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Back To School Looks

I need of some unique looks for your back-to-school look?  I’ve found some ADORABLE things online recently that I just had to share!

  1. This Elephant Backpack – http://www.landofnod.com – Only $29.00!


2. This Black Fringe Coldshoulder Tee – Find it at http://www.loveculture.com – Only $19.95!

If you’re looking for something different and trendy, try fringe!  I love this piece because you can never go wrong with a coldshoulder shirt.  Plus, it’s super lightweight so it won’t be too hot for this muggy August weather!


3. Look ultra slimming in high-waisted pants, shorts, and skirts!


4. They’re lowering the heels for us, ladies!  All over the runways they had these loafer-type heels.  They’re lower, more comfortable, and have a bigger heel so we aren’t QUITE as wobbly.


I’ll keep my eye out for more trendy looks to make you stand out, while being up-to-date on everything chic!

A College Girls Guide to Glammin’ On a Budget!

As a college girl myself, I am always looking for ways to cut corners when it comes to spending money. We all know that being a college student can be quite expensive, but happens when you barely have money left to maintain your beauty needs? You find cheaper options! Here are a b595c3f53d1ab0c5512f5506284b6230some of my favorite ways to keep it cute on a budget.

Shop e.l.f.! My favorite cosmetics line is e.l.f. Cosmetics for two reasons: their products are of great quality and they are super cheap! You can get makeup/makeup tools for as low as $1 on their site and in Target. If you sign up online, you get free shipping offers and coupons once in awhile which is another bonus. One online purchase that I made only came to the total of about $3 (including my free shipping code) and that included three lipsticks all on sale for $0.49 (you read that correctly) and one tube of lip gloss for a little over $1. You cannot beat those kinds of deals!

Try wigs! No, I don’t mean borrow your grandmother’s wigs, but there are tons of sites with really cute wigs for low prices. I have not personally purchased a wig yet, but after watching numerous wig reviews on YouTube, I am convinced that wigs are great options rather than getting expensive sew-ins. If you’re not completely sold on trying out a wig, sites like http://www.wigtypes.com and http://www.sistawigs.com carry inexpensive weaving hair as well. Here’s a look at one of my favorite YouTubers who made me fall in love with this idea:

Thrift, thrift, THRIFT! I am a huge believer in the saying “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure,” especially when it comes to thrifting for clothes! I find all of my vintage looks from thrift stores for $3-$10 while other stores sell these looks for way more. A thrift store is also a great place to find business casual pieces which are necessities for almost all college students! Check out http://www.thriftingatlanta.com to participate in their thrifting bus tours!

August 15th Thrifting Atlanta Bus Tour Two Stylish Kays

D.I.Y. Learning how to do my own hair and makeup has saved my pockets many times! We often pay money for glam before events and such, but knowing how to do these things on your own can help you save those coins. Don’t know how to “do it yourself?” YouTube is your best friend. I watch YouTube tutorials more than I check my other social media! This has been super beneficial to my attempt to glam it up for less!


Let us know what tips and tricks you use!

Michaela C, Associate Editor

Winter Nail Trend

Looking for something new to do with your nails? Try a new shape. Almond shaped nails are what’s in now. Celebrities as beautiful as Beyonce, Nicki Minaj, and even Kim Kardashian are rocking this trend.

To spice it up, or get into the winter spirit, try telling your nail technician to tap  into their Christmas spirit and inner sparkle. Try to design Christmas trees, sparkles, ornaments, stars, and even ginger bread men.

I recently got this shape, and I love them. They are just a very natural version of the stiletto nail shape. I find these to be my favorite so far. So give them a try, and let me know what you think. 🙂


Heat Tools: How are They Effecting Your Hair?

It has been said that heating/styling tools tend to cause a lot of damage to the hair shaft, but how? And if so, can this damage be prevented? What really happens to your hair when you straighten it?

Following is some general information about what heat does to your hair, and some possible preventative measures for ensuring the health of your hair while using heating tools.

Let’s Begin!

When you straighten your hair or use heat tools on your hair, it temporarily disrupts the curl pattern(s) that are created by the hydrogen bonds in your hair. So, the only way that the curl pattern will come back or revert, is when it is penetrated by water. With that being said, when heat is applied to the hair shaft at too high of a temperature (450+) it can cause permanent and irreversible damage. This then causes the hair to become dry, limp, and lifeless. This is known as heat damage.

Now that you know how heating tools can negatively affect your hair, and what heat damage is the question is: what preventative measures can we take to make sure that we don’t acquire heat damage? And the answer is quite simple.

  1. Try to Avoid Heat as Often As You Can.

Don’t use heat ALL the time. If you straighten your hair once a week try stretching it out to every two weeks. I promise, you will notice a tremendous difference in your hair. There are also many low manipulation styles and protective styles that you can try to give your hair a break.

  1. Use a Lower Temperature.

You don’t always have to straighten your hair at a crazy high temperature. As stated before, straightening your hair at too high of a temperature can cause permanent, and irreversible damage. With that being said, straightening your hair at too low of a temperature can cause damage as well, due to the fact that you will have to pass the flat iron over your hair multiple times to achieve the desired look. So your best bet is to find a happy medium temperature that agrees with your hair type. if you have thinner hair, your hair will probably require a lower temperature. This can be anywhere between 250-350 degrees. If you have thicker hair try straightening your hair with temperatures between 300-410 degrees. And always remember to NEVER, EVER, exceed 450 degrees with any heating tools.

  1. Roller set.

If you want straight and “volume-ized” hair, opt. for a roller set instead. It can give you that straight and bouncy look without using direct heat if done correctly. When roller setting make sure that your hair is thoroughly de-tangled. There are many different methods of roller setting so check out You-Tube to find out which one works best for you.

  1. Heat Protectant.

Using a heat protectant is very important this can help to block some of the damage caused by using heat. Adding a heat protectant (especially during the summer) can be beneficial to your regimen.

  1. Straight Hair Starts in the Shower.

Start by washing and condition your hair with products that smooth the hair shaft and that will help to straighten the hair.     Also, be sure to have a thorough de-tangling session to ensure that there is no breakage during the straightening process.

As you all know anything can be done with moderation. It is okay to use heat, but make sure that you are not causing damage to your hair.

Start Happy Healthy Straightening Today!

My Top Ten Tips for Hair Growth..

Are you tired of stagnant hair that is dull, thin, breaking, and lifeless? Here are a few tips to help revive your hair!

  1. Deep Condition.

Deep condition! Deep condition! Deep condition! I cannot stress this enough! There are so many benefits to deep conditioning. Deep conditioning replenishes the moisture in your hair that has been lost. With that being said, it is VITAL to deep condition or to use a hair mask at least once a week to ensure the health of your hair. Using a deep conditioner does not grow your hair, but it makes your hair more moisturized. This makes your hair less susceptible to breakage which helps you to retain length.

  1. Low Manipulation/No Manipulation.

Another key element of retaining the length that you earn is to use low manipulation and no manipulation hair styles. Low manipulation hairstyles are styles such as braid-outs, twist-outs, and Bantu knots. These are styles that do not require much manipulation and it keeps you from messing with your hair and causing breakage. No manipulation hairstyles, also known as protective styles, are styles that keep your hair tucked away and unexposed to the elements of the seasons or even clothing. These are styles such as wigs, weaves, buns, braids, and twists. Protective styling decreases the amount of breakage that you might receive by avoiding all manipulation.

  1. Limit Heat.

Heat is very bad for our hair when it is used excessively. Heat draws out moisture from the hair shaft making it dry, brittle, and susceptible to breakage. Using the minimum amount of heat as possible can help you to retain length and to see the growth that you are earning. To minimize heat, try roller setting your hair instead of flat ironing. You can also try other protective styles.

  1. Styling Tools.

Use wide tooth combs. Wide tooth combs help to minimize breakage by easily detangling the hair. Try changing up your hair styles. When making a pony-tail be sure not to to use rubber bands to pull your hair back.  Instead of using rubber bands, use silk strips to make sure that your hair isn’t being pulled too tight.

  1. Be gentle.

Treat your hair like a newborn baby. The ends of your hair are the oldest part, therefore they need TLC (not the singing group lol). When you are combing and brushing your hair make sure that you are not tugging or pulling too hard at your hair because this can lead to breakage.

  1. Healthy Living.

In order to have healthy hair, you must have a healthy lifestyle. This is the only step that can actually affect the amount of growth that you receive each month. Getting the right amount of nutrients in your daily diet can help to produce stronger and healthier hair. In addition, both exercise and hydration are important.  Exercise helps to increase blood flow. This helps to stimulate the hair follicles, which could help to increase hair growth. Staying hydrated is also very important because it can help to moisturize your hair from the inside out.

  1. Check Ingredients.

Be an ingredient reader. Do research on ingredients and how they affect your hair. Try to avoid products with petroleum or mineral oil, because these products can clog hair pores and prevent growth. Also, both petroleum and mineral oil sit on top of the hair shaft which blocks moisture, preventing the hair form thriving.

  1. Trim As Needed.

This tip is pretty self-explanatory, if you do not need a trim then don’t get one. You will never be able to see growth if you are constantly cutting it off. However, you must know when to let dry and splitting hair go. Never hang on to splitting hair. Find a stylist or a friend that is knowledgeable about trimming hair to help you with the process. Only take off what is needed.

  1. Create a regimen and stick to it.

Hair loves consistency. Know what you are going to do with your hair on a weekly basis and stick to it! This can help your hair to thrive.

10. Be Patient

Patience is a virtue. You will not see overnight results. However, if you are consistent, learn your hair, do research, and find products that work for you, your hair will reach its full potential. If you seriously are tired of having limp and lifeless hair make a change to your hair lifestyle.

Are you on a hair journey? Let EEM see how your hair is doing. Use the hashtag: #EEMHealthyHair. Happy Hair Journey!

Top Skin Care DON’TS

photo (41)You only get one set of skin.  Human skin is flexible and it regenerates, but there’s only so much it can take.  We go through so much to keep our skin in tip-top shape but sometimes we forget the little things.  Take note of these commonly made mistakes that take a huge toll on our skin. 

Too much sun and not enough sunscreen:  Dermatologists have reported that the sun’s rays have regenerative effects on the skin.  However, when the skin is exposed to too much sun, skin cells regenerate too quickly and in turn cause skin aging and even worse, skin cancer.  Also experts say that we need at least one ounce of SPF 30 or higher sunscreen to effectively protect our skin in the sun.  Most people don’t apply this much.  It’s recommended that the average person double the amount of sunscreen they use to ensure the skin is protected. 

Smoke:  Most of our generation has learned about the harmful effects of smoking cigarettes since elementary school.  However, smoking can have adverse effects on the appearance of your skin as well.  Smoking can make skin look tired, dull and weak.  It can also cause the skin to yellow, interfere with its blood supply and the skin’s healing process. 

Overdo it:  Over scrubbing, too much product, and doing complex procedures without the help of a professional all fall under one issue; doing too much.  Your skin is a complex organ system that often fixes its self.  Don’t fix what isn’t broken.  When washing your face don’t roughly scrub your face, wash in gentle small circles.  Don’t use too many harsh cleansers too often, a gentle scrub once a day gets the job done.  If you, and a licensed skin professional, decide that a chemical peel is right for you make sure you enlist a professional to perform this procedure. 

Neglect your beauty sleep: “Beauty sleep” isn’t just a catchy phrase we use.  Your skin naturally repairs itself and rejuvenates while you sleep.  However, a lot of us do not get enough sleep.  Make sure you are getting a full seven to nine hours of sleep otherwise your skin will look tired, lifeless and the appearance of dark circles around the eyes will be exaggerated. 


Brandi Giles

Editor, Health & Beauty


Source: http://www.webmd.com/beauty/skin/how-to-wreck-your-skin?page=3


April Showers Bring…Hot Spring Lip Colors, Inspired by May Flowers!

Spring is well under way and that means flowers are starting to awake from their winter slumber and bloom beautifully. Everything Exclusive Magazine wants to use this beautiful natural phenomenon to inspire you to spice up your lipstick collection! See something you like? All the details for each lipstick shown are provided for your convenience!

 photo 1photo 2

Specs: Maybelline New York Super Stay 14hr Lipstick in “Keep Me Coral”

photo 1 (2)

Inspiration: Peruvian Lilies

 photo 3photo 4

Specs: Mac Satin Lipstick in “Cherish”


Inspiration: Cherry Blossoms

 photo 5photo 1 (1)

Specs: L’Oreal Paris Infallible Lipstick in “Rambling Rose”

photo 2 (2)

Inspiration: Light Pink Phlox

 photo 2 (1)photo 3 (1)

Specs: Mac Crème Sheen Lipstick in “Speak Louder”

photo 3 (2)

Inspiration: Coreopsis Strawberry Punch

Brandi Giles

Editor, Health & Beauty

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1. http://www.varietyflorist.com

2. User: Tawashi2006- wikimedia.org

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