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Back To School Looks

I need of some unique looks for your back-to-school look?  I’ve found some ADORABLE things online recently that I just had to share!

  1. This Elephant Backpack – http://www.landofnod.com – Only $29.00!


2. This Black Fringe Coldshoulder Tee – Find it at http://www.loveculture.com – Only $19.95!

If you’re looking for something different and trendy, try fringe!  I love this piece because you can never go wrong with a coldshoulder shirt.  Plus, it’s super lightweight so it won’t be too hot for this muggy August weather!


3. Look ultra slimming in high-waisted pants, shorts, and skirts!


4. They’re lowering the heels for us, ladies!  All over the runways they had these loafer-type heels.  They’re lower, more comfortable, and have a bigger heel so we aren’t QUITE as wobbly.


I’ll keep my eye out for more trendy looks to make you stand out, while being up-to-date on everything chic!

A College Girls Guide to Glammin’ On a Budget!

As a college girl myself, I am always looking for ways to cut corners when it comes to spending money. We all know that being a college student can be quite expensive, but happens when you barely have money left to maintain your beauty needs? You find cheaper options! Here are a b595c3f53d1ab0c5512f5506284b6230some of my favorite ways to keep it cute on a budget.

Shop e.l.f.! My favorite cosmetics line is e.l.f. Cosmetics for two reasons: their products are of great quality and they are super cheap! You can get makeup/makeup tools for as low as $1 on their site and in Target. If you sign up online, you get free shipping offers and coupons once in awhile which is another bonus. One online purchase that I made only came to the total of about $3 (including my free shipping code) and that included three lipsticks all on sale for $0.49 (you read that correctly) and one tube of lip gloss for a little over $1. You cannot beat those kinds of deals!

Try wigs! No, I don’t mean borrow your grandmother’s wigs, but there are tons of sites with really cute wigs for low prices. I have not personally purchased a wig yet, but after watching numerous wig reviews on YouTube, I am convinced that wigs are great options rather than getting expensive sew-ins. If you’re not completely sold on trying out a wig, sites like http://www.wigtypes.com and http://www.sistawigs.com carry inexpensive weaving hair as well. Here’s a look at one of my favorite YouTubers who made me fall in love with this idea:

Thrift, thrift, THRIFT! I am a huge believer in the saying “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure,” especially when it comes to thrifting for clothes! I find all of my vintage looks from thrift stores for $3-$10 while other stores sell these looks for way more. A thrift store is also a great place to find business casual pieces which are necessities for almost all college students! Check out http://www.thriftingatlanta.com to participate in their thrifting bus tours!

August 15th Thrifting Atlanta Bus Tour Two Stylish Kays

D.I.Y. Learning how to do my own hair and makeup has saved my pockets many times! We often pay money for glam before events and such, but knowing how to do these things on your own can help you save those coins. Don’t know how to “do it yourself?” YouTube is your best friend. I watch YouTube tutorials more than I check my other social media! This has been super beneficial to my attempt to glam it up for less!


Let us know what tips and tricks you use!

Michaela C, Associate Editor


Now don’t think I was going to go too long without clocking the BET Awards Red Carpet fashion. I have sat and debated and I have finally brewed a top 5 list for the best and worst fashion statements for this past weekend. they’re in order from worst to best.

Fashion Misses:

5. Brandy Norwood


This entire outfit confuses me. I don’t know if it’s the colors, I don’t know if it’s the shape, or maybe it’s the fact that you don’t wear big hair with a dress that flares out like your hair. Typically Brandy does well with fashion but this one wasn’t hitting it for me at all.

4. LaLa Anthony


I’m so disappointed in LaLa because she’s one of my favorite personalities and an inspiration to me, but either she needs to hire a new stylist or stop picking her own dresses because these patterns aren’t cohesive at all. I know everyone wants to do the bright summer colors…but we have to pick one girl.

3. Zendaya


Now Zendaya is one of my girl crushes but even though she looks queen in everything she wears, I have to be honest; this dress was a no. It looks like she took a button up from her ex boyfriend and spray painted it with glitter paint from Home Depot. The shoes and hair are beast and if she would have done another design of glitter dress and I could have appreciated the look. Still love you Z!

2. Lil’ Mama

Lil Mama

Lil’ Mama could have truly pulled this look off had she left out this mirror sequin you-tried-it in the front. She should have tried a simpler accessory to this suit. Maybe next time Lil’ Mama. I have to say this is better than usual though.

1. Debra Lee

debra lee

Debra Lee always looks a mess to me. I don’t think I’ve ever actually liked an outfit she’s worn. This is perhaps my favorite. She’s notorious for being boring and badly dressed and she didn’t let us down this year. It looks like an extra long man’s t-shirt. Debra, you’ve got to do better at some point.

Dishonorable mentions to Karrueche for whatever she had on and Natalie LeRose’s performance outfit.

Fashion Hits

5. Naturi Naughton


“Power”‘s Naturi was so bold in her orange and the young lady who broke the internet designed it. It compliments her body and it’s gorgeous. I love everything about it.

4. Ciara


Now there’s been some controversy over this dress but I have to say I like it. Ciara has the perfect physique to pull this look off and she looked beautiful. Thanks again for that Janet tribute. Go Ciara!

3. Janelle Monae


Even though everyone said she stole Lupita’s look, she definitely pulled it off. Janelle Monae looked ABOSLUTELY gorgeous! The hair, the dress, the shoes, the face…everything…gorgeous!

2. Janet Jackson

janet jackson

Janet FREAKING Jackson; we haven’t seen her in so long we forgot how much she slays. Her body was snatched, she looked like an angel, and whoever did her make up deserves an A plus. She strutted on that stage like an angel and she was outstandingly beautiful.

1. Jidenna


It’s about time we start recognizing men in fashion, especially our black men. I love everything about Jidenna’s fashion. He sings about being a “Classic Man” and he definitely looked like one. Thank you Jidenna! Show these black men how to dress!

Honorable mentions to Tracee Ellis Ross, Yazz, and Diggy for looking snazzy too!

Who else had the outfits of fleek at the BET Awards?

R.I.P to the #KylieJennerChallenge

Kylie Jenner Pinterest

The title says it all–so prepare to join me in a mini celebration, because the Kylie Jenner Challenge is FINALLY over. Earlier this week news broke out that Kylie had admitted to having temporary lip fillers (lip injections,) on the newest episode of “Keeping Up with the Kardashians” that aired on May 10, 2015 on E!

A major scene of the episode showed Kim and Kylie hanging out at Kendall’s condo when Kim decides to have a talk with her regarding her lips. She compliments Kylie when telling her, “Your lips look amazing.” But, then adds some sisterly advice when saying, “I don’t want you to get carried away. Lips aren’t permanent, but like, if they ask about your lips, own up to it.”

  Hollywood Life

Check out the clip here

The speculation of where Kylie’s plump lips came from sparked a rise on social media for over a year now. Amongst an older episode of KUWTK during a conversation had with Khloe, Kylie said she will neither “confirm or deny anything.”

Since that has aired we can see, the saying still applies, “the truth will set you free.”

Many teens and young adults took it upon themselves to compare the teen fashion icon’s facial alterations with scenes from previous seasons of KUWTK and present-day photos from this year, on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

The Gloss

Although it is blatantly evident of the physical change within her facial structure, her lips prove to be the biggest transformation–despite all the questions she dodged over the past year.

OK Magazine
OK Magazine

Kylie Jenner did list this to be one of her insecurities in life–which all people have. Yes, she is unbelievably famous, but at the end of the day she is a person. Honestly, she has gained more respect about this situation, since coming out about the truth behind her lips.

We can now move on from this ludicrous Kylie Jenner Challenge nonsense, and live our lives as the Jenner’s continue to thrive.

Be sure to tune to E! at 9/8c on Sundays, for brand new episodes of KUWTK.

-Kenya Parks

The Kylie Jenner Challenge: Why…

Oh, the infamous Kardashians have “broken the internet” once again. This time, Kylie Jenner is the center of the C9ptO3Acontroversy. No, this is not about her recent “shade wars” with rapper Tyga’s ex, Blac Chyna. This is about her…lips. Go ahead and laugh. Yes, her lips have caused many people (not just women) to attempt to achieve this look with a shot glass…A SHOT GLASS (let that sink in). The #KylieJennerChallenge that has created a lot buzz on social media involves you inserting your lips into a shot glass and sucking. Once you remove the shot glass, you lips should appear very balloon-like.

The catch is, it does not go down right away.

Like every other challenge on the internet, people are warned not to try it. However, monkey see…monkey do. Now, many girls are complaining that their lips will not deflate, they are in pain, and their skin around the lip area is irritated. Go figure.

KylieJennerChallenge-BellaNaija-April20152-720x547 CDEBrBZWMAAfks1

Kylie recently responded to criticism over this new challenge by tweeting, “I’m not here to try & encourage people/young girls to look like me or to think this is the way they should look… I want to encourage people/young girls like me to be YOURSELF & not be afraid to experiment w your look.”

Doctors are very concerned about this lip plumping technique, but they are not the only ones expressing their feelings towards this challenge. A number of people from the African American community have also expressed their disapproval of this challenge. One person tweeted, “Don’t forget, these are the features they tried to teach you to hate. video-undefined-27D3A2B500000578-826_637x356” as a response to this challenge that many feel is a way to emulate African American features.

Kylie is still claiming to have never been under the knife, but the jury is still out of that. One thing we know for sure is that this challenge should be buried for good.

-Michaela C., Associate Editor

Winter Nail Trend

Looking for something new to do with your nails? Try a new shape. Almond shaped nails are what’s in now. Celebrities as beautiful as Beyonce, Nicki Minaj, and even Kim Kardashian are rocking this trend.

To spice it up, or get into the winter spirit, try telling your nail technician to tap  into their Christmas spirit and inner sparkle. Try to design Christmas trees, sparkles, ornaments, stars, and even ginger bread men.

I recently got this shape, and I love them. They are just a very natural version of the stiletto nail shape. I find these to be my favorite so far. So give them a try, and let me know what you think. 🙂