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Happy Birthday President Obama he turned the big 54 on Tuesday August 4th 2015. He is the 44th president of the United States and aging gracefully on his second term in the White House, he’s the most prolific president of this era that we’ve had since Bill Clinton. Hes done so much for the young people of the generation including the Gay and Latinos he’s help this country grow in ways I never thought it could grow because of the horrible struggling eight years that we had with President Bush. Never would I have thought that Gay Marriage would be legal in 50 states that LOVE IS LOVE  and it Conquers all no more does it have to be keeping quiet that your Gay you can be open about your sexuality you won’t be discriminated for your sexual preference no more don’t ask don’t tell in the army or anywhere in the work place, that all because of President Obama and his Administration doing what needs to be necessary not because it would be a right political move but because it’s what America needs. Also letting Latino’s have citizenship in the United States and not having to be deported because of how they came over here but giving them the American Dream Act that stats if you have a child that was born in the United States that the parents are now Legal Citizens because of their child and that all happen because of President Barack Obama we have a lot to thank this man for what he has done for this country so it’s only right that we wish him even thought it is late a HAPPPPPPYYYYYYY BIRTHDAAAAYYYYY!!!!!! and many more.


The link above is Drake officially bodied Meek Mill in the rap beef that he started with Drake, by saying that Drake doesn’t write own raps. If you remember a couple of weeks ago Meek Mills came for Drake and others like Nicki’s ex but specifically he came for drake saying that he doesn’t write his own raps and that hes finally exposing the truth about guys in hip hop that don’t write their raps and have ghost writers that write their own raps. Well Drake clapped backed and came back at Meek a with a song called Charged up I’ll post that link so you guys can listen to it and give your opinion about the supposed diss to Meek , the song wasn’t a diss to me really it was just Drake being Drake and bodied  him by just singing  and showing meek his rang in the world music world and that he’s just not a rap artist that he can also be an R&B artist as well. Then today Drake dropped another Diss Record called Back to Back you have to listen to it for yourself to see how Drake came for him in some of his rhymes he says ” Trigger finger turn into Twitter Fingers” , “Is it your world tour or is it your girl tour ”  last but many more he throws shots at Nicki as well “Shout out to my Boss B*tches  wifing n*ggas ” now if that wasn’t a shot I don’t know what is but check out the Diss track in the link Drake-Meek-Mill

Obama Said WHAT?


Many are up in arms about President Obama using the “N” word during a podcast interview with Marc Maron. The POTUS says, “The legacy of slavery, Jim Crow, discrimination in almost every institution of our lives, you know that casts a long shadow, and that’s not cured of it…and it’s not just a matter of it not being polite to say nigger in public, that’s not the measure of whether racism still exists or not. It’s not just a matter of overt discrimination…societies don’t overnight completely erase everything that happened 2-300 years prior.” Not so bad , right? It’s not like he was calling blacks niggas for no reason, he was making a valid point, however, many have taken the word out of context and feel as though Presidents shouldn’t be using that word.

Here’s how I feel; Obama is not the first President to use that word, he’s just the first to say it out loud. I’m sure he knows the consequences of his actions, but by him being the first African American President,if there was one that needed to say it first…it should be him, especially after what’s going on in the world right now. He was saying racism is not about white people saying nigger; it’s deeper than that. There is hatred deeply routed within those racist families that are being passed down from generation to generation and those offspring end up acting out and hurting an already oppressed people.

Another point Obama made was about cracking down on gun control in response to the Charleston massacre. Now, I’m all for gun control. I believe there should definitely being a more difficult process to get access to one than there is now. I believe that those who have guns and that don’t live alone should have to keep them under lock and code and hidden from children especially. I believe that those diagnosed with certain mental disorders shouldn’t own guns. I could go on and on about gun control issues, but that’s not the problem. Things like the Charleston tragedy cannot be prevented with gun control alone; this is an issue of race. Racist actions should be punished more harshly than they are, police included. Law enforcement needs to make more efforts in helping enforce racial equality in all corners of the country including the less fortunate areas. Crimes even as small as threats should be taken seriously.

Though we can’t stop racism, having the President on board for change is certainly a huge step. Black people have our eyes on him because he’s approaching his last year in office and he has little time to make a difference. With racists such as Donald Trump trying to swoop his way into office, he’s got to do something before it’s too late. So, no, I’m not upset that Obama used the “N” word. Maybe this will wake people up. Maybe this will provide some clarity. Maybe this will finally be the beginning of Obama taking verbal and physical action against the hideous racists of our country.



Black, white, Latino, Asian, and so on are all mourning for the people of Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church in Charleston, South Carolina. There is no excuse. There are no words. My beautiful black kings and queens are beginning to feel helpless. To be so sick that one would assassinate 9 innocent people of God for no reason beyond the fact that they were bloack is unforgivable. I feel uneasy, eventually things are going to get uglier and uglier.

Here’s information on the massacre if you don’t already know: the members of the oldest church in the south were holding a prayer meeting. If you don’t know what that is, I’ll explain; a prayer meeting is when members of a church get together and collectively pray for themselves and for others either for a specific reason or no reason at all. Dylann Storm Roof entered the church during this meeting and was welcomed by the church members and he he even participated, trying to make it appear as though he was involved. He asked for the pastor and stayed for an hour. Just before 9:00 pm he shot 9 attendees out of a total of 12, including the pastor, and kept a specific person alive on purpose and told them that he was letting them go so they could tell the story. It was alleged that a five-year-old child had to play dead so that he or she wouldn’t be killed along with the other victims. One witness claimed Roof yelled, “I have to do it. You rape our women and you’re taking over our country and you have to go” before opening fire.


Let’s break down what type of spineless person Roof was; the social media shook their heads in unison after seeing a Confederate flag as the front license plate of his car. If that’s not enough, his roommate said that he was “into segregation” and claimed Roof said he wanted to start a Civil War, do something, and then kill himself, which brings the question; why in the hell didn’t his roommate do something? Say something? Report him? Did he agree? Was he scared? Questions that need answers.His uncle also had given him a .45 handgun for his birthday that his own family was reportedly uncomfortable with due to Roof’s introverted personality and tendencies. Many news stations let us down by not reporting the suspect as a Caucasian man nor did they mention that he was sporting the Confederate flag. They left those details out. President Obama brought up the idea of gun violence during his speech in response to the tragedy. He recognized that racism is still a problem and urged Americans to stand up, but even he is limited on what he can do without everyone agreeing as a whole. The police chief agreed that this was indeed a hate crime.

This church was the oldest church in the south. This church has history. This church is history. Martin Luther King Jr. walked those floors! The church was once burnt down in 1822 due to a slave revolt. A man who brought himself out of slavery was the architect. It seats 2,500 people. This is why Roof chose this church. These people were preachers, coaches, graduates, and parents. He has scorned these people for life. Black people can’t even get peace in the church; we can’t even pray anymore.


So here’s my state of mind; this is one racist crime too many. This is the climax; the epiphany. Racist people of America have to stop raising their kids to be full of hate. Do you see what happens now? Do you see the results? Nothing good comes from it! Nothing at all!There are African Americans in outrage about this, and yet, it keeps happening again and again and some angry people may revolt just as they had to during the Civil War to fight for their rights. Are we going to have to fight again? In 2015? This is exactly what Roof wanted, huh? Well he got what he wished for. I am grateful that the police in Charleston are seeing this as a hate crime instead of trying to blow it over, but unfortunately some news outlets are not. I’ve seen some claim him to be insane just as the evil man who s Continue reading #PrayForCharleston

You won’t guess who’s in Madonna’s Music Video

So Madonna is dropping a new music video later today called B*tch I’m Madonna and guess who will make an appearance? Well let me give you a little hint, Nicki Minaj, Katy Perry, Beyoncé, Miley Cyrus, and Rita Ora. Yeah I bet you didn’t expect that… well I know I didn’t. I’m not sure what to expect but I am excited to see what these hard working ladies have to show us. Here’s a little video teaser from Madonna, while you wait for the video to drop!


Police Brutality and Black Youth

If you haven’t already heard, last weekend a video surfaced of a pool party being brutally shut down by McKinney, Texas police officers. Here’s what happened, mother Lashawna Rhodes and daughter Tatyana threw a pool party in the open pool in their community. The daughter invited her classmates but also posted the flyer online and some guests that weren’t from her school arrived. The pool party was under control and adult supervision until a mother in the community got aggressive with one of the party-goers. They got into an argument that turned physical when the mother initiated it by pulling the young lady’s hair. Witnesses say the woman was yelling racial slurs as well. This is why the policed were called; the person on the phone allegedly called mentioning the black young lady as the one who started the altercation. When the police got there, instead of them searching for the two aggressors for questioning, one officer harshly restrained every black person he saw; tackling them on the ground and handcuffing innocent bystanders. Most of the other police officers followed protocol. The video surfaced of the over zealous officer though. Watch the video here:

According to the young man who recorded it all, Brandon Brooks, this was definitely a race issue.”The mom pulled the girl’s hair. I think the cops got nervous and arrested every black person on the ground trying to catch this one girl who was fighting with the mom and the mom-while the mom just sat there and laughed.’, said Brooks, “…I was standing in the middle of the ‘hoards’ of black people and I was the only one who the cops didn’t look at or…put handcuffs on.”  But aside from that, none of the Caucasian classmates were handled aggressively, or at all. The camera man was white and even he said he was “invisible” to the police. This seems to be another brutality case, but now it’s coming down on the youth yet again. This planned pool party could have been handled completely differently.

There were so many different ways of handling things. First of all, the planner is partially to blame. Posting a flyer on social media is never a smart idea because anybody can come. Perhaps she should have hired security for reinforcement and for safety. The attendees should not have been verbally aggressive towards the officers. They should have left if they were asked to leave and had a parent address the police station later.Next, the people in the neighborhood need to let go of their racist ways. Filing a complaint is one thing, but make sure when you do so you tell the whole story and be very specific with descriptions. And don’t even put African Americans in this position if you’re calling simply because you didn’t want that many black people in your community. Most of the wrong, however, belongs to the particular officer who decided to do his own thing. Many of the other policemen were trying to go about the situation correctly but he decided that instead of questioning and investigating like he was supposed to, he was going to just hold every black he could get to. There is no reason a black child who was doing as asked should be wrestled to the ground with knees in their back or be handcuffed for attending a party. There is no reason why the officer should have pointed a gun at those kids. They should have addressed the parent who was supervising first.The only rule that was broken was the fight.

I’m so sick and tired of seeing my people being mistreated. I’m convinced that this will never end, so we might as well adjust. Being suspended with pay is a vacation, not a punishment, so yet again, the officer got away easy. Not all black people are reckless. So, my beautiful black kings and queens, remember this; don’t fight back with the police…verbally or physically. Don’t give them a reason to want to arrest you or hurt you. If you are innocent, calmly answer the questions. It’s just no safe to handle things any other way. Allow the video to speak for itself. You may even be released if you cooperate but resisting or arguing never solves anything. That’s what they want you to do and they use it against you in courts. Those officers were completely in the wrong, but never risk your life fighting for innocence incorrectly, we have already lost enough of our people.


The Kardashian’s Big Announcements!


Well if you didn’t think the Kardashian/Jenner family couldn’t get any more attention…think again! It’s not like they need it but now the media is going to be watching them like a hawk! Wanna know why? Kim has announced that she’s pregnant and Bruce has announced he is fully a woman! Yep! You heard that right! Both released their announcement within 48 hours of each other. Let’s break this down one at a time.


Yesterday Kanye Kardashian…excuse me…Kanye West and Kim Kardashian West allowed E! News to release the big announcement that Kim is pregnant with baby number two. The couple just recently celebrated their anniversary so what a great way to bring in the second year as a couple. Already Kim? North hasn’t even stepped into 2’s door before she was bombarded with a new baby sister or brother. Kim had already been talking about wanting another baby, complaining about how sexually exhausted she was with trying to conceive and her complications on her reality show. She was seeing doctors, smashing Kanye on the regualar, and laying in positions on the bed to “keep the sperm in”. Uh…well I guess it worked girl. Social media ate the news up and the jokes began. The Shade Room and others predicted that Kim would name the baby South West. Let’s hope not. Congrats to Kimye on the new baby and congrats to the Kardashian/Jenner family on another reason to be in the spotlight.


We were just getting over the news of baby Kardashian until Bruce Jenner dropped another bomb! After watching the interview with Diane Sawyer and seeing the reality show clips (because I refuse to watch their show), Bruce has mentioned that the new “her” would appear by spring time. When he said that I thought he meant NEXT spring, not now, but, oh well, she’s here! Caitlyn Jenner has arrived whether we like it or not. A few of the daughters are still healing from Bruce warning them of the sex change in the first place, so I expected a more subtle way of revealing the woman inside of him. I don’t know what I was thinking, he’s a Kardashian, nothing is done small. His Vanity Fair cover was released and Caitlyn is wearing a dress and has long hair with complete face beatage. Some say Caitlyn Jenner looks better than Kris Jenner. You be the judge!

Anyways, so I’m sure between Kimye, Caitlyn, and “Kyga” (Idk, I just made that up), the Kardashian/Jenner household will be the talk of the year, so get used to it everyone. Photos of pregnant Kim will be plastered everywhere, Caitlyn will be gracing your magazine covers, and every paparazzo in Cali will be waiting for that ring to appear on Kylie’s finger. Sigh, here we go again. What you guys think?