning. More attention is being brought upon the horrible injustices of not allowing private sponsorships, logos on uniforms, as well as making the shift from “amateur based” guidelines to those of a “professional athlete”. The governing bodies can either give Olympic athletes what they ask, which is rights to individual sponsorships instead of bankrupting them into an early withdrawal from the sport, or return the sport to its previous tenure by retaining its amateurism, losing all of the large sponsorships it holds.

Author: Stanley McLaughlin, II

Originally published August 12, 2012

The Thirst

School is right around the corner and for each of us, that means something very different. You are either a freshman turning the page on a new chapter of life, a rising senior who is now on top of the world only a year away from that long sought after degree, a sophomore who just finished their freshman year and had the longest summer of their life and can’t wait to get back in the saddle, or a junior who’s looking way ahead to their turn on the mountaintop. Regardless of your classification, I know all of us are excited to be back to the best time of our lives, also known as college.

Part of college is “The Thirst”. This epidemic has scoured the nation turning men and women from viable candidates for romantic partnership into mongrels who will climb onto the nicest set of abs or a girl with a nice backside. Freshmen, especially, are susceptible to this condition since they’ve spent four years pretty much seeing the same people every day and became accustomed to the few outliers of attractive people in their schools. But upon seeing tens of thousands of potentially beautiful people everywhere you go, it is understandable why one could lose their mind. You thought you were better than that, right? A little parched behavior now and then is fine when we see someone we find especially attractive, but to faun over someone like they are an oasis in a desert is just plain sad. So here are a few quick tips at avoiding thirsty individuals and making sure that you don’t become one yourself.

1)        Remember that there are literally plenty of fish in the sea. No one guy or girl will possibly be the finest. If anything, having so much “fineness” around should make them look more normal to you by comparison.

2)        You will not meet your future wife/husband in the club. Not saying some story hasn’t gone down that way, but come on. Name anyone who goes to the club looking to get married. Wait until the next day and go to church or something.

3)        If you want to avoid thirst-induced stalkers, then don’t get big headed. I know, I know; attention is really awesome. But playing along will have very creepy and annoying men/women blowing up your phone or annoying you in the streets.

4)        Never ride solo. You know having friends around is an automatic excuse to reject someone or your friend could even serve as your enforcer to reject them for you. Plus, when you are in a pack, a thirsty individual is much less likely to approach you.

5)        Compliments are cool, but how about some conversation? Avoid people whose only agenda is flirting with you. We all flirt, whether we know it or not, but meaningful conversation is a must if you want to deal with a person. That goes for friendships and relationships. Constantly flirting with someone without getting to know them screams that you have ill intentions for them.

Well that’s all I have to say for now. Let us all enjoy this ever so awesome time of year as we head back to our awesome lives as college students. The thirst is real, but don’t let it dehydrate you or make you dehydrated yourself.

Author: Erick

Originally published August 12, 2012

Originally published August 12, 2012