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Back To School Looks

I need of some unique looks for your back-to-school look?  I’ve found some ADORABLE things online recently that I just had to share!

  1. This Elephant Backpack – http://www.landofnod.com – Only $29.00!


2. This Black Fringe Coldshoulder Tee – Find it at http://www.loveculture.com – Only $19.95!

If you’re looking for something different and trendy, try fringe!  I love this piece because you can never go wrong with a coldshoulder shirt.  Plus, it’s super lightweight so it won’t be too hot for this muggy August weather!


3. Look ultra slimming in high-waisted pants, shorts, and skirts!


4. They’re lowering the heels for us, ladies!  All over the runways they had these loafer-type heels.  They’re lower, more comfortable, and have a bigger heel so we aren’t QUITE as wobbly.


I’ll keep my eye out for more trendy looks to make you stand out, while being up-to-date on everything chic!

Layers on Layers on Layers

The weather it is changing. If you have been outside recently you may have noticed that it is getting pretty chilly outside. This means no more shorts and t-shirts and absolutely no more flip flops. The weather can be so tricky sometimes that people get confused on whether to pile on a bunch of clothes or just play it light. Here are a few of the questions that  people ask themselves when buying clothes for the fall season (or any season for that matter, but we are gonna focus on fall for the time :p )

  • Is this color right with this outfit?
  • Is this gonna keep me warm enough?
  • Am I gonna get too hot with this?
  • I wore this before the fall, can I still wear this?

And the list can go on and on with questions like these. Luckily, these questions are completely normal! If you are asking yourself these questions, then you must care enough about the way you look to put enough thought into this. I should know, I ask myself these things everyday 🙂

FYI: these thoughts don’t only come from women, but from men too. There are those stylish guys out there that want to make themselves presentable. I’m not about to drag you through store after store, piece by piece. I, as always, am going to get to the most important part. The way to avoid majority of these questions with great skill is layers! I bet your parents have barked up your ear enough about layers. And by layers I mean a plain t-shirt, a button down maybe or a sweater, a jacket or cardigan and a scarf. Paired with some skinny jeans and maybe some lace up boots could get your set on your way.

You get too hot? Take off a piece of your layers. Duh! lol

And of course here are some examples (as always):





Allie Mitchell ❤

The Old-New

There is something I’ve been noticing a lot. A particular style, seen countless of times, but it seems as if it disappears and then low and behold…i see it again. I’ve begun to try this style out and I like it. Some have to be willing to go a little out of their comfort zone and others it may be right up your alley. It doesn’t require much effort or time, but it does require a little thing called confidence. HAHA. Still in suspense? Fine, fine.


Simple right. You’re probably saying to yourself, I have seen that everywhere. But, you’d be surprised how many people aren’t into that particular fashion. There is a whole, “leggings aren’t pants” crusade that has been going on forever. I would say this is true…depending on the leggings of choice. If it’s see-through leggings, I would not advise wearing those…. please? But if they are leggings that are made for the fall weather (not see through, thick-like leggings) then I approve with flying colors!

Although, the hardest part comes to the sweater and the boots, you can always match your leggings in the end. Make sure that the sweater at least reaches past your waist..i’m not saying get a sweater dress, but make the sweater is long enough to wear it doesn’t look awkward. And as for the boots, yes, you may bring out your UGGS, but other boots are just as appropriate! Riding boots, aren’t always the best way to go, if I may say so. You want the look to say comfortable, but still put effort in to look cute.

❤ Allie Mitchell

vintage-boots-boots-vintage-sweater-sweater-black-leggings-leggings_400 brown-zara-boots-charcoal-gray-gap-sweater-black-bershka-leggings_400

gray-h-m-sweater-blue-h-m-leggings-beige-pull-bear-boots-brown-vintage-b_400 bubble-gum-boots-silver-sweater-black-leggings_400

Scarf Overload

Scarves are most likely the best pieces for the fall! They can provide more color to an outfit, but they can also keep your neck warm of course. But, scarves come in different forms and makes. There are scarves that don’t  keep you warm because they are made of a light material. Most of those are for decoration of your outfit. On the other hand, there are scarves that keep you warm, while also improving your outfit. Those are made of thicker material.  There are certainly different types of scarves as well;certain scarves are just made for certain outfits. However, at the end of the day, scarves are meant to be a comfortable accessory.

Infinity Scarf: these scarves are around your neck and make for good accessory’s during cold days.

chunky cream infinity scarf-f50278 fashion infinity scarf for sweet girls-f51559

Rectangle Scarf: These are good for days when that long sleeve shirt or sweater just isn’t enough.



Square Scarf: And these..well these are seasonal. They most likely will not keep you warm. You will likely see these in the summer or spring.

5F2EEE90 Cotton-Square-Scarves

Allie Mitchell ❤

Fall is Here

As you’ve all noticed, fall has arrived! And it has brought its chilly breezes and changing color leaves with it. We all know what that means. It means that its time to pull out your boots and comfy sweaters and put away your tank tops and shorts. I can tell that almost everyone is more than excited for this time of the year. I can say that the only reason I am excited for it, is because of the wide variety of boots I get to choose from. So, in the spirit of fall and my growing collection, boots will be the topic. Also, because they can be a flattering piece of footwear, making you look taller or pulling your look together. Now, there are all different types of boots, here are a list of just few:


Ankle Boots

Knee-length boots

Riding boots

Cowboy boots

Thigh-high boots

But, of course those are not the only ones, that’s just a general overview! It’s hard to believe but boots can go into lots of detail and have specific names for specific types. And also, those boots come in specific styles and designs. Boots usually can look good with skinny jeans (by usually, I mean always!) And pairing certain pairs of boots with a dress can be a very cute outfit. The key is to make sure you fit the right outfit with the right boot. LOL.



Fall is Here

Yes, fall is making a breakthrough this week! You can feel it in the breeze and see it in the trees ( I should become a poet!)  You can also see it in the fashion. It’s about that time to put away those flip flops and tanks ladies! Early fall wardrobe investing could possibly be the best decision you ever made. You won’t have to worry about competing with the late bloomers that try to find the things that you already have super snug in your closet. When it comes to fall, layers are always a must because the weather has every right to be bipolar, although it knows we don’t like it. These are just a few things to stock your closet with to make sure you stay in style with fall fashion.

Fall fashion

Piece 1: Ankle Boots: It’s a no brain-er that these are hot. They aren’t as tall as a normal boot, but aren’t as simple as a regular flat. They are the perfect in-between. Wear them with skinny jeans or maybe some leggings with a romper or dress. You don’t have to get all decked out to make these bad boys make a statement. Wearing a simple t-shirt and a light cardigan will do the trick. Speaking of cardigans…

Piece 2: Cardigans: Cardigans will never go out of style! They are always good year round.  At times when a room is cold..who wants to put on a large over-sized jacket? NO ONE! Cardigans luckily come in every design and color you could imagine. They are also practically found everywhere, so no there is need to shop at big name stores.

Piece 3: Leggings: I have mentioned leggings once before. They can either make or break an outfit, depending on what type of leggings you are buying. If you want a statement piece, try geometric leggings (but please be aware of your body and what flatters you!) If you are already wearing something that is making a statement on its own, plain leggings will do the trick. They will give you a simple look, while still assuring that all eyes are on you.

Piece 4: Scarves: My favorite! Literally, I have like  thirty at home. Scarves are one of my favorite accent pieces. They can take that boring top, and light up your entire outfit. I personally prefer, the cow-neck type scarves, but if you prefer the normal scarves that is totally fine as well. If I will say anything, I will say this..invest in as many scarves as possible. The more designs you have, the more eclectic your wardrobe can be. Trust me. Outfits tend to look completely different with the touch of a scarf!

❤ Allie Mitchell

Make a Statement

The fall semester is upon us. Which means picking out those first week outfits are even harder and causes so much stress. The idea of being in a whole new class, with seemingly all new people can be such a frightening thought. Especially with this bi-polar whether that has made its way to us, it is best to have two outfits for each day. Preparing yourself, mentally and physically for the first week is nerve- wracking. But, never fear, it is all about confidence my friends. Exuding confidence is key, even in the most un-exciting outfit, confidence can make you seem like a million bucks. What look are you going for this semester? Are you going preppy? Boho? Punk? There are plenty more looks to go for this semester, you just have to know how to work it to make it work for you.

Key players in a prep look:

The blazer and the oxford button up, does alot for a girl given the right aura of confidence. The blazer gives you a look of importance while still letting you look girly and cute, depending on the cut of course. You can get a men’s blazer and still have a chic prep look. Placing a oxford button up shirt underneath or even wearing the shirt by itself with perhaps a pair of khakis would give you the casual prep you are looking for.

img-thing preppy-blazer











Key players in a boho look:

When going boho you want to look more to earthy tones, natural tones. Flowy skirts and shirts are good ways to go. Although when I say flowy, I do not mean baggy clothes and frumpy clothing. Sandals are always good shoe wear to entertain your chosen look. Also, large sunglasses could pull off you look, if you would like to bring it to home-plate!!!

heritage---venetian-red-forever--skirts~look-index-middle nicolerichie2-347x400


Key players in a punk look:

The punk can be hard to achieve, of course depending on your personality.  The look involves see-through clothing, various versions of black clothing, sometimes neons, bold stated patterns that seem to make a determined statement. Leather can be a cliche, yet you do see a lot of it within the punk dynamic.

punk-tank-top-etsy-559x780 zara-camisetas-stradivarius-pantalones-1~look-main-single FB3

key players in a casual/summer look:

This is a look almost any girl can pull off. It requires at tank and maybe some shorts or a cute pair of jeans. To spice it up, throw on a vest or maybe even a nice light cardigan. Nough said.

Casual-Black-Shorts-Outfit 241857442458117307lRlktW6rc selena-gomez-casual-outfits-01











❤ Allie Mitchell